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Archaeology always digs up our past, yet Fieldwalk attempts to appreciate how our current surroundings will be seen 1000 years from now.

by Ghazal in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We've said it before, but we're incapable of not being able to say it again and again and again: 

we're thanking each and every one of YOU.

We're astonished, and can now confirm we will remain starstruck until 3020.

Although the target has been reached, we've now entered "the stretch":

  • the final stretch 
  • the crew stretching their legs in anticipation of making Fieldwalk
  • and YOU, stretching tiredly for those rewards to arrive on your doorstep!

With only 8 of Patrick's uniquely-tailored CD's left, the extra funding from them will mean we'll get more time to experiment with the materials and equipment we'll use to create our best idea of how to depict these Sites for visitors of Dorset in 1000 years' time... Also, we have begun brainstorming how to create a time-capsule containing the film for us to truly reflect who we intend it to be shown to! 

We've been enamoured by the support this project has received, we're truly thankful. As is Patrick, whose lunch will now be paid for while editing in March.

Archaeologists are fascinated by the relics they encounter as it allows for a re-discovery of human’s past activity. Fieldwalk is a documentary that will trace a route along a stretch of Christchurch headland, from a semi-derelict caravan site, to the Hengistbury Head nature reserve.

The Hengistbury headland is home to a number of excavated sites, where archaeologists have found remnants of objects dating back to the Bronze Age. Close to the headland's boundaries, the caravan site sits littered with our very own 21st century relics. Amongst these relics, two tenants remain.

Linking the old and the new, Fieldwalk will employ a series of archaeological filmmaking methods to capture audio-visual fragments and encourage the viewer to look at the overlooked and explore our own relationship with our everyday surroundings.

During our visits, we have truly strived to actively engage ourselves in the environment that Fieldwalk is taking place. We have attempted to achieve this particularly by becoming familiar with the landscapes of the film's 5 sites, while also involving ourselves in the local culture that revere Hengistbury Head as an outstanding and significant natural area to appreciate and maintain.

These 5 sites have been specifically selected from a map found in a 1970s report on the Bournemouth headland. Although the map details 19 'findspots' that contained archaeological material, we have refined the number of sites we will include in Fieldwalk, which we aim to concentrate on equally.

By focusing our fieldwalk to only five locations, we think it will convey the film's prime intention at its simplest: to encourage a viewer to reconsider their surroundings by appreciating how time can change the way one looks at things, adapting our idea of what a 'Site' might be in very many years to come.

Site 5

Site 4

Site 3

Sites 2 & 1


Fieldwalk’s director Callum often finds interest in the overlooked and under explored. His short film and photography practices are characterised by a keen questioning of the spaces around us and their inhabitants. After discovering the caravan park (site 5) on a bike ride just over 2 years ago, and with his countless return visits, Callum is now determined to resolve the oddities of this mysterious place in film.

Ghazal, the producer behind Fieldwalk, has had an interest in documentary film production during her four years at the Arts University, instilling her background in graphic design into her practice. Outside of her studies, she often finds herself on walks, where her keen attention-to-detail is paired with a creative appreciation for her surroundings, making Ghazal’s significance in Fieldwalk a perfect match for a film such as this.

Lewis’ elusive style of filmmaking has an expert focus on the urban landscape of Dorset and its surrounding areas. He has a keen eye for capturing an atmospheric sense of environments he works in, making use of overlooked details and precise observations to bring out the unexpected.

As cinematographer on Fieldwalk, Milo will take reference from archaeological studies and apply their methodologies to the visual style of the film. Using a range of filmic mediums, Milo’s direct and observational vision will evoke time-stricken sense of place.

Patrick’s love for experimental sound and music, and his past collaborations with the director and cinematographer, make him a crucial asset to Fieldwalk’s production. Outside of university, his frequent music and short film releases have been a great source of inspiration for the whole crew.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the rewards we're offering for this campaign. Here you can have a sneak peek at what you can expect to receive when you support us.

These are some of the crew's photography that will be featured on the postcard set. 

If you're interested in Patrick's sound collection (a taste of what's to feature in his CD), you can have a listen here!

And finally, here are just a few pages of Callum's artwork that will be featured in the 28-page handprinted and bound book.

In Fieldwalk, we're employing a range of techniques to introduce a new mode of viewing. The majority of the money raised here will go towards equipment hire and practical materials to achieve this. These include drone and operator hire, cost of medium format film and processing, and hand crafting specialist equipment. 

Further, your support would aid us in covering transport and catering costs, which will smooth the edges of our production during the nose-reddening winter conditions.  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Post Card Set

A set of 10 photographic post cards featuring the locations at the heart of the film. Each crew member has contributed 2 photos to the set. Plus, a digital link to the film.

£5 or more


A digital link to the completed film. (Ahead of its 3020 release!)

£10 or more

Postcard and Sticker Pack

Images of relics and sites featured in the film on a sticker pack (of 5) and a postcard. All curated by the film's crew. You'll also receive a digital link to the film.

£40 or more

3 of 10 claimed

Found Sounds by Patrick Bradley

A unique CD created by our sound designer and editor Patrick, featuring sounds of the sites visited in the film, mixed in his own distinctive style. Each of the 10 available CDs is one of a kind. Digital link to the final film included.

£100 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Fieldwalk Artist Book

A vibrant collection of 28 pages of drawings, collages, poetry, and insights from the director's mind during the development and production of Fieldwalk. Each of the 3 books is hand printed and bound, making them truly special.

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