Expose the SNPs fails

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

Expose the SNPs fails

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Thanks to your donations our COP 26 campaign reached 1 million people. We need to keep up the momentum! Please donate.

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

New stretch target

More funds will allow us to expand our plans for the Scottish Council election in 2022. More targeted ads, more billboards, more press adverts, more advans. 

“The only campaign to call out Sturgeon’s COP26 selfie barrage”

Scotland Matters made its name in the 2021 Holyrood election when we led the tactical voting campaign that Sir John Curtice credited with stopping the SNP landslide.

We used billboards, advertising and social media to reach an estimated ONE MILLION people.

We did a similar, shorter, campaign for the recent COP26, rightly predicting that Nicola Sturgeon would use the event to advance her personal and party profile. How right we were; 65 selfies and counting!

You can read all about it at https://www.scotlandmatters.co.uk/the-scotland-matters-cop26-campaign/

We’ve only just begun, but it costs a LOT of money, for example…

  • £1,200 for a full-page advert in a national newspaper
  • £1,000 to reach 100,000 people on Facebook
  • £1,000 for an electronic billboard
  • £1,000 for an advan for one day
  • £18,000 a year for web admin and social media content

Our campaign to get the SNP defeated at the 2022 Council elections starts in January. We’re running out of money, please help us to STOP THE SNP AND TAKE INDYREF2 OFF THE AGENDA. 

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