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Our aim is to get 1000 people a year into the Events Industry through apprenticeships across the UK and across the sector.

by Events Apprenticeships in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

It’s your industry, your future


Please support and helps us to encourage the next generation of talent to join our amazing industry

When you talk to people about the events industry, it’s difficult to explain or understand, the Government doesn’t recognise it as a ‘professional industry’ and schools rarely talk about it as a potential career pathway – our aim is to change this. 

We are calling on you to help us...

The breadth and depth of the industry runs deep across the UK economy, from festivals, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, weddings, public, private events, the list goes on. The value of events to the economy in GVA and employment numbers is currently unknown post-pandemic. In 2019 the value was estimated at £70bn GVA and 700,000 employed (BVEP, 2020, UK Events Report). This figure could now be anywhere between £14-56bn and 140-560,000 employed (BVEP, 2022; DCMS, 2022; UKCAMS, 2022). This demonstrates that recruitment post-pandemic is our biggest challenge, and the need to onboard new people and encourage those who have left, to return.

Apprenticeships are a route into the industry, with over 500 Event Assistant apprentices between 2017-2021 (IFATE, 2022). Given the number of people employed in the industry, this is a small percentage and a potential opportunity for growth. 

Picking up the reins of the existing Event Assistant Apprenticeship, the EAAB (Events Apprentice Advisory Board) will work with event businesses to build a sustainable model for success. Apprenticeships offer an accessible and alternative route into industry, supporting people from underprivileged backgrounds and minority communities with paid work, training, and education.

The government will only fund the learning elements of the apprenticeships (between 5-10k per trainee), they will not fund the management and subsequent costs of developing the events apprenticeship framework, so the industry needs to do this.

As such, the EAAB is kicking off our fundraising through the crowdfunding process.

Whilst we know this a massive ask in the current financial climate, it is imperative for our sector to have a robust and inclusive apprenticeship program, as such we are asking people/companies to support and contribute, large or small, to help us realise this ambition.

Companies that support us now will have their profile showcased on the Events Apprenticeships website and be recognised as founding partners (or similar).

Having been asked to provide some guidance regarding funding requirements, we suggest the following (but it's up to you):

  • Individuals - £25.00
  • Small Co’s (up to 15 people) - £250
  • Medium Co’s up to 60 people - £750
  • Large Co’s (60 people and above) - £2000

If you prefer to donate via an invoice, please email us and we can arrange this for.

For more information, drop us an email: [email protected]

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