Fanny Bush Forest Garden Creation in Chopwell

by ND Warrior in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Fanny Bush Forest Garden Creation in Chopwell

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To create a productive forest garden that will be used as a nature-based retreat space.

by ND Warrior in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Fanny Bush Forest Garden is a nature-based private retreat space located in the North East countryside, established in 2021.


I am seeking financial support to help create paths and develop the landscaping on the first large section of this site. We need materials such as sand, paving slabs and gravel.  

We would also like to build suitable storage for some of the outside items such as our water collection and gas supply, better securing the space.  

About the Project

The land was claimed in July 2021 and has been developed as part of a long-term vision to create a low-cost, private, nature-immersed retreat space.

Fanny Bush Forest Garden is an important project for three main reasons:

  • It is making good use of neglected common land!

This land was allocated for the local people to grow food. It was essentially stolen from them by the local authority and has been left neglected ever since. This project seeks to take back ownership of this community land and make it productive, useful and beautiful once again. 


  • It is using the land in an innovative way! 

For too long land use has been allocated by suit-wearing, office-dwelling, gate-keepers with power. Many innovative, different tor unique ideas for uses for common land never get a chance to be tried, tested or experimented with because it does not meet the agreement of a certain demographic of people with power. 

There is no good reason why local people can't use common land and experiment with different tyes of beneficial spaces. This project is developing a unique space that many other communities can learn from.


  • It gives people a space to connect with nature and recover! 

Mental health services in the UK are appalling. Apart from being notoriously difficult to access they are often limited to sterile boxes, manned by unifom wearing, robotic caregivers and patients are medicated and forced to comply with a certain way of thinking to be claimed well. 

Many people would benefit from natural spaces to heal, self-reflect and recover away from the binds of modern society. This project aims to provide such a place, at an affordable cost to people who can benefit from it.


About the Project

Based in Chopwell Tyne & Wear this project is in it's 3rd year of its 10 year design development. This project is designed to replicate a small self build homestead for private retreats immersed in nature. Specially designed for people interested in learning about small scale, off-grid living & long term land based production techniques.

This unused land that was previously dedicated for allotments. The local council ended it's use for growing purposes leaving the space abandoned and left to become overgrown with brambles & weeds.


The design here focuses on transforming the land using no-dig methods with a slow but structured method, focusing on long-term growing techniques to create a diverse & productive space.

The space will eventually be used as a private short-term, low cost retreat space for paying members. We will also use the space for gatherings & for sharing any surplus produce with the local community.

The land design is based on planting for long term gain of perrennial plants, herbs & trees. As we develop we plan to integrate selections of connected but individually designed garden and growing areas and possibly raise birds & bees on the land for food production.


We have made slow yet steady progress since the project was established in 2021. The brambles and weeds, rubbish and debris have been cleared and planting of trees, fruitbushes, shrubs and some flowers has began. 

Development Plans

The full development plan is expected to last at least 10 years. Building by hand and with limited time through the year to develop this slow-growing project is designed to move at a natural pace.

Phase One 2024-2025

Initally, to welcome staying guests, our priority is to establish and secure the caravan site. Adding plumbing, water and gas for cooking. The main bedroom needs some TLC & repairs ready for guests.

The garden space will be developed with some basic paths and usable seating areas. We will establish a compost system.

Clear guidelines, records and behind the scenes admin will be required for the space.


Phase Two 2024-2025

Once the site is established for basic habitation, we will look to improve the initial surrounding garden and the forest garden section of the land. Clearing further areas, planting trees, shrubs, herbs and other beneficial perennial plants. Adding seating and areas of interest.

We will also look at options to add an energy supply. This will depend upon the number of members and funds raised for the year.

We will also consider the water and irrigation system of the land and garden spaces.


Phase Three 2025-2027

The next stage of the project will focus on expanding and developing the additional garden space and improving the garden ecosystem. Improving our compost, waste and fertliser systems.

We will look to add a perennial vegetable garden, as well as a dedicated reflection and socialising space.


Phase One 2028 & Beyond!

Our final phase of the garden will consider its uses so far and look at how we can improve the site for guests.

We will also consider if we are able to welcome live stock to the site including birds and bees.

Your Support

Good things and beautiful spaces don't just happen...they need nurture, care and maintenance. This campaign seeks financial support to help me make the best of this idea and this wonderful, peaceful, land space. 

The local community here have been very supportive of the project and are all keen to see how it evolves. We are not a wealthy community but we do have neighbourly connections, seeking to improve our area and make the most of the beautiful space we have here.


The project here is a work in progress but the vision is achievable. One day, with the right support it can be a beautiful, inspiring and productive place that supports people, wildlife and the local area.

As a grassroots, self-funded, passion project your funding goes a long way to supporting this project. Always making the best use of the resources we have available, funding will allow us to buy what we need, when we need it and keep the project growing.

To find out more about the space, the Friend of associated group and our membership please visit our dedicated website.


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Become a member of Fanny Bush Forest Garden* and receive a week stay when the space is ready. Stays include basic food, water & gas. This level of membership includes work time at the garden of up to 12 hours. *Additional vetting may be required as per our membership rules.

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Become a Friend of Fanny Bush! Show your support with a gift and join our registered community group.

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£240 Membership - One week stay without work!

Become a member of Fanny Bush Forest Garden* and receive a week stay when the space is ready. Stays include basic food, water & gas. This level of membership has no work requirement *Additional vetting may be required as per our membership rules.

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