Ellie Merton for Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk

by Ellie Merton in Eyemouth, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

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Please donate up to £50 only if you are an UK citizen on the UK electoral role, to help me stand as an independent, non-aligned candidate

by Ellie Merton in Eyemouth, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

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I am inviting you to help fund my campaign to enable you, the local Scottish Borders electorate, to get to know me and vote for me as a better alternative parliamentary candidate to the usual party political suspects standing for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk at the General Election on 04 July 2024.

I adore Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk: its gorgeous countryside, tight-knit and caring communities and hard-working people.  For over a year I have been intending to offer myself as a candidate to be your representative in Westminster... but expecting the General Election later this year.

Rishi Sunak's "things can only get wetter" speech, however, has catapulted us all forward, not only throwing into confusion Sunak's own unprepared party but most of us independent candidates too.  None of us are ready.  Most, like me, don't have campaign funding in place.  Yet, like many, I have scrabbled fast to offer you, the electorate, a fully democratic line up of candidates to chose from; and there are a lot of us independents at this election who, for many reasons, no longer belong to political parties or even, in my case, never did.  I have always been independent and non-aligned.  Whilst we're talking political stances, I was an EU remainer and remain a left-of-centre UK constitutional monarchist in the absence of any workable solutions for Scottish Independence that would not create a hard border at the end of my road.

I have an exemplary and extensive history as a cross-party human rights campaigner, with strong associations with Westminster politicians in both Houses and a good grasp of what an Member of UK Parliament can and should do for constituents and the good of the nation.

If you entrust me with your vote, I will pull together a small team to help me forward the region's prospects in Westminster, champion your concerns, and make rapid strides by partnering with existing projects, organisations, national and local government and trade unions to: improve our local ecology (without burdening farmers or the fishing fleet); enhance hospitality and tourism; consolidate music, arts, film, TV, attractions and cultural education and stabilise career progression and retention; develop small business entrepreneurship and co-operatives; push ahead with improving utilities and communications connections; reinstate freedom of movement of EU cross-border goods and people; shore up local Borders NHS mental health and breast cancer services; expand Borders General Hospitals' specialisms; set to with DWP over Universal Credit and do what I can to dredge up and reform stultified and claimant-criminalising Civil Service thinking and action; push for greatly increased Citizen's Advice support; help enhance local veteran care and ensure UK forces are not put in impossible and poorly resourced positions by blinkered, reckless and irresponsible government Ministers; and speak up for constituents' geopolitical concerns, initially to stop Israel's unconscionable genocide in Palestine, implement a permanent ceasefire and ensure the return of Israeli and Palestinian hostages home.

Many thanks for your kind and generous support.  I hope to repay your trust in me in the months and years to come as your MP!


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