Emergency health care for refugees in Greece

by Stian Anmarkrud Mohrsen in Lesbos

Emergency health care for refugees in Greece
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On 18th October 2017 we successfully raised £1,235 with 58 supporters in 28 days

As emergency health care personnel we are deploying to assist with the growing refugee crisis in Greece, and need help to realise this.

by Stian Anmarkrud Mohrsen in Lesbos

New stretch target

Any surplus money received will go directly to Medics Bergen to help in the further aid for refugees on Lesbos.


Lesbos is a Greek island in close vicinity of Turkey, seeing an influx of refugees as a result of the turmoil ongoing in this region of the world. By the 18th September this year 1717 people have made their way across the sea from Turkey into Lesbos by boats often of questionable quality, fatigued and often injured or unwell. In comparison,  1068 people arrived through September last year and the situation is evidently worsening. The island has several refugee camps but when they arrive on the beaches the victims rely on aid provided by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating around the coast, as the Greek authorities are unable to provide sufficient cover.

People of all ages and backgrounds make their way across the sea, facing austere weather, over-crowding, thermal injuries and disease. Several organisations work together to provide immediate aid in forms of water rescue and attending to medical needs. One such organisations is Medics Bergen, a small Norwegian founded NGO that manage qualified volunteer medical personnel from all over the world. They have been present on the island since November 2015 and cooperate closely with other volunteer organisations to cover the North end of Lesbos, 24 hours per day.

We need your help

Even though pressures are continuing on the island, the access to qualified medical help is scarce. Due to this, we are two people wanting to assist with the crisis by travelling to Lesbos and provide cover for Medics Bergen for one week.

We work daily in the UK National Health Service as a registered paramedic and a registered nurse with experience from emergency medicine. Eager to help, we have confirmed deployment with Medics Bergen for the end of October 2017 and will be based in the North of the island. Our work is 100% voluntary and we are taking time off  work to see this happen. When we are present on the island, our tasks will include preparedness and observation for incoming boats, liaising with other NGOs to mutually assist with reception of refugees and urgent and emergency medical care for those in need of help with anything from fatigue or minor injuries to life-threatening conditions. Ambulance cover on the island is scarce and many might not make it unless help was present on the beaches.

Medics Bergen is structured so that all their donations are directed to running operations on the island, attaining medical equipment and keep supplies stocked so help can be provided. They keep nothing for administrative costs, and therefore volunteers will have to self-support their deployment with the exeption of what is needed to provide aid. This means we will have to pay for our own flights, accommodation and food while we are there, plus clothes and equipment to battle weather conditions - which can be dark, wet and cold.

We are hoping for your help to cover these costs as they will all go to the aid we provide. All donations will go directly to this cause, and any proceeds will be donated to Medics Bergen so they can keep in with their efforts through the winter.

We also hope you take the time to share this on social media and help us not only to help us reach our target, but also create awareness of a situation the mass media has tired off.

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