Fighting for sex-based rights of women in prison

by Keep Prisons Single Sex in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Fighting for sex-based rights of women in prison
We did it
On 22nd February 2022 we successfully raised £9,910 with 352 supporters in 41 days

It's the beginning of a new year and we have even bigger plans in the ongoing fight for the sex-based rights of women in prison.

by Keep Prisons Single Sex in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Over the last year your support has helped us achieve so much in the fight for the sex-based rights of women in prison:

In the Media: we have become a ‘go to’ for both print & broadcast journalists who want an interview, a quote or to discuss the background to a story. We aim to ensure that the rights of women in prison stay in the public eye.

In Scotland: we produced a report on women's prisons which highlighted how women in prison were systematically ignored when the transgender prisons policy was developed. This received nationwide press coverage. Every MSP & Scottish MP received a copy and we are working on building our existing alliances in Holyrood.

In Policy: we continue to be consulted on the development of policy, both North and South of the border.  It was through our work that we discovered that two policies relevant to women in prison are under review.  This knowledge enabled all groups working for women’s sex-based rights to take action.

We have made numerous consultation submissions advocating for the rights of women in prison.

In Parliament: we have formed a growing and committed team of MPs & Peers across the political spectrum. KPSS has been responsible for over 50 questions asked in both houses about the sex-based rights of women in prison.  As well as highlighting to government the ongoing public interest in this issue, these have provided valuable information which has taken the campaign forwards. Our biggest achievements were most recently with Amendments 214 & 97ZA in the House of Lords, where for the first time the legitimate needs of women in prison to single-sex provision were discussed in Parliament.

Internationally: we have expanded our work, most notably in the USA, where our work has included bi-partisan partnering with a variety of other organizations, including WDI-USA on a nation-wide state FOIA initiative; submissions to State legislature; consultations with legislative offices; media and producing materials for campaigning and protests. In 2022 we will be expanding out international focus.

This crowdfunder will enable us to go further in our work.

We are the only group whose sole focus is the sex-based rights of women in prison.  We will never deviate from this.  We will never compromise.  If we can’t get it right for women in prison, who can we get it right for?

Thank you so much for whatever help you can give us.

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