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by Every Woman Biennial in London, England, United Kingdom

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The Every Woman Biennial wants to bring free exhibitions, new public artworks and performances to London and New York in 2021.

by Every Woman Biennial in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 2nd May 2021 we'd raised £10,006 with 51 supporters in 58 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Thank you so much for this can do more... If we can raise an The more we raise the more artists we can support and the more artwork the public will be able to enjoy. - QUANTIFY THIS

Help us to bring the Every Woman Biennial, the world's largest and leading all-woman and non-binary art exhibition to London in 2021.

Help us to transform our streets into open-air galleries that support artists during COVID and celebrate the divine feminine!

We are taking over several Koppel Project locations in central London1614699277_landcibulka.jpeg and transforming them into a three-month art extravaganza that celebrates the Divine Feminine. With artworks from Mickalene Thomas, Swoon, Guerilla Girls, Tracey Emin, Katharina Cibulka, and many more help us to create an exhibition that celebrates the full breadth of contemporary art at the fourth Every Woman Biennial.

Your pledges will go towards an international open call, free-to-access exhibitions in Central London. With your help, we can provide the opportunity for over 200 international artists to exhibit at this p1614954186_screen_shot_2021-03-05_at_14.22.48.pngrime London location. Opportunities like these exhibitions are increasingly rare due to Covid, with many financial barriers to access, like application fees and high commission rates - which we have waived. By pledging support you will help create opportunities for emerging artists to exhibit their work alongside Mickalene Thomas, Swoon, Tracey Emin, Michaela Yearwood-Dan, Katharina Cibulka, Cecily Brown, C. Finley, Guerilla Girls, and many more. With your support, we will also be able to commission five of our artists to create new public artworks both in the UK and the US.

The fund will also go towards 'Since Statues are Sacrosanct' a large-scale installation, running throughout July at Custom House in collaboration with journalist and presenter Afua Hirsch, Mallence Bart-Williams, and artist Pasha Michaelson in response to new legislation that criminalises protesting and the damage of statues whilst failing to protect women and femme bodies from assault. SINCE STATUES ARE SACROSANCT collects testimonies & sculptures from sexual assault survivors as a stand-in for protestors, in a time when physical protest is not safely - or legally - possible. These proxy protestors act as a critical mass that has the power and privilege to protest, unlike us. Furthermore, this will be a healing space where survivors are heard, uplifted, and loved. The statues will be donated and visitors are encouraged to take the statues and place them at sites of personal or political significance. 

Why it's important and who will benefit.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the contemporary art world, especially for emerging artists who have lost funding, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. With your help we can provide these!

In the UK “64% of art students identify as female, but men make up 68% of the artists represented by UK galleries.” This shows us that, even before Covid-19, from a young age, people who identify as female and non-binary are not given the same opportunities as their male contemporaries. Galleries have a responsibility to correct these biases and prejudices that are built within the system, yet just 13.7% of living artists, represented by galleries in Europe and North America, identify as female... 


...Help us level the field within the market by funding these exhibition opportunities and lifting up the voices of these artists in a Covid-safe environment. Every Woman Biennial London will be a huge gain for the creative and cultural landscapes of the UK...

In the wake of 2020, a year that has forced physic1614702055_screen_shot_2021-03-02_at_16.20.32.pngal separation, we want to illuminate our interconnectedness and the power we hold when we stand united. EVERY WOMAN BIENNIAL 2021 will bring female and non-binary artists together from across the globe in the spirit of community and collaboration, to investigate themes of identity, sexuality, and activism.

By donating to the Every Woman Biennial you will help us to fix these issues by building space for individuals that mainstream galleries have failed to create. 


Previously Exhibited Works



Testimonial: Mickalene Thomas, Artist

"The Every Woman 1614698989_screen_shot_2021-03-02_at_15.29.07.pngBiennial serves as an important platform with which to explore the richness and diversity of contemporary female artists through its witty and intelligent programming, the event is a worthy counterweight to the multitude of festivals, biennials, and fairs that populate the art calendar. This is fresh, necessary, and transformative discourse - of which I am happy to support.

Where your money will go...

  • Fund exhibitions in London Bridge, Peckham, and Soho.
  • Fund public artworks by Katharina Cibulka and Tereza Buskova.
  • Create an emergency relief fund for artists due to COVID-19

EVERY WOMAN BIENNIAL is a love letter to the world, please help us to write it.


Rewards we're offering 

We have a wide range of rewards from original artworks (see below), Instagram stickers, merchandise, experiences, and corporate sponsorship, there is something for everyone. 

Every week we'll be releasing new original artworks and other rewards.

Our rewards are our way of saying thank you for supporting our dream to create exhibitions and a fund that facilitates the creative and financial empowerment of women and non-binary artists. 


Matilda Little, George Sat Here Like This, 42 x 30 cm, Giclée print


Matilda Little, And Other Ramblings, 30 x 21 cm, Giclée print


Matilda Little, Lion Head, 30 x 21 cm, Giclée print


Ruby Streek, Bespoke Fringe Face Masks


Sisi Savidge, Laundry diptych, Poland 2020, Shot on Ilford FP4, from an edition of 51615375470_1615375469106.png 

Sisi Savidge, Pricela, Open to Persuasion, Shot on full colour 35mm, From an edition of 3 


Sisi Savidge, Guerilla Girls (monochrome), A5, Risograph (edition of 25)


Sisi Savidge, Tracey, A5, Risograph (edition of 15)


Sisi Savidge, Yayoi (monochrome), A5, Risograph (edition of 25)


Emma Sheehy, I Go Moo, 38x28cm, Ink on paper


Anya Kashina, Skip, 17.8 x 25.3 cm, watercolour on paper (300 gsm cotton)


C. Finley, Ecstacy of S. Theresa, Giclee Archival Print, A31614894422_screen_shot_2021-03-02_at_12.45.57.png1614894181_front_large_extended.png

Every Woman Biennial Tote Bag and Every Woman Biennial T-shirts


This project offered rewards

£35 or more

Application fee donation

We have waived our application fees as they can be a barrier to access for many artists, however we welcome artists who feel they can or individuals who want to sponsor these fees. The application fee helps us to cover the costs of the open call administration. You will receive a personal hand written thanks from Every Woman Biennial with an original small artwork.

£5 or more

My Love is your Love Supporter

Give in your name, the name of a loved one, or a cause you wish to shout out and it will appear on our wall of thanks in the biennial and on our website. Thank you for your support!

£10 or more

My Love is your Love... our eternal gratitude.

Give in your name, the name of a loved one, or a cause you wish to shout out and it will appear on our wall of thanks in the biennial and on our website. Thank you for your support! By giving £10 we will send you acess to our our instagram stickers, filters, and eternal gratitude.

£20 or more

Tote Bags

Give in your name, the name of a loved one, or a cause you wish to shout out and it will appear on our wall of thanks in the biennial and on our website. You will receive an Every Woman Biennial limited edition tote bag as well as access to our instagram stickers. Thank you for your support!

£25 or more

Sisi Savidge, Yayoi (monochrome), A5, Risograph

Sisi Savidge, Yayoi (monochrome), A5, Risograph (edition of 25)

£25 or more

Sisi Savidge, Guerilla Girls (monochrome), A5,

Sisi Savidge, Guerilla Girls (monochrome), A5, Risograph (edition of 25)

£30 or more

EWB Tshirts

You will receive a limited edition t-shirt, as seen in the page photos, as well as acess to our instagram stickers. Give in your name, the name of a loved one, or a cause you wish to shout out and it will appear on our wall of thanks in the biennial and on our website. Thank you for your support!

£35 or more

Sisi Savidge, Tracey (colour), A5, Risograph

Sisi Savidge, Tracey (colour), A5, Risograph (edition of 15)

£55 or more

Matilda Little, Lion Head, Giclee Print

30 x 21 cm

£55 or more

Matilda Little, And Other Ramblings, Giclee Print

30 x 21 cm

£60 or more

Personal Tour

By giving £60 you will receive a personal tour of the biennial for yourself and 5 guests by the curators and exhibitors. You will be given a personal letter of thanks from the Every Woman Biennial with an original artwork. You will also receive a tote-bag, name on our wall of thanks, as well as acess to the private view.

£85 or more

C. Finley, Ecstacy of S.Theresa, A3, Archive Print

Fabulous Archival Print (RRP. £100)

£145 or more

Anya Kashina, Skip, 17.8 x 25.3 cm

Skip 17.8 x 25.3 cm watercolour on paper (300 gsm cotton) 2021

£200 or more

Emma Sheehy, I Go Moo, Ink on Paper

I go moo 38x28cm £200 Ink on paper

£350 or more

Sisi Savidge, Laundry Diptych - Poland, 2020

Gorgeous photographic print from the queen of GOATs Sisi Savidge. 420mm x 633mm

£500 or more

Sisi Savidge, Pricela, Open to Persuasion, 1/3

Pricela, Open to Persuasion Shot on full colour 35mm From an edition of 3 Dimensions: 594mm x 841mm Fine art full colour print on Fuji matt paper by Foto Kollektiv Berlin

£5,000 or more


Your logo will go on our platforms (40 million impressions 2019) Opportunity to host an event in the Biennial for clients or employees etc. Private tours of the exhibition by the curators for all your members/clients/employees.

£10,000 or more

Headline Sponsor

Your business logo embriodered onto Katharina Cibulka's building cover on Poland Street (between Carnaby and Oxford Street) as well as on all platforms and communications (40million online impressions in 2019). Private reception/event in the Biennial for your clients/employees. Private tours by the curators of the biennial for your clients/employees.

£60 or more

Matilda Little, George Sat Like This', 42 x 30 cm

42 x 30 cm

£100 or more

Nour el Saleh, Mon Rat Et Moi, 25x20cm, Etching


£125 or more

Emma Sheehy, Lost at Sea, Ink and Acrylic on Board

Lost at sea 15x22cm Ink and acrylic on board

£175 or more

Emma Sheehy, The Eagle, Ink and Acrylic on Paper

42x30cm Ink and Acrylic on paper The Eagle

£200 or more

Nour el Saleh, Fish No Plate, 28 x 19 cm

Nour El Saleh’s dream-like works explore notions of place, belonging and selective/relative memory. Fish No Plate 28 x 19 cm Pen on paper 2020

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