Equipment improvement and repair

by Flying Angels Gymnastics Club in London, England, United Kingdom

Equipment improvement and repair

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We are striving to make all of our equipment safe, and accessible for our members to use across all gymnastic disciplines within our club.

by Flying Angels Gymnastics Club in London, England, United Kingdom

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created very uncertain times for hundreds of gymnastics clubs in the UK, which has made it very challenging for many of them to survive. We are one of those and we need your support!

Who are we?

Flying Angels Gymnastics Club opened its doors in May 2006 in the borough of Lambeth, South London. Both boys and girls are welcome of all ages, we offer General Gymnasts sessions. With gymnasts competing in regional and home competitions. We also provide pre-schooler sessions for gymnasts aged 2yrs-4yrs. Our other programs include Artistic gymnastics, with gymnasts who compete in Regional, National and International competitions. We keep involved in the community by participating in the local Lambeth country show, along with performing displays internationally.


We provide children with goals to be self-disciplined in gymnastics and other areas of their lives. We p1617182717_a07ee59d-4035-490e-a7ea-ebfb88a3c854.jpegromote independence, and the coaches help grow the skills of young and energetic children. The aim is to teach the gymnast and allow for all to have the freedom to have fun. Whatever the future holds the coaches here at Flying Angels will support them.

How has Covid-19 affected us?

2020/21 has been a challenging year, it has meant the club has very little money. Covid-19 left us with no venue to train in by September 2020, we were unable to use our apparatus, however, the club still had to pay for storage with no income over the past year. Squad gymnasts were no longer able to compete in Malta in the Summer, which had been planned for over a year. Upon the end of 2020, we had to find an emergency location so we could still be able to run the club when the lockdown was finally lifted, this was incredibly stressful for our team. Due to us having to move, and Covid-19 our members' numbers dropped significantly, which proved incredibly difficult, and has been a huge blow to our club.

We provided a Zoom sessions service when lockdown 2.0, and 4.0 was enforced. This meant our sessions became virtual. Keeping contact, and the interaction between gymnasts and coaches has been important, and fundamental for all involved. This has been our only way to create revenue, however, it was nowhere near enough to keep us afloat. 

As a club, keeping our gymnasts active was a necessity, and along with Zoom sessions, we added a home gymnastics program for all members to follow.

By the time we finally found somewhere to train we could not install our anchored apparatus in our new location. There is absolutely no budget to hire a Luton van for transportation. Upon our return, we have only been functioning with three of our floor mats, and one set of bars, which is sad for our gymnasts knowing we have all of our apparatus in storage. Having had to move a couple of times before our equipment has ended up in different locations. Along with all that has happened, and with moving, we found that damage to some of our equipment has occurred. 

Some of our equipment in storage units that we are paying a huge monthly fee fo1617184129_tempimages4pxob.jpg1616583236_ab4d564d-1138-4c95-bc56-c68307307fbf.jpegr:

What do we need help with?

  • Equipment installation ✅
  • Luton van for equipment transportation ✅
  • Apparatus service (For the safety of use) ✅
  • Reuholposerting of landing mats and one beam
  • Screw replacements for bars ✅
  • Wall bar dust covering (For longevity) ✅
  • Trampette safety cover replacement ✅
  • Trolley wheels replacement ✅
  • Replace beam broken strap clips ✅
  • High Bar uprights ✅
  • Bar rebounder ✅
  • Reuholposerting of Pommel horse and mushrooms
  • New landing mats ✅
  • New pommel horse

We need urgent support so we can be a fully functioning club again, and would appreciate any help, please give what you can, we know that times are hard for many people.

Thank you for taking the time to read, Team Angels

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