Finsbury Park Skate Plaza

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On 25th August 2021 we successfully raised £45,567 ( + est. £2151.25 Gift Aid ) with 379 supporters in 204 days

Finsbury Park Skate Plaza is a street style skatepark coming to Finsbury Park, North London. Skate, scoot, BMX, wheelchair accessible.

 New stretch target

With more money we can build a better skate park with more ramps and obstacles.  We can hold regular free skate introduction training days, helping to encourage new skaters to learn the skill and join the community.  We can hold graffiti the bowl and skate park floor days supporting local artists and encourage artistic skills. 


  • Finsbury Park needs a new skate park: it's too small and lacks a space for all skate / wheels users. This is not wheel chair accessible currently, and at times, can be intimidating for beginners given the massive demand for the sport.
  • Proposal: we want to create a new skate plaza, open to all, that encourages new users to get involved and challenges existing users. We've set out some designs for brilliant new space, that is accessible, challenging, and provides a format for new users. It will cover bowls and street skating, and provide a space for scooters, bladers, and bikers! This will be a unique spot with nothing else like it nearby.
  • Social objective: we think this will become an iconic North London spot for people to be. There are many benefits for physical and mental health and for connecting people and giving them a community to belong to. The job opportunities will also explode in this growing sector. Help us be successful! 
  • What will we do with the money: we've estimated how much this will cost based on other projects near by. Depending on how much raised, we will undertake design work and planning in partnership with Haringey Council, who will manage and maintain in the future. You can see a conceptual design here (link).
  • Partnership: we have permission & support from Haringey Council to undertake this project. We are looking at other local partners, or, skate / bike entities that would like to support our objectives. 


You've reached the Crowd Funder campaign to build a new Finsbury Park Skate Plaza. 


We are the Friends of Finsbury Park, a charity that seeks to improve and protect the park. We have been working in this capacity for over 30 years alongside Haringey Council. 

Finsbury Park is located on the border of Islington, Hackney and Haringey. It is a diverse community with a broad range of park users - young and old, rich and poor, from lots of different ethnic backgrounds.

Skate Park

We are expanding the existing skate park to create a Street Skating Plaza that will be accessible to Skateboards, Scooters, Roller-skaters, BMX’s and Wheelchairs. Currently the skate park is two small bowls that are over 20 years old. The skate plaza will flow from the existing bowls onto a 1000m2 area of tarmac next to the bowls. We have permission from Haringey council to expand the park and will work with them to fund. Haringey will manage the build and maintain the skate park. We are funding this in two phases. Phase one will be the polished concrete surface and phase two will be the ramps, rails, skateable objects and seating areas with planting. We will do the build in one go to make it cost effective.


What does it look like today? 

The park is in Haringey and on the corner of both Islington and Hackney so it services a very large and diverse community and the current park is too small to accommodate everyone who does and wants to use it. Skateboarding is a sport that appeals to a diverse audience. Young, old, male and females from all backgrounds can and do take part in this community driven activity. Its appeal is growing and will be an Olympic sport in 2021 for the first time.


Beginners need more space to learn basic skills before they can confidently commit to the bowls and more advanced boarders need room to express themselves and progress. Scooters are predominantly used by a younger audience and need more space to be safe and grow their confidence.


Roller-skating has had a massive resurgence over the last few years and even more so over Covid-19. Keeping the roller skaters safe and with room to move will be mush easier with the extra plaza space.  BMXers need way more space to practice tricks and stay safe and encourage beginners to the sport.


The bowls are currently not wheelchair accessible so a bigger street style plaza would open up the skate park to those with mobility issues. Young people have been profoundly affected by COVID 19 and its restrictions and now need support to be outside in a safe environment so they can get active and look after their physical and mental health while being connected to a community.


Creating the space they need in our parks and communities is vital for the whole community. 

The future

We will offer regular free starter skate lessons to encourage new members to join this sport. In a post COVID world where the young have been profoundly effected both mentally and physically this safe out doors sport is so important to fund. We will hold competitions and events for the Plaza users. 


We're working closely with Haringey Council (hold Finsbury Park in trust), SkateboardGB, Sport England and British Cycling. See this link for supporting documents, and our high level costings (link).

We also want to say thank you to Betong Park Designs for their help conceiving a design, and many others who have helped along the way!

We'd love to hear from others though who are local or have a background in the sport. 


The Friends of Finsbury Park.

1616699939_1fb6437f-1a7a-4bb1-a3a5-c061cc723a46.jpegIf you would prefer to donate via another means, you can use PAYPAL OR CAF payments directly on our charity website here (Link).


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£250 or more

Name etched into the bowl

Your name will be permanently etched into the side of the bowl.

£10 or more

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£10 Work Hard and Be Nice To People- book

Work Hard and Be Nice To People- book by Artist Anthony Burrill

£70 or more

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New Balance 440 trainers, UK size 10.5

Navy and white New Balance Numeric 440 trainers in UK size 10.5 with spare blue laces. Box signed by Tom Knox.

£150 or more

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Anthony Burrill framed print “Ideas”

Anthony Burrill - framed Think Of Your Own Ideas print Needs to be picked up for the Finsbury Park area.

£150 or more

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Anthony Burrill framed ‘Make your Mark’ print

Anthony Burrill framed “Make Your Mark On The World” print. Needs to be picked up from the Finsbury Park area.

£150 or more

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Anthony Burrill framed‘Question Everything” print

Anthony Burrill framed “Question Everthing” print. Needs to be picked up from the Finsbury Park area.

£250 or more

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Signed Peaky Blinders Skate Deck

Signed by Arthur Shelby/Paul Anderson Peaky Blinders Skate Deck. Art work of Tommy Shelby, Arthur Shelby and Alfie Solomon by Danny Chiverton. Pick up from Finsbury Park Area or postage can be arranged if you cover the postage.

£5 or more

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£5 reward- 1x coffee from Coffee Fruit

1x coffee from Coffee Fruit, Charter Court, N4 3SG

£10 or more

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£10 reward- vintage T-Shirt

Vintage Friends of Finsbury Park/Fruit of the Loom T-shirt in Large.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward - voucher Boulangerie Bon Matin

£20 voucher for Boulangerie Bon Matin, can be used at all three branches.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward - 1x 12 inch Pizza from La Saporita,

1x 12 inch Pizza from La Saporita, 174 Tollington Park, N43AJ

£20 or more

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£20 reward Hana Maria pizza - 88, Stroud Green Rd

1x small Hana Maria Pizza, 88, Stroud Green Road, N4 3EN

£30 or more

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£30 reward Turkish Barber Experience

Turkish Barber Experience (hair cut and shave) at Smart Design, Charter Court, 17, Stroud Green Road, N4 3SG

£50 or more

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£50 hand crafted ramp

Hard crafted ramp with Finsbury Park Skate Plaza logo. Needs to be picked up from Finsbury Skate Park.

£50 or more

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£50- Tom Knox - sml- 54 wheels

Tom Knox - sml-54- skate board wheels x4

£75 or more

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Delivery super club- meal for two worth £65

Sycamore Smith delivery super club - 3 course meal for two. Delivers to N4, N8 or N19.

£75 or more

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3 course meal for two at Vins Restaurant

A three course meal for two at Vins Restaurant, 93, Grosvenor Ave, N5 2NL

£85 or more

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ISLE/Mike Arnold SkateDeck package signed by Tom K

ISLE/Mike Arnold Skate Deck- package signed by Tom Knox. Must pick up from Finsbury Park area.

£125 or more

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£125 reward- Deli hamper from Deli 80

Deli hamper worth £100 (wine, cheese, ham etc) from Deli 80, 80, Stroud Green Road, N4 3EN

£125 or more

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Clown Skateboards ‘Manifesto’ full set in Orangina

Clown Skateboards ‘Manifesto’ full set (deck, trucks, wheels) in Orangina. Must be collected from the Finsbury Park area.

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