EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status

by Restore Parliamentary Standards - Fight Corruption in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status

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To ask the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm that the EU Citizenship of all 66 million UK Citizens is a Permanent Status

by Restore Parliamentary Standards - Fight Corruption in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

The world now faces its gravest crisis since 1939 , as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In this situation it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that the whole world's population stands together.

The intention of Brexit is to attempt to divide the UK from 27 of our closest European neighbours , and to that end it is suggested that the EU Citizenship and Rights of all 66 million UK EU Citizens are somehow "removed" by the Withdrawal Agreement which came into effect on 31 January 2020.

However, legal analysis shows that the UK and EU politicians and officials have got this wrong in law, though whether deliberately or accidentally is still unclear : there is a strong legal argument that EU Citizenship is a PERMANENT STATUS , which you can find here

A group of lawyers and interested citizens have now come together to bring a case to the Court of Justice of the European Union to confirm that EU Citizenship is a Permanent Status. The lawyers are Alexandra von Westernhagen , David Harrison and Stephen Hocking from DAC Beachcroft, and Takis Tridimas from Matrix Chambers, all of whom have very kindly worked so far pro bono. There will inevitably be costs as this case proceeds, however, and there is now a need to raise £15,000 to help file the case, which must be filed before 24 April

Starting back in January 2018, until now over 140,000 people have so far registered their determination to retain their EU Citizenship and Rights at the site, and more recently, over 130,000 people have noted  their intention to "stay european" by registering at Research suggests that the true number who greatly value their EU Citizenship and rights is, in reality, very much larger , and tens of millions. So if  you value your EU Citizenship and Rights, please support this case if you are able, and please let others know about it. 

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