Fight Brexit War Chest

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Fight Brexit War Chest
We did it
On 11th September 2017 we successfully raised £52,032 with 1736 supporters in 35 days

Funding for the pro-EU campaign. Including rallies at Party Conferences, and a Mass Lobby of Parliament. Let’s Fight Brexit together.

by Britain for Europe and European Movement in

New stretch target

A massive thank you to all those who have supported the Fight Brexit War Chest so far, and enabled us to reach our target in just a few days. An amazing achievement, and proof that collective and cooperative action can achieve great things.

Inspired by this support, we are stretching our target. The new target will allow us to:

  • Promote the party conference events and the mass lobby of Parliament
  • Support local affiliated groups with equipment for street stalls and promotional materials for communicating with members and the public
  • Strengthen the campaign to ensure that the final Brexit deal is put to the British people so that they can decide whether to accept it or prefer the UK to remain in the EU.

Local activist groups are at the forefront of getting across the message that:

  • there is still everything to fight for
  • that it’s not all over
  • that with our concerted efforts Brexit can be stopped.

The local activist groups and the national organisations that support them, together are a powerful force to defeat Brexit. Our new target will enable us to strengthen and extend our grassroots campaign and magnify the impact of the local groups up and down the country.

Please help us to fund the largest recruitment drive in the UK to build an army of activists to continue our fight against Brexit.

Brexit is not inevitable.  When the final deal is put to Parliament, it must also be put to the British people to give them the option to reject it, and remain in the EU.  Giving British people a real choice, based on fact, is the only democratic option for the UK Parliament. We are determined to #FightBrexit, we will #StopBrexit.

Britain for Europe, European Movement UK, Scientists for EU, and Healthier IN the EU are working together to ensure that continued membership of the EU is recognised in public debate as a legitimate option for the UK, and that we continue to challenge the current narrative.

We need your support in helping to ensure that our elected representatives uphold the right of the British people to continue to be heard.

What we are doing

We will hold marches and rallies at the Labour Party conference in Brighton, on Sunday 24/09/17, a rally and street party at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, on Sunday 01/10/17, and a series of events, including a rally and a panel discussion, at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Bournemouth on Sunday 17/09/17, to show the three main parties that we are European, and that Brexit should be, and can be, stopped. The guaranteed media presence makes a great opportunity to share our message and say to the world: Britain wants to stay in the EU.

We will also be holding a large lobby of parliament in October to engage directly with MPs.

Where your money will go

  • All donations will be used to fund the infrastructure behind the rallies and the lobby, including the all-important venues.
  • No salaries will be paid for from these donations.
  • We will stretch this target and use subsequent proceeds to fund campaign materials for our local groups and grassroots networks to use for their local campaigning.

Who we are

We believe it is essential that the Remain movement works together if we are to give people and parliament the opportunity to say NO to Brexit.  

Britain for Europe is a non party political, grassroots organisation set up in the immediate aftermath of the referendum. Run by a team of dedicated volunteers voted for by the membership,  the national council provides support and direction for our 40,000 members and supporters who make up over 40 affiliated local groups across the UK.

European Movement UK is a cross-party organisation with national councils across 39 countries.  It has been campaigning to keep Britain at the heart of Europe for nearly 70 years and is a leading member of the European Movement International which links an international, pro-European network that is active in more than 40 countries.

Scientists for EU is a campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU. Science is vital for the UK's economy and quality of life. Science is also at the heart of global, social challenges that face us all. We believe that we can achieve so much more good for the UK and the world from within the EU.

Healthier IN the EU is a grassroots campaign raising the voice of UK health professionals, carers, patients and researchers in the negotiations and policies following the EU referendum. Healthier in the EU still believe that full membership of the EU is best for the UK’s health care and we must fight to work as closely as possible with the EU for effective health policy, data sharing and free movement of health workers and researchers.

Together, we believe that Brexit must be stopped.  It is wrong that the government is holding the country to ransom without knowing its own demands. By helping to fund the fight against Brexit, we can reclaim the narrative and take this country forward.


Q: Can I find out how the money has been spent?

A: All donors will receive a breakdown of exactly how the money has been spent, once the events have been held. Any money left after the event costs have been paid will be used to support local groups with equipment for street stalls and leaflets to enable them to continue the fight to #StopBrexit. This really is a War Chest to #FightBrexit.

Q: Are event organisers being paid out of these donated funds?

A: No. All proceeds will be spent exclusively on the party conferences, mass lobby and the grassroots campaign.

Q: Will these funds be used for anything other than fighting Brexit?

A: No. Donated funds will only be used for events and campaigns that have a clear and unambiguous #StopBrexit message. None of the organisations behind this funding initiative are interested in anything other than fighting and defeating Brexit. Plain and simple.

Q: Is Fight Brexit War Chest yet another pro-EU organisation?

A: No. Fight Brexit War Chest is simply a name for this funding drive, run for and by Britain for Europe, European Movement UK, Scientists for EU, and Healthier IN the EU.

Party Conferences

We would also like to share the specific appeals from the affiliated Britain for Europe groups who will be leading these campaigns at the local level.

Manchester for Europe - organising the event on Sunday 1st October 2017 during the Conservative Party Conference:

On Sunday 1st October, the Tory Conference arrives in Manchester. Manchester for Europe and Northwest for Europe want to give them a welcome to remember!

We will show the Government that there is #NoMandate for a destructive Brexit and that #NoBrexitIsBetterThanABadBrexit. To this end, we are hosting our very own #StopBrexit Rally, followed by a Street Party, in a central square in the city centre, starting at 2pm on Sunday 1st October.

There will be prominent guest speakers, EU themed street stalls, live music and entertainment, and plenty of other opportunities for people to join the cause to #StopBrexit. This event will promote our message to huge numbers of people and the press, as well as celebrating the Remain movement and our solidarity with the EU.

We are asking Remainers for donations, attendance at the event, (or both!) to help us deliver a great, safe day, with a bold and clear message to the government. The more money we can raise, and the more supporters we can attract, the bigger and bolder this can be.

As a bonus, we also plan to cover Manchester with EU flags! With Conservative delegates heading into the city we want to ensure that, be they Remainers or Leavers, and whatever route they take, that they can be in no doubt that Manchester is a Remain stronghold and the will of the people here is to #StopBrexit.

Brighton & Hove for Europe - organising the events on Sunday 24th September 2017 during the Labour Party Conference:

On Sunday 24 September, the Labour Party Conference arrives in Brighton. Brighton and Hove for EU and many other Remain groups will be ready with an important message for the Labour leadership, MPs and delegates.

We are proud to be a Red–Green–Red city now, with an overwhelming vote for Progressive Parties at the June election, but we did not give Labour carte blanche to frogmarch us out of the EU. And despite the claim that 80% of the electorate voted for Brexit parties, we  need to tell Labour that a vote for Labour is not a vote for Brexit or austerity.

Our message is: #STOP BREXIT!

We are planning a march, a rally and an evening event: we are asking Remainers for donations, attendance on the day (or both!) to help us deliver a great, safe day, with a clear message to the Labour Party. The more money we can raise, and the more supporters we can attract, the bigger and bolder this can be.

We plan to march through Brighton and Hove from 1pm, defiantly waving European flags and banners, to show that we want to stay part of the EU, that we will not accept the rise in hate crimes since last year’s referendum, the scapegoating of immigrants or the loss of human rights and freedoms that Brexit would bring.

We will march past the Labour Party Conference, making as much noise as is humanly possible, and along the seafront to hold a rally with prominent guest speakers including Caroline Lucas and many more.

At around 6.00pm, we will gather at the Dome, a popular Brighton venue, and host an event with a panel discussion with MPs and journalist, local comedians, as well as musical entertainment – a cracking night to remember in the heart of this great city: inclusive, tolerant, edgy. The evening will raise the profile of our Remain movement here in Brighton and further afield. We can promote our campaigns, sign up more members, and let people know how to resist the car crash that is the Government’s mishandling of Brexit, and support the majority of Labour members and voters who oppose Brexit.

Bring your packed lunch, your sunglasses and raincoat – and bring your enthusiasm, your passion to remain. Come and celebrate this closeness to Europe with us here in Brighton, with your whistles, your banners and your messages to the Labour leadership.

The People are speaking: #STOP BREXIT!

#FightBrexit  #StopBrexit

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