Evidence about medical transition for children

by [email protected] in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Evidence about medical transition for children


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We want to print copies of 'When can a child consent to medical transition' to send to MPs, teachers etc. and also to host further webinars.

by [email protected] in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we manage to exceed our target, this will enable EBSWA to engage further in education, training and dissemination of information which we think will be of great benefit to children and parents. 

EBSWA was founded in 2020 by a group of social workers 

This group has been established to gather and consider evidence on crucial questions of sex and gender identity in order to inform professional discussion.

This group believes that there is insufficient knowledge to support policies and practice that have been adopted without prior debate and discussion within the profession.

Policies and practice must be founded on professional values and developed on the basis of evidence. In relation to sex and gender we are concerned that there has been an unhealthy silencing of professional discussion, with many social work academics and practitioners feeling that they are unable to ask questions or challenge policies which have adopted outside of consultation and discussion.

We believe that this silencing of discussion is not in the best interests of the people to whom we are responsible and not in the interests of the profession. When professional concerns are not expressed and openly discussed, and practitioners and academics are afraid to challenge, we are jeopardising basic safeguarding principles, and safe professional practice.

EBSWA believes that our professional Code of Ethics as social workers mandates and requires us to explore the evidence and to contribute to professional debate and discussion. 

In order to support our aims we would like to disseminate information and hold further public webinars to promote dialogue and discussion. We would like to be able to print and distribute copies of 'When can a child consent to medical transition' to those who are part of important legal and policy discussions in this area, such as MPs and teachers. 


We would also like to continue to host public webinars, free to all, to promote open dialogue and exchange of ideas. 

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