EVERYTHING, ALWAYS: The Memorial - Support us 2023

by Freshly Squeezed Theatre in Chichester, England, United Kingdom

EVERYTHING, ALWAYS: The Memorial - Support us 2023

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To raise money for Everything, Always: The Memorial to perform in 2023!

by Freshly Squeezed Theatre in Chichester, England, United Kingdom



Freshly Squeezed Theatre began at the University of Chichester, where five like-minded theatre students were accredited with making a production. After performing 'Everything, Always.' for the first time, the show was markedly praised. So we decided to continue and develop the initial piece further, submitting and performing it to theatre festivals. 

We as a group of self-described idiots are trying to answer one of life's biggest questions within an hour... and we certainly try to. The art we want to make is to provoke audiences to think not just about what it encapsulates, but the primal ideas of love that have already been explored countless times and bring them to a new generation of theatre-goers; removing the pulp for a smoother glass of OJ.

Our group consists of BA Theatre graduates Ben Keating and Daniel Taylor, BA Acting graduates Charles Irvine and  Ethan Webb.


EVERYTHING, ALWAYS is the skeleton for both our original show and the Memorial - a post-post-modern, stupid but emotional,  thrillride based around the clowns Friendless, Tasteless, Balloonless and Childless trying to achieve a set task or answering a difficult question.

Can they do it? 




As a group, we wanted to find a way to create a show that allows us to have a vessel for what we've been through. EVERYTHING, ALWAYS allows us four to create a show that can be both ridiculous, flavourful and loud but also poignant, emotional and truthful. The show and these clowns are made up of our own autobiographical experiences of life, from grappling with grief to the terrifying notion of creating a family to dealing with the damage of mental illness. These clowns are the dark reflections of people we nearly became.



Nameless the Clown is dead. Very dead. 

Can his clown comrades, Friendless, Tasteless, Balloonless and Childless put on his Memorial without breaking down/each other's faces?

Can they do it without him?

I bloody hope so.



We are aiming for at least £500-£1000 to cover the costs of basic expenses for our performances in 2023! After our Fringe 2023 run, we had £500+ to perform with and it was fantastic! We're still taking donations for our Autumn and Winter season shows, for which includes: 

- To pay for services during the show including venue hire, lighting, camera and more!

- To have more moolah for costume and props if needed!

- Travel and other expenses while we're on the road - food, board, etc!

As a self-funded group straight out of an academic setting, we normally wouldn't have the capacity to pay for the amount of props and set our show would usually have, as well as travelling across the country!


Any and all donations are appreciated no matter the amount, we are grateful for your support!

I'VE GIVEN YOU MONEY. WHEN CAN I SEE IT?1689754822_character_poster_set_info_.png

EVERYTHING, ALWAYS: THE MEMORIAL is streaming on our YouTube after a very successful Fringe 2023 run! 

There's still more LIVE shows to come this year though - follow our social medias for updates below, and go to our YouTube to watch The Memorial, along with more, including our previous shows! 

Click here for our socials and previous shows!

Stay tuned for updates!

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