Empower Climate Action with Permaculture

by Permaculture Association (Britain) in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Empower Climate Action with Permaculture

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We want to empower more individuals, householders and communities to use permaculture to take practical action on climate change.

Project by Permaculture Association (Britain)

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The problem

For decades, big oil companies, industrial agriculture and overconsumption has led to harmful practices that contribute to climate change, deforestation, water pollution, and biodiversity loss.  Despite knowing about the causes of climate change, collective inaction and misinformation campaigns have resulted in a global environmental crisis.

We can’t rely on governments or industry to push this at the speed that is needed, so responsibility falls to us, as individuals and communities to make a difference. 

This winter was the wettest on record (in the UK) since 1836 - a direct result of a changing climate.

Waterlogged fields, gardens and allotments mean that farmers have been unable to harvest and sow their crops and gardeners face a much shorter growing season. This is a taste of what is coming if we don't take action.

We can make a difference!

Good news! Permaculture design, ethics and principles can be used to find local, relevant solutions to leading a planet-friendly lifestyle.

1711536296_social-cultural-change.pngToo much water?
- Plant deep rooted plants like chicory and increase soil carbon so that land can absorb, hold more water and reduce flooding.
- Collect and store water on farms to prepare for droughts.
- Dig a natural pond to store water in the wet months, allowing it to drain away slowly. In summer months, this doubles up as a wildlife habitat for insects, amphibians and birds.
- Plant shrubs and trees which will hold water like willow, alder and hazel.
- Grow more perennial edible vegetables, shrubs and trees that are better adapted to wet conditions.
- Increase practices like silvopasture and agroforestry.


Help empower more people with permaculture.

Now is the time to support this critical work, your donation will be doubled by Aviva so even a small donation will make a big difference!


Your contribution will:

Provide Climate Education in Schools

Our children are our future. Permaculture provides tools for resilience and innovation that help people deal with climate change issues more confidently.


By 2025, all schools (in the UK) will be required to have an Sustainability Lead. Working with our strong network of permaculture educators, we will develop critical climate resources to be used in schools, community projects and local authorities to ensure that advice is well designed and informed by permaculture ethics, principles and practices.

We already have a taskforce set up to deliver permaculture climate education in schools. A course has been developed but we need help rolling this out to schools. 

Expand our Network of Demonstration Sites

Seeing is believing. Permaculture demonstration sites are inspiring, encouraging and empowering places to learn how to do things differently around climate change, biodiversity and much more. They show that we can all make a difference to the planet and our collective future.  


We want to expand our LAND (Learning - Action - Network - Demonstrate) network to showcase more types of permaculture, from regenerative smallholdings to wellbeing community projects across the UK. 

Our current project and LAND network has over 500 registered projects. We are running monthly masterclasses and 5 regional skill-share events this spring to support existing permaculture projects to showcase permaculture in their communities. 

Deliver Community Climate Coaches Training

We have launched a radical new training programme designed for Climate Facilitators in communities and local government. We want to run in-person training across the UK to go alongside our in-depth online course. 


Who are we?

The Permaculture Association is the UK’s leading charity providing community led, nature based solutions. Since 1983, our members have been at the forefront of regenerative agriculture, green community development, sustainable living and natural gardening.

We are  a community of changemakers who use permaculture ideas, design tools and practical solutions to build a harmonious and flourishing place for people and the planet.


What are we doing right now?

1711539040_rain_(1).pngWe support educators, businesses and project leaders to deliver permaculture courses, events and volunteering opportunities in their communities.

We make permaculture accessible through Permaculture Campfire events and Masterclass workshops. The more people who know about permaculture, the better chance we have of building resilient communities and healing the planet.

We provide affordable online permaculture courses, in collaboration with our Educator members, to accelerate learning about permaculture. Our Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design gives design course graduates support to become confident designers and practitioners.

We support projects internationally and help members to take forward their own projects and initiatives, indeed, members are the cornerstone of our organisation. If you would like to join us, we are offering discounted memberships as one of our rewards for donating today!

Your donation is vital

Aviva will be doubling all donations up to £250 per donation so if you donate £250 it will turn into £500! 

We need your help to create and deliver vital educational resources which empower people to use permaculture to take positive climate action.

Please support us to make permaculture based climate education more accessible so that more people can be empowered by permaculture.

Want to know more about the link between permaculture & climate action?
Read all about it here.



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