Empty Kitchens Keeps Edinburgh Fed

by Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 3rd September 2020 we successfully raised £12,318 with 322 supporters in 28 days

We provide free, healthy meals to as many people as we can. We fight against food poverty and hunger, and we take care of our volunteers.

by Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will continue to feed as many people who need food support. We will keep rescuing surplus food and turning it into healthy meals.

We will keep supporting our volunteers and finding work for out-of-work chefs.

Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts (EKFH) is a group of volunteer chefs who, in the midst of great uncertainty in their industry, have built a system for rescuing surplus food and transforming it into free, healthy meals for people in need.


EKFH's model is simple. With chefs forced out of work, food rotting in warehouses and people everywhere facing increased food insecurity through financial difficulty, the solution to all three presented itself.

It started as an idea between a small group of out-of-work chefs in the end of March 2020.  Today it is an initiative staffed by 200+ volunteers who work 7 days a week to keep everyone in Edinburgh fed.

So how does it work?

We accept donations from generous local businesses, and rescue surplus food from supermarkets that would otherwise go to waste.

Our chefs perform magic and create tasty, healthy dishes. 

Community volunteers work in shifts and package these meals into Day Packs for delivery.


A Day Pack contains enough food for one person for a day.  It contains a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner and snacks. They are delivered straight to the doors of those who need them. We typically deliver 650 Day Packs per day, aided by community volunteers who drive, cycle and walk the Day Packs to their destinations.


£2 will feed a family of four for a day. 

£10 will feed a family of four from Monday- Friday

£30 will feed a family of four for two weeks and one day.

£100 will keep 200 Edinburgh residents fed for a day

£200 will keep 400 Edinburgh residents fed for a day


Since lockdown began we have distributed over 117,000 meals totally free of charge without any government or corporate funding. 

We don’t means-test our clients, and operate on the trust that in Edinburgh in 2020 if someone is asking for help accessing food, that's all the 'proof' we need.

Although the majority of our food is donated and we're entirely run by volunteers, we do incur costs from packaging for the 8,000+ meals we provide per week, PPE equipment for our volunteers, fuel to deliver 350+ meals per day and other operational costs.

We are committed to staying open as long as we are needed. 

Many other food-providing institutions are shutting down and we are taking on their clients. The need for our services is only increasing.

Any money raised will go directly to funding the creation and delivery of meals to people in need.  


If you or anyone you know in Edinburgh are struggling with safe access to food please email us at [email protected] or call us at 07895 347157.


Additionally, we serve over 100 hot meals per day to walk-in guests. 

We provide FREE hot lunch and dinner every day outside Leith Theatre

Lunch: 11:30-12:30
Dinner 16:30-17:30

Address:  28-30 Ferry Road, EH6 4AE .

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