Election Petition. Challenge the spoiled tied Vote

by Kevin painter in Tetbury, England, United Kingdom

Election Petition. Challenge the spoiled tied Vote
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To raise enough money to an election petition can be launched to challenge the tied vote that was decided by a doubtful spoilt paper

by Kevin painter in Tetbury, England, United Kingdom

The spoilt vote saga began on May 2nd at the Cotswolds District Council Elections after two candidates,  one Independent and one Conservative (standing for the Tetbury Town ward) were completely tied after three counts. However, it was on the final count when things took a Machiavellian, almost blackadder-esque turn of events with a bizarre decision.  The Returning Officer decided to bring in a ballot paper that previously had been rejected and placed in something called the "doubtful" pile!  Apparently, this was due to the fact it had no cross in any of the boxes, merely a statement about Brexit stating’ "I voted to leave" and an arrow.  Despite me asking to see the ballot paper with the alleged wording on, I have been told that this is not allowed. However, I believe that there has been a campaign of noncooperation to prevent access to the ballot paper information being made available to me, and feel that questions have not been answered fully and openly. Unfortunately, due to a serious personal family matter, I was unable to attend on the day of the count, 

 What I and many many others dispute is that the intention of the voter is not clear. Given what is on the ballot paper, and the absence of a clear mark in the box, the voter’s intention could equally be a criticism of the Conservative candidate/party for not delivering Brexit. This has been a common theme in recent political discourse, both in private and public.

The point here is that the RO could not possibly tell from the ballot paper what the voter’s real intentions were. The inclusion of the wording throws the matter of intent into confusion, and therefore should remain doubtful.  The decision was made by the RO and their own personal interpretation with the Conservative candidate and another Conservative representative present.  History has shown us, with tragic events, how the interpretation of an ambiguous phrase can be a travesty of justice as with the Derek Bentley and the ''let him have it'’ interpretation.


This reflects the views of the country as many many of us are in complete dismay at the lack of leadership from our so-called leaders and unfortunately the farce that is now Government which has filtered down to tainting even local elections. This case highlighted the inconsistencies of voting. The voting system decision is down to one person, the Returning Officer who's own personal decision is final(*1). With no method of Appeal, apart from a costly  Election Petition and this is the action I’m attempting to raise.  Of course as an Independent candidate not having the backing of a political party this action is very difficult, as the RO is also a high-ranking District Council Officer  This is a real David and Goliath situation and I’m confident that if an independent Judge viewed the facts a logical decision could be made.  This is why I need your help in raising the funds for this action. So please support this and support democracy once again. My main concern is the effects that this story has had on many people, many of whom are now questioning the integrity and fairness of our voting system and whether voting is even worthwhile.  This is why this action is important to show to people that democracy and justice can work - sometimes we just need a bit of help.  By taking this action it will send a clear message that one person can make a difference and democracy belongs to us all.

This is a matter of principle and even if this action is successful it would put us back in the same tied vote,  however this time the eyes of the world will be on how that is decided. Many people think it’s a mockery that a tied vote could be decided by the toss of a coin.  This, of course, will be many people’s opportunity to make their views known as well.

 In conclusion please help get this action the correct fully independent review it needs.   I only have ironically until the 23 May 2019 to start the proceedings at the High Court.  This will need the first amount of funding payable on the day for the Court fees.

*1 It’s a sad day for democracy when the most fitting quote comes from Stalin ''The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything’'

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the above and trust that your financial contribution will assist in the course of justice and decency being restored.  Thank you so much for anything you can give.

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