F.A.B (Footprints at Bechange ) in a crisis

by Bechange Community Hub in Aylesham, England, United Kingdom

F.A.B (Footprints at Bechange ) in a crisis

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Our project is providing precooked meals for the most vulnerable in our community during COVID 19 pandemic - with your help we can do more!

by Bechange Community Hub in Aylesham, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With extra funding we will be able to increase our reach to even more vulnerable people across the Aylesham and rural surrounding areas.

Thank you for coming and looking at this page. We are almost at our target and have extended our end date to 30 May so that everyone who would like to donate has the opportunity to do so.
Who we are and what we do

Bechange Community Hub is a place for local people to come and learn new skills, make friends and get support on issues such as benefit entitlements, financial matters, employment , healthy lifestyle choices and relationships. Our daily activities don’t only help people gain new skills they help reduce isolation. The COVID 19 crisis has meant that we can no longer keep our doors open for our normal service, but we know how important it is to continue supporting our community during this difficult time. 

How we are helping during the pandemic

In normal times Bechange’s F.A.B cookery project provides weekly community lunches made from surplus food.  We know that this is a frightening time for everyone but for those that have an underlying health condition, are unwell or in financial hardship, this must be even more terrifying . So our F.A.B project has switched focus to provide a free home delivery meal service for the most vulnerable people in our community. Working with an amazing community network to help us identify those most in need we have already started to deliverer  pre-cooked meals to over 77 children and adults in the Aylesham area, including elderly who are alone and self-isolating, people who are ill and shielded, families with children who have been pushed into financial hardship. We are helping those who most need to stay in and protect themselves. 

The meals are prepared in our large kitchen in small teams and friendly, non-contact volunteers will deliver direct to people's doorsteps. We provide one meal, plus a dessert for each member of the household for a 5 day period.  In our first week we provided over 900 meals and desserts, but we are hearing about more and more people who need this help. It is vital that no person whether they are child, adult or elderly person should go without food because of this crisis. There is very little surplus food at the moment so we are purchasing our food from a wholesaler and we need your help to make sure we can keep this project going throughout the crisis. As well as providing meals we are also putting items that some of the families and elderly are really struggling to get hold of including sanitary products, nappies, toilet rolls and cleaning products. We will also start to produce weekly information sheets that help people keep informed, up to date on issues such as scams as well as provide interesting and uplifting articles.

The more money we raise, the more meals we can make!  

How your donation helps


  • Pays for two dinners and desserts each for 2 people


  • Pays for for two dinners and desserts for a family of 4 people
  • Enable us to provide extra items such as toiletries, sanitary products and nappies 
  • Enables us to produce 100 informations sheets to keep those people informed so they feel less isolated  


  • Pays for 10 dinners  and desserts for a one person 
  • Enables us to provide event more families and elderly people with extra items 
  • Enables us to produce 300 informations sheets to keep those people informed so they feel less isolated  

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