EnactusNTU: Jailbreak 2017!

by EnactusNTU in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

EnactusNTU: Jailbreak 2017!
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by EnactusNTU in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

This year, for the first time...EnactusNTU will be challenging themselves and participating in Jailbreak!

With 36 hours, no rules and no money... how far from Trent jail can we run?

What is Jailbreak?

On the 25th of February, our Enactus prisoners will be venturing out into the East Midlands wilderness in attempt to get as far away as we can from Campus. Using our fantastic persuasion skills (we hope), we will be able to hitchhike in cars, sweet talk our way onto trains and get sponsored places on planes! Teams from around the country have made it to Prague, Amsterdam and even Australia!

There are a million places to run to but can our Trent teams escape the UK? We'll find out...

Who are the teams? 

Team 1: Brackenhurst Bandits (Jonny Mann and Connor Deacon)

Team 2: Rebellious Rogues (Abbie Sheppard and Shanice Spencer)

Team 3: A pair of peaches (Harriet Mckie and Anna Routledge)

Team 4: Pudding Squad (Luke Smith and Zara Holden)

For more info about each team, please have a look on our blog!

How can you help?

We're all incredibly passionate about the projects we throw ourselves into, and we need your help to make them that bit more successful! We'll be pushing our skills to the absolute limit and it would be great if you could give us that extra boost, even if it's just £1! 

Your generous donations and sponsorships will be doing directly back into the Enactus programme at Nottingham Trent. We will be using it to fund our 3 incredible local and international social enterprise projects: CORE, SEED and ARC.

For more about these projects, please visit our website or blog! http://enactusntu.co.uk/what-we-do/

Want to keep track of us?

To check how we are getting on with our fundraising and preparations... follow our blog! https://enactusntujailbreak.wordpress.com

During the challenge weekend we will also be having live updates from our teams while they are out on the run! We will need lots of support so wish us luck!!

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