Ethical Rebel Zine: plastics and pollution

by Ethical Rebel in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Ethical Rebel Zine: plastics and pollution
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Help us publish & donate zines that educate readers about hidden plastics in our clothes & the fashion industry's toxic footprint

by Ethical Rebel in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Ethical Rebel Zine Crowdfunder page! Help us publish our zine and donate copies to student libraries in the UK. Choose your rewards from the right hand side of the page (or scroll down to the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile). Every show of support and share by email and social media helps us raise more funds and donate more zines and is very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your wonderful support. 

All pledges go towards publishing the zine and donating copies to student libraries and educational establishments. We have included delivery and crowdfunder costs in the pledge amount but if you require delivery outside of the UK, we ask for an additional £6 donation to Europe and £11 to the rest of the world.


Our Story

Before I started my fashion degree in 2012, I assumed everyone in the world followed the same labour laws and health standards that we do in the UK. During my degree I began to learn the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. I was deeply shocked at how much people and the planet suffer to make our clothes. 


More recently, the disturbing facts about fashion industry pollution, the impact our clothes have on climate change and the plastics we are wearing have started to be covered in the press. More people are becoming aware that our clothes can be toxic and want to know how they can shop more sustainably. 


What We Want To Do

Ethical Rebel was founded to help transform the fashion industry. We want others to know the specifics about how the fashion industry is damaging the environment. By making the complex issues easier to understand and offering alternatives, readers can make informed choices about the clothes they buy and wear and stop investing in toxic fashion habits.



Student Take Over


Nearly 50 young people at Cornwall College took part in the Student Take Over of the Issue 02 series of Ethical Rebel. This series tackles the issues of slavery, pollution and textile waste. With guidance from award winning photographer Sarah Brittain-Edwards, students provided make-up and hair, modelled for us and took the photos for our brand features and covers.



Plastics and Pollution zine

The second zine in the series focuses on Plastics and Pollution: the hidden plastics we are wearing; and the pollution, water scarcity and climate change resulting from our clothes. There are infographics, a brief history of plastic fashion, a quick guide to the plastic fabrics to avoid, plus great guest articles from Sustainable Deeds founder, Didi Aben, Harry Dennis of Waterhaul Co, Miriam Leyshon, a first year student at the University of Exeter and Yaa Bekoe of Nao Naï.

We also check out the certificates and apps to look out for when buying clothes to ensure brands respect and value the environment. We feature 3 pioneering brands: Mr Hideous and Sea Monsters, which both use renewable energy, closed loop and zero discharge dyeing; and Wyatt and Jack, transforming damaged bouncy castles and inflatables into bags.



What Are We Doing With The Money?

So far, the zine has been put together by our amazing team of students and co-creators. Now, to bring it to life, we need everyone’s help.

  • Print and promotion

The zine is A4 sized, approximately 90 pages (we’re still editing) and contains no adverts. It will be printed on paper certified by FSC® as: harvested in a responsible manner; trees are replanted; and violence and the displacement of indigenous peoples prohibited.

After this crowdfunding campaign is finished, we hope to sell the zine in sustainable shops, through magazine vendors and online. 

  • Donations to Educational Establishments and Libraries 

The money we raise will enable us to donate copies of the zine to educational settings and libraries and to other venues where people like to read magazines. We'll send copies of donated zines to libraries of the donor's choice or from a list of those wanting a copy. Secondary schools are particularly keen on obtaining educational materials on sustainable issues.

  • Future Issues In The Series

The third and final issue will cover Textile Waste. There will also be a compendium combining all 3 issues into one book. Content for these is under way and will be crowdfunded as soon as they are ready.




A considerable number of hours, days and months have already been invested in providing content for the zine by our contributors and the Editor, Tracey Dockree. These hours have been provided voluntarily because the subject matter is so important to us all.

We do, however, need funds to publish the zine and send it out to student libraries.

For example, 100 print copies will cost approximately £780, which includes printing costs, postage, envelopes and Crowdfunder fees. We already have some money pledged but need £250 more to meet the minimum costs. 

We hope to exceed our target so we can benefit as many students as possible. There are approximately 132 Universities, more than 240 colleges and over 4,000 secondary schools in the UK - approximately 4,500 altogether. The total cost to send the Zine to all these os approximately £18,500.



In return for a pledge of money, we'll send you a copy of the zine as a reward and/or donate zines to a student library. Choose your rewards from the right hand side of the page (or scroll down to the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile).

Pledge £5 to get a digital copy


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Donate £10 to donate a copy to a student library


Corporate Sponsorship: pledge £100 or more and we will add your Business name to the credits page with the number of copies you have donated



Bonus Rewards

The first 20 people who pledge or donate a total of £25 or more will receive a bonus reward of a Mr Hideous or Sea Monster t-shirt or a Wyatt and Jack bag. 




Note: dates are estimates and may be affected by changes in covid requirements

Campaign ends: 10th August 2021

Money cleared and paid by Crowdfunder to Ethical Rebel: 20th August 2021 (best guess)

Order placed with printers when money received from Crowdfunder: 20th August 2021 (best guess)

Zines expected to be received from the printers by Ethical Rebel: 3rd September 2021

Digital and Print Zines sent out: week beginning 6th September 2021



Can I get more than 1 copy of the magazine?

Yes! Select the £10 Reward to receive a copy of the magazine and simply add an extra donation at checkout for the extra copies you want - £10 for each extra magazine.

Can I donate more than 1 magazine?

Yes please! Every additional £10 donation means we can donate to another student library. You can either add an extra donation at checkout or simply make a donation without any rewards.

How do I receive a bonus reward?

The first 20 people to donate and/or pledge a total of £25 or more will receive a bonus reward. Select the reward you want then top it up with an extra donation at checkout. Or simply make a donation.

Why £10 per magazine?

It will cost £4.40 to print each magazine plus £2.70 postage, 50p (approximately) in Crowdfunder fees and 15p for the envelope. The remaining £2.25 will go towards donating magazines to student libraries.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

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Pledge £5 to get a digital copy of the Zine

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Pledge £10 and receive a print copy of the Zine. Add an extra donation at checkout to receive more copies.

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