Endometriosis South Coast

Endometriosis South Coast
We did it
On 10th April 2021 we successfully raised £2,650 ( + est. £509.25 Gift Aid ) with 122 supporters in 69 days

To spread awareness of Endometriosis and its affects through a variety of campaigns and social media.

 New stretch target

We want to  make booklets for people who have just been diagnosed with the condition to provide resources and information. 

We are an inclusive charity that provides support and education for all people with Endometriosis regardless of race, gender identity, age or social standing.


Endometriosis is a gynaecological disorder that causes extreme pain, heavy bleeding and extreme bloating among other things. Despite the first diagnosis being in 1860 there is still no cure.


Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 individuals that were born with female reproductive organs (and cis men in very rare case) globally which equates to approximately 176 million individuals, around 940,000 of those could be situated along the south coast of the UK. 


  • Endometriosis incidence rates jump to up to 50% in people who suffer with infertility. 
  • Endometriosis in young people and adolescents is rarely suspected and often ill-diagnosed. 


  • 40% of people become unemployed due to the disease. 
  • 46% of patients with endometriosis need to have appointments with upward of five doctors to gain a correct diagnosis.


  • Unfortunately 60% of Endometriosis patients from Portsmouth reported they had thoughts of/taken action to end their lives. These people are being failed. 


Because of COVID we have not been able to meet up for support groups like many people this year. We would really like to put on a special treat for the people that are involved in our online support group to cheer them up and to raise some awareness for this disease. 


What will we do with the money we raise?

We intend to spread the word of Endometriosis far and wide. 

  • At present when a person has an operation to diagnose their Endometriosis they are told they have it or not and left groggy and confused by the operation. 
  • We want to make a booklet to give to these patients that includes information on the condition as well as helpful resources. 
  • We want to create a symptom and gratitude diary to help people with their daily struggles with the condition, as well as keeping track of how they are feeling, as well as providing a tool that they can show their GP. 
  • On top of this, our CEO and founder is currently writing her PhD on the care of Endometriosis in the UK. She has not been funded by anyone just yet so is struggling to get to conferences. If we managed to go above and beyond and raise a lot of money this could help her get to the conferences. 


Along with this crowdfunder we are starting a campaign to make Endometriosis known as a chronic condition accross all of our social media accounts. 

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