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On 26th February 2024 we successfully raised £48,198 ( + est. £6347.50 Gift Aid ) with 1240 supporters in 103 days

Our project aims to provide increased community support to families coping with the devastating effects of childhood acquired brain injuries

Like you, we are dedicated to a future where all children impacted by a brain injury, and their families, receive the support they need, when they need it. That is why the Every child, every family aims to raise an incredible £150,000 to help us provide more than 5000 hours of community support to the children and families affected by brain injuries.

Why your support matters

Over 40,000 children are affected by an acquired brain injury (ABI) each year, and this is the leading cause of disability in childhood. The rate of these types of injuries is rapidly growing each year. Children may sustain brain injury as a result of road traffic collision, assaults and falls, whilst some will acquire a brain injury through illnesses such as strokes, brain tumours and infections like meningitis and encephalitis. Any child can be affected and no one can plan for it.

Whatever the cause, these injuries will be life changing and devastating for the whole family. After the initial recovery, when the child may appear visibly healed (broken bones and bruises heal), invisible effects may continue long into the child’s development. These include difficulties with behaviour, social interactions, memory, concentration, sleep, chronic pain and fatigue as well as impacting the child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Early intervention is crucial and that is why our dedicated and life changing ABI Coordinators work tirelessly throughout the year with hundreds of families across the country, providing desperately needed support. During the scariest and most uncertain moments that follow a brain injury, our incredible ABI coordinators will be there for families to lean on immediately following the accident or injury, bringing light and hope during the darkest of times.  

Together we have the power to transform lives. Donate now and we will keep working to ensure every child receives the support, kindness and opportunities they deserve to live joyful and fulfilling lives.

What we do

Our dedicated ABI coordinators will stay by the side of families to offer practical support, help accessing legal and financial advice, mental health support and much more. They enable parents and carers to advocate for their child in all aspects of their life. By supporting our Every child, every family campaign you will help empower children and their families to rebuild their lives following a brain injury. With crucial support we know all children can fulfil their potential in school, be supported by and be part of their community, to live fulfilling and joyful lives. Help us to always be there when we are needed, for every child and every family by donating or setting up your own fundraiser today.

We will be there, by the family's side, for the whole journey through all development stage to adulthood and beyond, helping children and families to thrive, building and being part of an incredible community that helps each child achieve their dreams and by ensuring no family we work with ever feels alone. We are privileged and proud to see each child reach their potential. You can be part of transforming children's lives.

Please help us to provide 5000 more hours of support to the children and families that need us by donating today.

Imagine the shear heartache, fear and uncertainty children and their families face without proper support. Families are not prepared for brain injury, but you have the power to change their lives. We need to urgently reach more families and we need more coordinators in the community to provide families with all the emotional and practical support they need. Every child deserves the support, kindness and opportunities they need to live joyful and fulfilling lives.

We are calling on all of our wonderful community to get behind the campaign by setting up your own fundraiser to raise an amount that suits you. 

Fundraising Ideas

Just click 'Set up a Fundraiser' on the right side of this page to get started and then you can ask all your friends, family, colleagues, networks and wider community to donate. 

By signing up to be a fundraiser you consent to your email being shared with us at Child Brain Injury Trust. We will be in touch with you by email to share fundraising tips and advice and updates on the campaign.

There are lots of fun ways to fundraise in your community, from bike rides, to bakes sales, to sky dives! If you are not feeling adventurous or do not want to organise an activity, you can simply get involved by setting up a fundraising page and share it with friends and family to help spread the word and together we can reach our target! 

If you are fundraising in your workplace or organisation you have lots of time to plan some fun fundraising activities with your colleagues, from quiz nights to office bake sales, to sponsored team hikes and much more or simply set up a donation page where your colleagues can donate. 

We can’t wait to hear what you decide to do!  However you choose to fundraise, you’ll be making a huge difference to children’s lives. 

Thank you 

Thank you for being by the side of families dealing with the devastating effects of a childhood acquired brain injury.

By supporting the Every child, every family campaign you can help empower children and their families to rebuild their lives following a brain injury 

We are so proud to be part of this community and hope you will join us, and help be there for every child and every family that need us.  


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