Repainting of Faunagraphic - City Centre Mural

by Sarah Yates in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Repainting of Faunagraphic - City Centre Mural

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Fresh Faunagraphic mural Sheffield

by Sarah Yates in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Repaint & Rework 

In 2017 I produced an artwork on a gable end at Charles st Sheffield, 

It was not a paid project and it has since been defaced 

5 years later i have many requests to repaint or repair the mural by the public

I would love to paint the wall again in the centre to bring a fresh new idea and colourful composition to the area.  Currently like many of the walls in the centre many places are ready for a fresh coat of creativity .  

If you are donating towards the project - please feel free to add what you would love to see on the comments incase i can take inspiration from the local community. 

Timeline :

1-7th July - Design stage

August - Painting  


Unfortunately it is not a project i am able to fund myself anymore, 

The mural artwork will need a final design, materials and access hire, and ideally to cover my time and effort of long hours on the wall and other expenses i incur for the duration of the work. 

I am going to start some concepts immediately and enter them into this crowdfunding campaign . 

What your donation covers

  • Design time to make a beautiful idea 
  • Planning and management time 
  • Access lift hire 7 days +
  • High quality base coat paint
  • Base coat application labour time
  • all paint materials for the artwork
  • the mural labour 7- 10 days
  • Anti vandalism paint  
  • Artist evening presentation for donators 

Social Media and promotional material 

Individuals, business or organisations who wish to donate £100+  will be mentioned in final video footage, promotional material, credits on final video footage, instagram and facebook stories during the process. 

Previous Projects

Some of my projects are attached below -

A mix of Sheffield and some in other parts of the UK 




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