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by Frome Community Bike Project in Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

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On 9th October 2022 we successfully raised £30,375 with 161 supporters in 44 days

Frome Community Bike Project is a new bike recycling centre and community cycle hub for Frome. Making cycling more accessible to all.

by Frome Community Bike Project in Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With the increased costs of energy and no fixed supply in place for the location we have, we'd like to raise just a little extra to get solar panels on the roof to power the workshop and for the project to be able to generate and store its own electricity. And there's only so much we could generate by pedalling away on a turbo trainer!

This will also mean that we don't have to arrange for a power supply to be delivered to the location, and the associated works and costs that go with this, so while there is an additional cost, it is only incremental rather than being an entirely new cost.

Longer term fitting solar panels will save the project money in electricity bills, and enable us to be more sustainable and future proofed.

About Frome Community Bike Project

Frome Community Bike Project is a new venture for the town, emerging as an idea from some of the team who have organised the very successful annual bike jumbles that have been running for the past four years. The bike jumbles have grown year on year and peaked in 2020 with over 135 bikes donated. 

Donated bikes

With no location to store bikes we have had to store them in locations all over town: from Frome Town Hall, to the Silk Mill, to a volunteer’s garden! We also rely on volunteers so there has been very limited time to check over the donated bikes and many end up ‘sold as seen’, complete with the 10 years of garage grime that they arrived with! Despite these barriers, the jumbles have been hugely successful. In 2020 an overwhelming 91 bikes were sold on the sale day, and together with the sale of donated parts and accessories raised an astonishing £3700. All proceeds from these jumbles have gone to Frome’s Missing Links, the local charity working to link up traffic-free walking and cycling routes in and around Frome.

Picture of Frome bike jumble

For the past twelve months the team were generously granted permission to use a garage for free to take in regular donations. A team of volunteers meet weekly to work on the donated bikes and smaller sales of these reconditioned bikes have taken place throughout the year. Bike donations come in nearly every week and the team of volunteers enjoy meeting up weekly to socialise and share skills. The garage space however is temporary as the site is due to be developed in the next few months. It is uninsulated and has no toilet facilities or running water. Space is also limited so the offer can not grow beyond a small team working on donated bikes.

Volunteers working at the garage

The idea of the Frome Community Bike Project has been simmering away for the past four years. The jumbles have taught us that people want a place to donate their old bikes; demand for low-cost second hand bikes is high; some people want to talk and share their cycling stories and other people want support to be able to cycle more. But the bike jumble model as it has existed so far is very limited. We want to be able to expand and be able to offer more than just selling refurbished second hand bikes.

What Frome Community Bike Project will do

Frome Community Bike Project logo                                                                       We have set up the Frome Community Bike  Project to:

  • Reduce the number of bikes going to landfill, having a positive environmental impact
  • Increase the numbers of people riding bikes in and around Frome
  • Create a place for low-cost, second hand bikes in Frome, especially for those on lower incomes
  • Provide access to tools that most people just wouldn't have at home
  • Increase the number of women getting involved in cycling
  • Give more opportunities to volunteers, sharing skills and meeting new people
  • Provide bike maintenance courses to learn new skills
  • Offer bike servicing and safety checks
  • Deliver cycle skills sessions and community group rides

Why are we crowdfunding?

Simply put, we need space, tools and kit to get the project off the ground. We have managed to secure a great location for the project to have its home at Station Approach (near the Rye Bakery and the great people at Rather Nice Design, who created our logo for us!) but we need to raise funds to get the project off the ground. The location at Station Approach is currently a car park! Our plan is to transform this by using shipping containers to create secure storage for donated bikes, and using one of the containers we purchase to become our workshop, classroom and shop space. We also need to make the space a great place for you, the local community to come and visit, work on your bikes, and learn new skills.

What will we spend the money on?

Shipping Containers and racking

Our calculations are that we will need three shipping containers, two for storing bikes, with bikes racked on scaffold tubing to minimise the space used, and an insulated container with windows added to be our workshop, service centre, shop and training area.

We also want to make sure that the containers look great, and we will recognise people donating £30 or more by putting their names on the outside of the containers in a nice ‘arty’ way!


We need a few mod cons - like a water and electricity supply and lighting, so we’ll need to get those installed so that we can see what we’re doing and make a hot cuppa on those cold winter mornings!


We’ve got some tools already, but we certainly don’t have enough to run drop-in sessions for people to come and work on donated bikes or on their own bikes. We want to ensure that we’ve got professional, well set up work stations so if you take out a membership you’ve got the right tools to work on your bike with.


We need to purchase a range of consumables - from brake cables to chains and more - and of course these items all cost.

Retail kit

To sell items from services to stock we need checkouts. There are some great low cost options on offer, but we still need to purchase one.

Boring but important stuff!

Like any business we need to be insured, and will have professional fees to cover - especially during the setup phase

How our project will be United by Birmingham 2022

Cycling is a great, low impact, way to improve health and fitness, and we hope that following the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham many more people of all ages and abilities will be inspired to take up cycling. With the games finishing in August and our crowdfunder kicking off in September we hope that Frome Community Bike Project can be part of the legacy of the games, especially in inspiring younger people with less disposable income to get out on bikes.

Cycling has long been one of the country’s most successful sports in terms of medals in elite competition and inspiring participation is key to this. We aim to be part of the legacy of these games through enabling more people to cycle, both through increasing access to bikes and improving confidence.


We are of course giving back too - we've got a range of rewards available to suit all pockets, from puncture repair kits, to naming rights for our work stations.

Our membership scheme will allow people to book space in our workshop to work on their own bikes for an unlimited number of sessions - within reason of course! - and offers members 10% off parts and services, plus 10% off courses for any of those tricky jobs that you don't know how to do yet. For non-members workshop space will be £10/hour so it doesn't take much for a membership to make sense!

Frome Community Bike Project T-Shirts

Our t-shirts are supplied by local Frome company 'I Dress Myself' from 100% organic combed cotton and are vegan

FCBP - Keyrings

Keyrings - sturdy and long lasting, with the Frome's Missing links logo and a handy carabiner for clipping to things. Surprisingly useful for camping!

Bike postcard

Made for us by Frome Hardware and laser cut from plywood, the bike postcards feature a classic bike shape and a particularly cleverly engineered hinge

Reward backers

A big thank you to the wonderful local businesses who have offered rewards to our backers. We're truly grateful for the support of:

Frome Boulder Rooms
Deadly Is The Female
Palmer Street Bottle
Eight Stony Street
Mille Moon
The Walled Garden at Mells
Science Boost
Kipenzi Designs
The Small Studio

How you can play your part

There are a few simple ways to help us reach our target, and create a new community cycle hub and workshop for Frome:

1. Make a pledge and claim your reward. Don’t delay if you’re going to support us because momentum is key to our success!

2. Spread the word. Share our project on your social media pages and tell the world to get behind us! The more people we reach, the more support we will get.

3. Offer rewards yourself. Get involved if you are a local business by donating things we can offer to our supporters. We will give you a shout out!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£65 or more

FCBP 1 year membership - Crowdfunder discount!

Annual membership to the project, giving you use of our work stations and professional tools. This special Crowdfunder price includes an early bird discount (regular price £70), a free FCBP apron, plus 10% discount on courses, services and parts.

£3 or more

3 of 77 claimed

Puncture repair kit

Because punctures happen!

£5 or more

0 of 14 claimed

Pair of tyre levers

A pair of plastic tyre levers - for those tough to remove tyres

£5 or more

4 of 53 claimed

Dumbell spanner

Double ended spanner with a variety of nut sizes

£5 or more

2 of 35 claimed

Cycle computer

Do you feel the need for speed? Or at least knowing how fast you're going? Just £5 will get you a Union 5 cycle computer!

£5 or more

8 of 790 claimed

Carabiner keyring

A sturdy metal carabiner with a tough webbing link to a classic loop keyring. Perfect not just for keys, but for clipping all manner of items and keeping them safe and in place.

£7 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Deadly is the Female - £10 off

£10 off when you spend over £50! Deadly is the Female specialise in vintage Hollywood style with a hint of Femme Fatale so you can get dressed up, transform yourself and feel like a million bucks. We value quality and a feeling of exclusivity, we want you to feel special and stand out. The amazing people at Deadly have offered a voucher worth £10 off when you spend over £50 to use in their shop in Frome or online:

£10 or more

FCBP wooden bike postcard

A postcard-sized desk ornament, made locally by Frome Hardware just for FCBP, this reward uses a super cool wooden hinge to pop up a wooden bike that can be propped up on your desk!

£20 or more

FCBP T Shirt

Made for us by the good people at I Dress Myself from organic cotton and using sustainable inks and printing processes, our tees feature the Frome Community Bike Project logo on the chest.

£20 or more

0 of 3 claimed

20% off a set of Maua earrings

Kipenzi Designs roots are in East Africa but it’s home is in Frome! Linda Odhiambo makes unique jewellery inspired by the diverse cultures of Kenya. Linda has offered £5 off a pair of Maua earrings, hand made in Frome using silver and recycled glass. See their website at: or FB at:

£25 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Science party box hire - RRP £30

Science Boost inspire a love for science and engage children and young people in the subject. Hire a science party box for up to 10 children. Choose from stomp rockets, exploding film canisters, straw rockets, balloon rockets or bugs under the microscope. The reward is for 1 box, additional boxes can be hired for £20 each. See more on their website at: or FB:

£25 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Horticulture workshop - Save at least 15%

Parsley Gardens is run by Merryn and based in the beautiful village of Mells. Merryn offers a range of horticulture workshops from growing cut flowers to wreath making and even how to start a new career in horticulture. Merryn has offered a place on one of her courses. Courses run all year round and more will be added throughout the year. Vouchers valid for 12 months from issue date. See more:

£30 or more

Your name on the container!

Your support saved for all to see! We'll put your name on the side of one of the containers for all to see as part of the design for the outside of the project's first location. (maximum 30 characters)

£40 or more

4 of 5 claimed

Tier 1 bike service - over 10% off RRP!

Normally £45, a tier one service covers: - Checking and adjusting brakes - Setting up gears so they shift smoothly - Tyres inspected and inflated if needed - Checking wheels for any damage and light truing - Bolts checked and tightened if needed - Frame and forks checked over for any damage. It excludes any parts that are needed, and any larger issues found will need to be booked in with us.

£63 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Tier 2 bike service - 10% off RRP!

Normally £70, a tier two service includes everything in a tier one service plus: - Taking apart the drivetrain, cleaning and reassembling it - Checking and adjusting (if needed) the headset - Hubs checked and adjusted if necessary. A tier two service includes fitting of parts like chains, cassettes, cables, brake pads, but not the cost of these parts. We will of course contact you ahead of fitting any parts.

£80 or more

0 of 1 claimed

20% off 2 hours of studio photography

The Small Studio is a professional, commercial photography studio based in Frome with a broad portfolio ranging from architecture to footwear and food. The Small Studio is offering 2 hours of studio photography valued at £100.00. Check out their website at

£85 or more

3 of 5 claimed

Tier 3 bike service - over 10% off RRP!

Normally £95, a tier three service includes everything in a tier one service plus: - Hubs checked and serviced - Headset checked, serviced and tightened - Bottom Bracket checked and thread re-greased. A tier three service includes the cost of fitting parts such as headsets and bottom brackets if required, but not the costs of these parts. We will of course contact you ahead of fitting any parts.

£200 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Dr Bike at your place of work

We'll send our qualified bike mechanic to your place of work to inspect and check up to ten bikes for you and your colleagues. A Dr Bike session typically covers checking your bike to make sure it’s roadworthy, making small adjustments and repairs if necessary, such as tuning your gears and brakes or pumping up your tyres and pointing out any larger issues which can't be fixed there and then.

£300 or more

Your business name on the container

Show your company's support for the Bike Project by getting your business' name on the side of one of the containers for all to see as part of the design for the outside of the project's first location. (maximum 30 characters)

£350 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Bike Breakfast and Dr Bike at your place of work

Food and bike safety checks? Yes please! Along with our qualified mechanic being on site to check over up to ten bikes we'll provide a selection of snacks to feed hungry cyclists. The Dr Bike session will cover checking your bike to make sure it’s roadworthy, making small adjustments and repairs if necessary, such as tuning your gears and brakes or pumping up your tyres and pointing out any larger issues which can't be fixed there and then.

£4,000 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Work station naming and corporate membership

We will have a number of work stations in our space, and we'd like to name them after some of our key supporters. So we'll grant naming rights and corporate membership for up to 20 staff for two years from the opening of the FCBP. We're hoping though that we don't end up with a stand called 'Worky McStandface'...

£5 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Coffee and cake at Lo Rapitenc

Pledge £5 and you can claim a coffee and cake from their beautiful shop on Cheap Street in Frome! Lo Rapitenc is a Spanish Deli shop and Tapas Restaurant serving delicious home-cooked Spanish food, Spanish wines, beers and sherry. They also have a wide variety of imported products from rice, oil, cheese and meat, to sweets, cakes, and more. Find out more here:

£10 or more

1 of 1 claimed

10% off a Millie Moon workshop

Sew, craft, make – whether you are into sewing, upcycling or just crafty, there will always be something new arriving at Millie Moon! The wonderful people at Millie Moon have offered 10% off a workshop booking. Visit them at or FB: @milliemoonsew or IG: @milliemoonshop

£15 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Palmer Street Bottle - cheeseboard and two drinks

Worth £20, yours for just £15! Palmer Street Bottle have kindly donated a cheeseboard and 2 drinks Palmer Street Bottle specialise in Craft Beers, fine Ciders, Wines and Spirits showcasing the best in local producers as well as a range of UK based and International makers and brewers. Check them out at: or IG: @palmerstbottle

£20 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Free Boulder Rooms entry for two (RRP £26)

Frome Boulder Rooms have generously offered free entry for two including shoe hire (RRP £26) Bouldering is for everyone - it's fun, physically and mentally challenging and very sociable if you want it to be! Frome's purpose-built bouldering centre is a fantastic new active community space in Frome. See more at: IG: @frome_boulderrooms FB: @boulderroomsfrome

£20 or more

4 of 4 claimed

£25 Walled Garden at Mells gift voucher

The Walled Garden at Mells is set in an acre of grounds with a non profit community nursery and a delightful rambling garden where you can grab a cup of tea or a pizza from the outdoor café and lose yourself in the tranquillity. The wonderful team have offered a £25 voucher to spend on pizzas or plants! See their website at: and IG: @walledgardenatmells (vouchers expire October 2023)

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

One month bouldering pass (RRP £60)

Bouldering is for everyone - it's fun, physically and mentally challenging and very sociable if you want it to be! Frome's purpose-built bouldering centre is a fantastic new active community space in Frome. Frome Boulder Rooms have generously offered a one month pass (RRP £60) See more about The Boulder Rooms at: IG: @frome_boulderrooms FB: @boulderroomsfrome

£125 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Dinner for four at Eight Stony Street (RRP £150)

Eight Stony Street is an award-winning restaurant, wine bar & wine shop based in the heart of Frome. They have been incredibly generous and offered dinner for 4 with wine from their award winning range, up to a value of £150 - spend above £150 to be covered by the purchaser. See the menu at: and check out their Instagram at: @stonystreet

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