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The Relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in ways that maybe thought fit, including assistance to find employment. 2.Help young people advance by providing employment support and related support that develops their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them participate in society as mature and responsible individuals. 3.Promoting Arts and Culture.


As a parent raising young people, I understand first hand some of the challenges our young people are currently dealing with - A lot of them are confused about lots of recent developments and uncertain about future prospects. There is now a desperate need for guidance and mentoring support in order to boost their emotional resilience and mental wellbeing while directing them towards suitable and fulfilling career paths.

Recent studies with mental health groups reveal that the level of mental health crisis has risen very high with young people of school age from 14+ especially following the covid crisis and issues around personal identity & self discovery - This means many of them are more confused, stressed, anxious and irritable. Thereby, leading to less school attendance and a higher rate of anti-social behaviour at home and within the communities.  

Our Aim & Work -

Our aim at Empower4success(E4S) is to design and offer interactive programmes and colorful activities that empower young people (from 14+), to improve their self–belief/confidence and boost their mental wellbeing especially the disadvantaged and more vulnerable ones. They participate in activities that promote their creative abilities and encourage self-discovery, while learning relevant work and social skills that will help them advance confidently and thrive in further education or a career path.

They receive tailored employability support to enable them make an informed career progress and to participate in the community as mature responsible individuals, keeping them away from street crime and anti-social activities in the community.

Programmes are also designed to support participants from diverse orientation (i.e BAMEs), helping to equip them with practical skills towards effective integration into the society.

Target groups -

Our target group includes:

  • Students groups and Secondary schools
  • Potential school drop outs; and
  • NEET (Not in Employment or Educational Training) groups.

These are some of the most challenged within the society and some of them feel let down. Research shows that these cohorts often feel frustrated and demoralised, struggling with a sense of low or no self-worth due to bullying and peer pressure. Consequently, a lot of them give up because they cannot see a way forward - Some live angry and dangerously, causing grievous harm to themselves and others, because they don't believe their lives or that of others matter anymore. 

Individual and Community Benefits/Outcome -

Many of these young people need individual support, guidance and encouragement to feel valued and to identify their potential in order to take positive steps forward. This is where we come in; 

Benefit/Outcome of our transformational programmes include;

  • They are motivated and empowered to boost their sense of self-worth, identity their abilities and find a worthy purpose. 
  • They are equipped to take positive strides forward towards healthy goals and career objectives through; skills development, functional skills for challenged learners, career & educational guidance.
  • They learn essential social skills that give them the confidence to navigate their next step forward towards a successful career path or independent adult-life.
  • The outcome is that they are happier & more productive within the community, thereby curbing self destructive activities and street crime perpetuated by idle, frustrated youths. Also, reduce youth suicidal tendencies, bullying and other anti-social behaviours that cost the states huge amounts of money every year. Most importantly, precious lives are saved.

Feedback from our Beneficiaries -

E4S programme has been very beneficial to our groups. All participants gave positive feedback and I have started to see some very good outcomes with particular individuals in terms of improved confidence and more positive attitude, more self- belief is evident. Some of the participants have already found work and some have applied for vocational training. There is more positivity about future prospects and more focused goal setting. Overall the programme helped us all to assess and reflect on our personal barriers, physically and psychologically as well as what is holding us back in both our professional and personal lives. It gave us the tools and techniques to overcome these barriers to lead more successful and fulfilling lives". C. B. Resident Support Officer - YMCA.

Listen here to the testimonial of a happy mum whose youngsters attended our programme.


Empower4Success was recognized as a 'Winner in the 2023 Non-Profit Organisation Awards' by Acquisition International. These awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of non-profit organizations that dedicate their efforts to improving the lives of others. The organization’s commitment to making a positive impact has earned them this prestigious recognition.

See award details here.

Your financial support will enable us to continue doing this work effectively and efficiently - These are very challenging times for young people. We want to continue offering our mentoring support, especially to the more vulnerable ones. The funds will help us acquire the right tools & resources for training activities, also recruit and train more mentors & volunteers to continue to deliver transformational and sustainable outcomes.

Conclusively, with your generous donation we can reach more young people; keep them away from street crime & anti-social activities, guide them into more responsible causes and build stronger safer communities.

Thanks so much for your support! 

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