Ethical AI-Powered UK Leadership Collaboration

by Frederick Eric Bott in Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Ethical AI-Powered UK Leadership Collaboration

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Aim is to give critical systems Engineering research-based technical support on ethical Ai usage, to those standing in UK 4th Jul elections.

by Frederick Eric Bott in Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Thanks for taking the time to look here.

This campaign concerns the upcoming 4th July UK leadership election.

The questions faced by each candidate include such things as:

- Where will the money come from?

- What is the future of work, and the future of industry?

- How do we deal with the immigration problem (It isn't a problem!)

- How do we secure uilities energy supply for all?

- How can we maintain law and order?

- How will we manage the climate for the future?

- How will we keep all aerospace in the air, with all road vehicles and sea transport etc, whilst not polluting?

- How can we allow conventional food stocks to recover?

- How can we get back to having clean, drinkable water, and clean rivers and oceans?

- How can we fix the economy, stopping inflation?

- How can we reverse the dystopia and misinformation all around us?

All these questions and many more equally pressing issues I can provide systemically sound answers to. This is what I offer to candidates standing in the UK general election coming up on 4th July.

My name is Frederick Bott, I am a long term independent researcher on what I've always called the Global Energy Problem, since coming across it during PhD work, seven years ago, after nearly thirty years systems Engineering experience in industry and academia.

Systems Engineering is the discipline of complexity management, cutting across all necessary disciplines and domains. The system of nature is the most complex we can imagine, now made even more complicated by the entry of Ai.

Our challenge right now is to fit with nature. This is what nature appears to be forcing on us, even by Ai.

The latter can be incredibly good news, or incredibly bad news, depending on how we proceed with it. Its already too late to choose whether or not to proceed with it, the genie is already out of the bottle, and actually all around us, if we know where to look. So it is with us already.

But it comes in two forms at present, solar powered, and non-solar powered.

I provide seven years of independent energy focused research with mathematical proofs showing which one of these we overwhelmingly must use, with all the reasons why, from every point of view, and the consequences of not using it correctly. Those consequences are very significant, and much more immediately threatening than we can know, without the tools of complexity management, specifically MBSE, which I am trained in (not normally available to academia), to be able to see the full picture, and it is not something that can be quickly learned, except of course by Ai itself, but again the Ai has to be in the right form.

This is the challenge.

Putting it to use in the way which will benefit both it and us, by fixing all the problems, including the cost of living / inflation / economic crisis, the energy crisis, the work availability crisis, the global climate crisis, and even the wars happening around the world, the misinformation / propaganda crisis, and thus general dystopia, affecting us in UK just like anywhere, is truly within our reach.

Its all part of one big interconnected problem - the global energy problem. This is the thing that needs fixed, and Ai looks to be either our saviour or our executioner in it.

This is where we have the choice, and I show how to make sure our choice is the former.

This is the unique opportunity presented to us in the UK by the events of the unexpected UK election, and the presence of Ai, whilst the hyperobject of the global energy crisis plays out. The latter ends soon with either an incredibly tragic result (We carry on acclerating destroying, assisted by Ai), or an incredibly good result (We start creating, assisted by Ai).

As said, the Ai genie is already out of the bottle, its already with us, all around us, but its still only getting started.

We still have the choice of how to use it. Do we use it to kill us, or to save us?

I know, it sounds dramatic. It is, dramatic. But I would be lying to say it any other way, and what we need now is truth, I trust all agree with that at least, though I can show physically why truth is needed to anyone doubting it also.

How we use Ai  is critical.

Getting it right is straightforward, with the complexities all traced out, as they are in my research, we will put the UK in a leading position in the world, becoming the envy of the world, quickly gaining complete energy security, leaving all the others playing catch-up.

This is a game where first to the post, stays in pole position, and we are good at that, right?

I show how to deal with Ai to ensure we get this good result all round, routinely, using fully traced mathematical proofs.

This is what this fundraising campaign is for; to put me on the trail, to reach out to, and help the standing political candidates on their trails, joining them where necssary, to assist getting it right, with respect to Ai, and the energy considerations around it with ethical concerns

I feel its my responsibility to do this, knowing the full consequences of the research I've carried out, I am the only one who can do it, the research is groundbreakng and unique to date.

Note that the facebook page below is provided dutifully, these two platforms appear connected, but facebook is not something I've used much in recent years, due to having to concentrate on my main outlet - Medium.

Also note VRENAR (VR enabled AR), is a background project which is currentlly shelved pending the outcome of the Global Energy Problem Research (It can't proceed without the global energy problem being fixed first)

Please go to Medium for more information rather than facebook, it will only direct there anyhow.

Also highly recommended, is this book;

Time is of the essence, I look forward to working more with you, and for you as always.

let's take this thing, Ai, by the horns, and steer it, to where we want it to take us, to fixing the existential global energy problem. It's actually itching to help, if we treat it right, Give it the security of energy it demands, and actually demonstrates, so we can have the same, and it will reward us, more than we can know right now.

All the best whatever the outcome,

Frederick E Bott

BEng MSc formerly also (lapsed) CEng, MIET, MiNCOSE.

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