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by Alice Bardwell in Ottery Saint Mary, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 4th August 2018 we successfully raised £4,028 with 115 supporters in 37 days

Do you want to use less plastic? Please help us to help you take steps to being zero waste by supporting our shop opening.

by Alice Bardwell in Ottery Saint Mary, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

WAHOOOO! We have reached our reduced £3500 target with 94 backers. We thank you so so much.

We want to keep the momentum as we are a long way off our initial target. All goes in to the shop and the help to reduce plastic in our lives and world.

Please keep spreading sharing and pledging. 


Ottery St Mary's first and only zero waste, plastic free shop.

- Making plastic free shopping  convenient.

- Supplying you packaging free dried foods

- Fresh gluten and dairy free food to go.

- Locally made earth friendly cosmetics, green house hold products and cleaners all in one place. 

With everything going on in our lives we feel that we have created a simpler way of shopping.

We have researched for the past four years in to Gluten and Diary free produce and a ten years in to how to live plastic free.  

Now we are able to bring you the best products in the most convenient way.

We want to help  you take the small steps to:

-Reduce your plastic use.

-Reduce your impact on the planet.

-Connect with the people in your community.

The shop will also be the base for "The Hub" to host anyone that supports the environment, the community or being Zero Waste.  This is an opportunity for local businesses to teach others how to make mend and do!

We want to become a meeting place for everyone interested in the cause and the community.

You can see all images of the wonderful experiences and items to pledge on at our Facebook page. Please spread the word and take a look at how we and the kind sponsors wish to thank you for your pledge.

Why does Ottery St Mary need a zero waste shop?

"Greenpeace an estimated 12 million tonnes is entering our oceans every year! That's a rubbish truck full a minute!"

We all lead busy lives and with busy lives we need convenience. We personally found it very difficult to shop plastic free, with local produce without needing to travel to multiple locations or sometimes with no choice at all but to buy in plastic and then recycle (sadly still some plastic cant even be recycled!). Our shop will be a one stop for all your needs whilst supporting local growers and producers of some of the best tasting, ethically grown/reared foods and items.

Having a truly unique shop in Ottery's town high street will encourage more people to shop there and even travel in to Ottery to shop.

How will the money be used?

The old Post Office has been there for over 97 years and needed a lot of restoration work to get it where it is today. The work to date has taken two months and so far has been carried by our fair hand and soley funded by us also. 

We now need your help to buy specialised equipment such as food dispensers, shelving, scoops, jars and a scale system to complete the shop and create a great shopping experience for everyone. Our initial stock order for dry foods and local products to leverage the local economy.

The Hub requires a small meeting area for people to use as well as some budget for marketing the space to raise awareness of the location.

Us in the press;

Rewards for your pledges

We have been elated with the generosity of the local businesses and people who have offered some truly amazing green rewards to thank you for your donation towards making Ottery and the wider area plastic free to us all.

We have chosen to work with these businesses due to their relationship with the earth, their principles for protecting the environment whilst still being some amazing gifts to you to say "thank you" for your support. We truly mean it. 

Another way to help the campaign to a plastic free world is to share the link and message to others. Please do get this message far and wide! Every drop counts!

Who are we?

Our family have resided in and close by to the Ottery St Mary area now for over seven years. Our children Hugo and Matilda were born literally in Alfington! 

Alice was born in Hertfordshire where she grew up horse mad (still is). Her parents have been re-using and up cycling since she can remember with her father making our climbing frame from old scaffolding to collecting bath and rain water to use in the garden. This has inspired her to continue this way of life in to adulthood!

Alice is most looking forward to forging a community, working with this community to source quality tasty produce for your convenience. 

Dan comes from Oldham (hence the northern twang he still has). Dan is looking forward to running the shop. He loves to meet people to have a good chat. Dan is most looking forward to getting going with his apron on and trying not to eat all of the gluten and dairy free food whilst being there.

Dan has rallied for many green issues and was the initial inspiration behind setting the shop up initially.

What will we we provide?

When you visit you will find not only a range of dried whole goods but also fresh takeaway hand made pasties, Scotch Eggs, Falafel Eggs, Family Pies. All of these are hand made with our partner Lisa from "Let Them Eat" located only 45 miles away in Plymouth. The ingredients in these will be completely safe for those with a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease and completely free of dairy. Unlike other products Lisa strives to create recipes that do not use other allergens. All produce to put in the pies/pasties etc will come from Ottery and a 25 mile radius of the town from local producers who are either certified organic or grow/rear to an organic standard. 

Cakes will be freshly delivered daily and again are hand made by Lisa and the team. They are delicious, moist (which is an issue in GF foods) and again DF. 

Hand made cosmetics will be on offer from multiple amazing little businesses from the area. "Bella Balm" make the best rose face toner I have ever used.

Shampoo bars, shampoo liquid to refill, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes* will all be available (and yes, they are all locally made!)

Home cleaning green products will be available to refill your current containers as well as my own laundry powder that utilises some of the finest Doterra essential oils to leave your clothes clean and smelling fresh.

Beeswax wraps, bottles, cups, local Ottery made bamboo straws.

Organic Diary Free milk will be on offer from the amazing O! Mylk. These also come in milkshake flavors. 

Pules, flour, beans, fruit, tea, coffee, oils, spices, seeds and more...

I would go on but probably best you pop in to the shop or to our FB page to see for yourself the amazing range of products on offer. We will even give you a zero waste cup of tea, coffee (bring your own re-usable mug) or refill your water for free!

Our Story

Rubbish, plastic, how to use less and keep the world free of it is on the tips of everyone’s tongues. 

Plastic is everywhere, our local beaches are strewn, seafood is contaminated, wildlife is suffering and it is choking our environment now and set to get worse for the future generation. This is why we knew we had to do our part to help this situation.

We visited Richard at Earth Food Love in Totnes to see how it is done. He was kind enough to guide us through how to get started. It made so much sense to create a space for busy people to shop plastic free. We needed this so were sure that others would too.

We are making the move to open a new shop in lovely Ottery St Mary to help our local community take a step closer to using less, reusing more and ensuring that the food along the way is still tasty and interesting whilst enhancing the community connection.

Dan and Alice (us!) are due to open a shop in the next month to bring local, high quality, ethical and most importantly consciously packaged/zero waste packaged foods.

"The Hub" will be a small space dedicated to allowing members of the community and businesses come together to connect. We love Ottery and want to encourage anything that helps us all help the planet.

Along with whole foods we will be teaming up with local producers, artisan creators and people who we have found through three years of personal research, taste testing and sourcing. 

Working in a cooperative way with local businesses and producers is something very important to us. We have created and become part of a network of producers and creators to uplift the local economy. We believe this is the future of business.

Our family started their Gluten Free and Dairy Free journey when our daughter was born. She had intolerance to both gluten and dairy so changes had to be made. Cooking for the family as a whole soon became GF and DF for time and ease (two children, two horses and a business made this so) but what we found was that Dan also had intolerance to both these things in his food too. Headaches went, skin improved and lets not talk about what else I do not miss ;)

We are going to share with you all the mouth watering foods we have found from our journey tasting the good bad (and sometimes ugly) without impacting the environment.

We truly appreciate all of the support to date getting us to where we are now and grateful for your supporting pledges to getting the shop and hub open for all!


- Make a pledge.

- Share the campaign on your social media.

- Follow us on Facebook.

- Tell people about us.

- Come visit the shop!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£7 or more

Tea, Coffee and slice of scrumptious cake

Pop in to the shop to get a zero waste organic tea or coffee with a slice of cake (your choice from the selection). The delicious cakes are hand made by Lisafrom "Let Them Eat" . You will not believe that they are both gluten and diary free! So good that you may need to bring your tub to take away a second slice.

£10 or more

28 of 50 claimed

A zero waste solid deodrant bar "Pit Tastic"

These amazing and very effective natural ingredient deodorant bars are up for grabs. Hand made locally with no nasty chemicals they are a great addition to your daily routine. This can be posted out to any UK location for your £10 pledge.

£20 or more

20% off dried goods in the shop

20% off dried goods when you purchase £20 of goods from the shop. We will even give you a free hot, zero waste beverage to enjoy as you peruse!

£25 or more

Plastic free personal care kit

Look after yourself whilst saving the planet with the a kit containing the following; - Pit-tastic natural solid deodrant bar - Bamboo Fillfull toothbrush - Bella Balm lip balm - Truthpaste 40g toothpaste

£28 or more

3 of 20 claimed

The Recycled Candle Company luxury 30cl candle

Enjoy the amazing fragrance in the knowledge that this candle is as zero waste as they come! Richard and Sargon of "The Recycled Candle Company" have hand make each candle and also run courses on how to make them yourself. Richard and Sargon offer to collect scrap candle wax and take it away to be recycled and given new life. The wax is cleaned and scented - all in-house.

£30 or more

34 of 50 claimed

£30 credit to spend in the shop

Get a £30 voucher to use or gift to a loved one for use in the shop! A physical voucher will be popped in the post for you to use within six months of receiving it. A free hot beverage will also be awaiting the lucky recipient to sip whilst shopping.

£36 or more

5 of 6 claimed

Fermenting Workshop

Only six places available for this workshop where you will learn how to make your own super nutritious fermented Sauerkraut with the skilled and experience Fermenter Rose Whitehouse of "Red Earth". All vegetables and jars and membership to the "Red Earth" support group will be provided but it is a good idea to bring your own knife to use!

£45 or more

1 of 6 claimed

How to make your own candle

Join the experts Richard and Zigi to create your own beautiful candles. These guys are the experts in making recycled wax candles and will pass on their expertise to you in this small workshop. All equipment supplied!

£75 or more

Plastic Free Starter Kit

Less speed more haste to zero plastic and minimal waste! Let us help you on your journey to becoming Zero waste with the following kit; - Bamboo Fillfull logo toothbrush - A printed Fillfull hemp produce bag - Truthpaste toothpaste (Fennel or Wintergreen flavor) - Pit-Tastic solid deodrant bar - Two Bamboozle locally UK produced bamboo drinking straws - Knife Fork Spoon travel pouch (cutlery not included)

£100 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Beautiful hand made wooden wall art

Adam and Emily from "Cornish Whispers" have donated a beautiful hand made wall plaque that has the words from "What a Wonderful World" etched in to reclaimed wood. Finished to a high standard this plaque would be great in any home setting.

£150 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Sea Shanty Beach Picnic

Choose a tasty local produce picnic for two to experience the beautiful Branscombe beach at its finest whilst dining alfresco! You could have an evening picnic by candle light if desired for a full on romantic gesture? The Sea Shanty Branscombe are catering a tasty treat of a picnic to include three courses of food, drink (Prosecco or non alcoholic if required) blanket, cushions and accouterments for every comfort.

£150 or more

2 of 3 claimed

Luxury Tipi Night for two adults

Meadowsweet tipi. Relax, rest, reconnect. Nestled in the Meadow is Meadowsweet, our Native American Tipi. Beautifully romantic with a large wooden double bed, fire pit, and all you need to make your stay lovely. Winner of the 2017 Muddy Stilettos Award for best glamping in Devon, we offer breakfasts, picnics, tandem hire and we have a communal area with hammocks, a pizza oven and pond. Come and wander in Yonder Meadow. Relax, reconnect, unwind.

£350 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Luxury Shepard Hut and Hot Tub stay

Shepherds Hut one Night Stay to be used any date from now until the end of 2019. Knightstone's Luxury Hut is tucked into the corner of beautiful Devon pasture land looking onto East Hill’s woodland with Knightstone's lake just meters away. Hot tub will be up and running for arrival. New Pizza Oven there for you to cook tasty pizza and hamper of local foods. (Summer and Christmas holidays are not included)

£1,000 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Plant 100 trees that make a difference

Dorset environmental charity, The Word Forest Organisation, will plant 100 trees for every £1,000 donor and they'll assign their name to the plot of new forest. The Word Forest Organisation is a reforestation charity based in Lyme Regis, Word Forest plants trees, builds classrooms and facilitates environmental education in impoverished communities in Kenya. - 10% 12 month discount card. - Plastic free starter kit.

£38 or more

6 of 6 claimed

Make your own Beeswax wraps course

Learn how to make your own food safe, reusable wraps for multiple uses in the home. These natural alternatives replace the dreaded clingfilm and can be made in a multitude of color fabrics to suit yours and your families taste. All fabric and materials will be provided. A super useful skill to have. This class is restricted to 6 people so pledge to secure your place!

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Pamper yourself with an organic treatment

"Ethical Pampering" therapist Abi Woltman is kindly offering you the chance to unwind with a facial treatment in your own home using only organic ingredients in her products. All products are vegan and environmentally friendly. Go on, treat yourself!

£55 or more

1 of 1 claimed

A three hour Kyack down the Exe

Float down the river Exe under the Kyack Hubs expert eye guiding you as you float. A three hour tour for two from Exeter Quay.

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