Support the outsourced Facebook Cleaners

by CAIWU in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Support the outsourced Facebook Cleaners
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Outsourced cleaners at Facebook London are being overworked till they're sick & exhausted – support their campaign to be brought in house

by CAIWU in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The cleaners at Facebook's London offices at 10 Brock Street are being overworked to the point of sickness and exhaustion.

Their employer, Churchill Cleaning, took over the Brock Street contract in January, and almost immediateley doubled the cleaners' workload. Churchill ignored a series of approaches by CAIWU, the Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union, and when the cleaners finally resorted to protest, their union rep Guillermo Camacho was dismissed.

The cleaners are campaigning for Facebook to bring them in house, to enjoy the same conditions and benefits as every other Facebook employee. They will be voting about going on strike in the coming days, and there's every chance they'll be forced to strike in order to win their campaign. Your donations will help keep their families warm and fed through the long winter.

Outsourcing – the bringing in of outside contractors to perform certain business tasks – is a fundamentally discriminatory and racist practice, in direct conflict with Facebook's stated business practices and policies.

Please give what you can to support the cleaners' campaign. And to find out more about outsourcing you can download CAIWU's special report into the practice at

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