Equipping a generation for a new era of church

by Ian Rowlands in Luton, United Kingdom

Equipping a generation for a new era of church

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To help resource the next generation of the church to be aware of what God is doing, to be resilient and catalyse local initiatives.

by Ian Rowlands in Luton, United Kingdom

Resourcing the church and the next generation for the new era.

In the last four or five years we have discerned that God is in the process of opening up a new era in the history of the world and His people. A new era in which He will lead His people to discover different ways of impacting the world around them, as well as different and diverse ways of forming community to live out their faith and discipleship. As part of our response we aim to travel to places where we have relationships, or are invited, to help communities explore what this means and then be equipped to have a positive impact on the communities they live in.

We see this next 18 months as a time to ‘prime the pump’ to be able to go to communities and individuals to help them, and help catalyse what is happening, without over burdening them ~ in the same tradition that Paul commends the Macedonians in supporting him and his team to reach the Corinthians. This funding is not to meet our living costs but to enable us to increase the scope of our mission without being a burden on local communities.

We would like to invite you to invest in resourcing the church in this new era by helping us raise 15,000 GBP. You can invest in this project by giving at the link below or by contacting us through our website: 


These are the 5 areas we are looking to invest in and resource.


1. ~ Produce more podcasts, videos and digital resources to help people explore and be equipped in the things God is showing them.

2. ~ To be able to go to different places and host a variety of events to explore and help equip the church and the next generation for this new era. Here are some of the topics: 

  • What is God doing among His people and what changes is He bringing about?
  • In the chaotic times in which we live what can we do to build our lives and communities to be more resilient?
  • Hearing and recognising God in this new era?
  • What does it look like to build and nurture missional communities?
  • How can the Sermon on the Mount help shape us into the people and communities that Jesus envisioned? 

3. ~ To be able to bring ‘people resources’ to the places that we are building relationships and ministering in. Over the years we have met and become friends with many gifted people. There have been times recently when we have been working with individuals and/or communities and have really wanted to introduce these people to each other but we have lacked the resources to do that. Some of the money raised would enable this to happen.

4. ~ To encourage, resource and work with businesses to help innovate ways where the gospel of the Kingdom and the incarnational presence of Jesus can be worked out.

 5. ~ To help people in the arts and creative industries to use their creativity to express their call, identity and bring the gospel of the Kingdom to the culture and society around them.


Please consider investing in our part of helping resource the wider church for this next era. Any amount will be helpful.

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