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by RAPAR (Manchester, UK) in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

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Your donation will enable RAPAR to work with the people who come to us and these people can rebuild their lives - with us - and with you.

by RAPAR (Manchester, UK) in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Displaced people in the UK are facing homelessness and exclusion from healthcare in the middle of a pandemic

In March this year, when COVID19 emerged, RAPAR immediately recognised how the virus was impacting upon the poorest and weakest children and adults in our society, and we began to gather support so that people could share what was happening to them, find help and organise responses, together. During this period of mobilisation some RAPAR members became very sick and unfortunately we lost some of our most loved members. They sadly, were not the minority. So many people have died from within our communities and, as lock down comes and goes with uncertainty remaining for us all, imagine dealing with this uncertainty combined with the threat of homelessness, the impact of PTSD, and the threat of deportation. To combat this virus we MUST work as a community and we MUST ensure that everyone in our community has the ability to self-isolate and have access to healthcare. 

For the past 20 years RAPAR has helped displaced people to help themselves in the face of persecution at home and the hostile environment in the Home Office. 

RAPAR (Refugee and Asylum Participatory Action Research) is a human rights organisation based in Manchester, UK, which is primarily concerned with displaced people, and issues relating to displaced people.Upon arrival to the UK the people who reach out to RAPAR are most often completely destitute. The first thing that we like to tell them is 'We Welcome You and We Care’ before discussing; what’s happened to them that led them to flee in the first place, and what needs to happen next so that they can become safe. When they are comfortable and able to, we begin to work with them, not on or for them but ‘with them’, so that they can begin to recover some control over their lives.

What we will do. 

We are a non-profit organisation and any donation we receive greatly improves our ability to do our job; helping vulnerable displaced people start a life in the UK. 

If you are able to donate now to RAPAR, we will be able to carry on helping the growing number of people who come to us, deeply disadvantaged because they have no access even to data for phones where they can stay in touch with each other and with us to do the work they need to do to become housed or shelter someone, to arrange access to food and healthcare, or to put together the evidence about their lives and those of their children that will stop them from being unlawfully detained or even deported. 

From everyone at RAPAR we are extremely grateful for any support you can give. 

Any support will be warmly received by all at RAPAR and by our users. RAPAR has been helping displaced people for 20 years, the places and people may change but the needs remain consistent. Help us to change lives - during and after COVID - and to make a better world together. 

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