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In a dystopian future, former comrades clash in a prison, igniting a violent struggle for survival and hope.

by Atharv Pujari in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

THE STORY1717765946_screenshot_2024-06-07_at_2.11.18%E2%80%AFpm.png

"Ending" is a dystopian drama set in a world where a rebellious faction known as The Resistance opposes a tyrannical regime called The Order. The story centres on Arthur Hughes, a legendary rebel leader, who is captured and interrogated by Lieutenant Thomas Bennington, a former comrade turned traitor. The intense, dialogue-driven narrative unfolds in a prison setting, exploring themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the moral complexities of rebellion. As Arthur and Bennington confront their past and ideological differences, the film delves into the psychological and emotional struggles of fighting for freedom in a seemingly hopeless battle.


The film "Ending" is a dystopian drama set in a bleak, authoritarian society where freedom fighters clash with a brutal regime. The story primarily unfolds within the grim confines of a prison, capturing the intense and personal confrontation between two former allies turned adversaries: Arthur Hughes, a captured rebel leader, and Lieutenant Thomas Bennington, a high-ranking officer who once shared Arthur's revolutionary ideals. Their interaction reveals deep-seated animosities and conflicting philosophies, highlighting themes of betrayal, loyalty, and the moral complexities of resistance. The film's claustrophobic setting and tense dialogue drive its dramatic tension, creating a poignant narrative about the cost of defiance and the haunting consequences of personal choices. I primarily revolve around only one location which is the office of Lieutenant Thomas Bennington. The office location begins psychological warfare and tension between the two characters. 

These are the inspirations behind the look of the office in terms of camera, lighting and production design.




The costume design for "Ending" will convey the dystopian setting and the tension between characters through a careful selection of wardrobe elements. The costumes will reflect the oppressive environment of the prison and the stark differences between the protagonist Arthur and his antagonist, Lt. Bennington.

Lieutenant Bennington’s Costume Design 


Arthur Hughes Costume Design



Our movie is born from a collective passion for genre filmmaking, embodying a powerful exploration of oppression and the relentless fight for freedom within the dystopian genre. Through this gripping narrative, we delve into the complexities of loyalty, betrayal, and the human spirit's resilience in the face of tyranny.

We are committed to creating unique characters who defy conventional archetypes, adding depth and nuance to the story. This film is more than just a tale of rebellion; it’s a profound commentary on the human condition, challenging the audience to reflect on the very essence of freedom and sacrifice.





Norman Colombo


Norman Colombo is a filmmaker from Italy and is now taking his talents to new heights. After completing a three-year filmmaking course in Italy, Norman is currently enrolled in a one-year master’s program at the London Film Academy. With a keen focus on film writing and directing, Norman’s graduation short film, "Tutti ne hanno paura," achieved acclaim across Europe.

Now, Norman is set to embark on his most ambitious project yet: "Ending." This film is a thrilling exploration of a new genre and universe, offering a fresh perspective on the fight for freedom and its bloody consequences within the dystopian genre. Norman explains, "This script means a lot as I can fully immerse myself, the cast, and the crew into a totally new genre and universe! I love genre filmmaking because it allows everyone to breathe the air of a new world. I can also touch new themes and reflect on them."

"Ending" promises not only a captivating narrative but also an action-packed fight scene choreographed by a skilled fight coordinator, this film is set to be a unique and enjoyable journey for all involved.

Stay tuned for a cinematic adventure like no other, as Norman Colombo brings "Ending" to life with passion, creativity, and an unyielding spirit for storytelling.


  • Anastasiia Yakymovych


Anastasiia Yakymovych started her way in the industry as a film festival coordinator, then moving on from just showing stories of other people to working and creating her own, currently finishing her master's program at the London Film Academy. She loves working with people and helping them develop their ideas into independent artistic projects.

"As a producer, I am seeking and searching for stories that will respond to people's minds and hearts, for strong narratives that are not afraid to stand for themselves. I believe that Norman's story will resonate with many people because of its multi-layers and frankness, and I can't wait to share it with others!"

  • Atharv Pujari


Atharv Pujari seeks out media projects to uncover the intricate details of storytelling and loves productions that inspire a deeper connection with the world and those around us. These are the kinds of narratives he aims to bring to life. Having produced and contributed to numerous acclaimed projects like Bridgerton Season 2 and Fast X during his tenure at OutPost VFX and refined his skills at the London Film Academy, he is excited to utilize his experience and passion to craft compelling stories with the depth and resonance they deserve.

"i love films that skillfully intertwine intense drama with dark humour, and Ending is one of those projects. It balances its dystopian themes with compelling character dynamics, highlighting the complexity of rebellion and authority. Having been involved with the development from the initial concept, i am excited to lead an exceptional team to bring Norman Colombo's powerful and poignant vision to the screen."


Melissa Cheng


Melissa Cheng is a hard worker with big dreams of becoming a first assistant director in the industry. Melissa grew up in a filmmaking family and knew early on that films were her calling. Making parody versions of fairy tales in high school was her introduction to the thrill of storytelling and the complex process of filmmaking, which sparked her interest in the industry.

After completing her bachelor's degree in film at the University of Kent, Melissa enrolled in a master's programme at the London Film Academy to continue her passion for filmmaking. During her studies, where she was able to perform in different roles, she found her passion in the logistics and organisation aspect of being the 1st AD. Since then, she has taken this role into action and had multiple experiences such as Unbound.

“I am thrilled to be working as a 1st AD on film Ending. I have a lot of faith in Norman's creative abilities, and I think the story will have a profound emotional and visual impact on viewers. Collaborating with such a diverse and brilliant group of people on this project is sure to be a fascinating experience. I am really excited!


Lisa Tine 


Lisa Tiné is a dedicated Director of Photography with a deep passion for the camera department and lighting. From a young age, she knew filmmaking was her calling and began pursuing her dream at 14 by attending summer courses.

Over the years, Lisa has honed her skills through a variety of individual, freelance, and school projects. She earned her bachelor's degree in film from the University of Kent and is now completing her master's degree at the London Film Academy, further refining her expertise.


Gabriel NG


Gabriel Ng is an experienced production designer with a keen interest in the various art departments of a film set, including costumes, props, and set design. He thrives on the process of combining different elements to create a cohesive and compelling tone for a film. Gabriel is particularly passionate about war-related movies and finds great inspiration in the designs of films like "Inglourious Basterds," "Come and See," and "Saving Private Ryan." His fascination with soldier costumes and historical accuracy drives his dedication to detail and authenticity.

The project "Ending" excites Gabriel as it aligns perfectly with his interests and expertise. Working under the direction of Norman Colombo, he sees this as an ideal opportunity to merge his creative vision with Colombo's storytelling. Gabriel's previous experience in costume design for several student films, including "Dancing on My Own" and "Little Explosion," has honed his skills and prepared him for this role. His work on these projects has been praised for its meticulous attention to detail and ability to enhance the narrative through visual elements.

A Massage From The Ending Team

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our page! Thanks to your support, we will have the opportunity to create a film that does justice to a story that we are all truly passionate about - without you, none of this would be possible, and we are so grateful for every donation.

We are excited to take you on this journey with us and we look forward to sharing the final film with you soon.

Thank you,
The Ending Team


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