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by Zero Hour in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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This election, help Zero Hour ensure our new MPs are ready to take urgent action on climate change and nature loss!

by Zero Hour in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

This is the final general election where YOU can turn the tide on climate change and nature’s destruction.

It’s over 50°C in India. And as that country entered its final days of voting in their national election, two dozen polling staff dropped dead in the heat. 

As we prepare to head to the polls on 4 July, the Met Office tells us that spring was the warmest on record. Plus, we’re set for our wettest summer in a hundred years, with the equally wet winter causing farmers’ crops to fail and cattle going hungry. 

Temperatures are soaring. Food is vulnerable. Nature is collapsing. And yet, no political party has a joined-up plan to deal with the problem. 

But we DO have a plan—and now we need YOUR help to make it a reality.

The Climate and Nature (CAN) Bill is written by scientists and backed by ordinary people, like you, across the UK. 

The CAN Bill is exactly the plan we need to tackle the crises we face. No more greenwash, no more “blah, blah, blah”, no more fossil fuel lobbyists putting profits before our planet. 

Instead, a people-powered plan to make sure that politicians are acting in line with what the science is telling us. Full stop.  


We need transformational change. And that means taking action now.

The CAN Bill refreshes existing legislation, bringing it up-to-date to give us the “last, best chance” to turn things around. The legislation also brings huge benefits to ordinary people in the UK including:

 🏡 Warmer, better insulated, damp-free homes

 🔋 Cheaper energy bills using home-grown renewable energy 

 🌬️ Cleaner air from reduced pollution 

 👷 More local green jobs

 🛤️ Better, more sustainable public transport 

 🌳 Greener spaces, giving wildlife a chance to recover

 🚣 Cleaner rivers that aren’t filled with sewage or toxic chemicals

The ambitious, world-leading CAN Bill would stop fossil fuels—prioritise the protection of nature—and include us, people across the UK, in setting the fairest way forward via a Climate and Nature Citizen’s Assembly. 

The CAN Bill makes sure that the UK can’t fudge the numbers by offsetting our pollution onto other countries. And it sets serious, science-led targets to ensure the UK rapidly reduces greenhouse gas emissions in line with the global carbon budget of the Paris climate agreement—and puts nature on the road to recovery by 2030 in line with the Montreal biodiversity agreement. 

So why isn’t the CAN Bill a law already?

Because our politics is broken. Politics, without citizens, just isn’t set up for addressing existential problems. Politicians have had over thirty years—since the 1992 Rio summit—to tackle the climate and nature crises, but every government has kicked the can down the road over, and over, and over again. 

Swayed by insatiably greedy corporations, lying media barons, and toxic fossil fuel lobbyists—who are “better at capturing politicians than capturing emissions”—the main political parties have failed to put people and planet ahead of profit.

Neither the Conservatives or Labour officially back the CAN Bill—even though many of their own candidates are supporting it—and neither party has a proper, joined-up plan to deal with the crises.


We’re out of time. And we can’t bring about the bold, decisive action (something today’s politicians can’t deliver) without YOUR help. 

But there is hope. In the last Parliament, 134 MPs supported the CAN Bill—and in the next Parliament, we’re going to get even more.

It’s been shown that a majority of politicians understand how bad the situation is, but they just aren’t feeling enough pressure in their constituencies to act. That’s why we need people on the ground, like YOU, asking their election candidates to back the CAN Bill now. 

Let’s make sure YOUR next MP has a strong mandate and is ready to take action as soon as they hit Westminster!

We want as many MPs as possible in the next Parliament to support the Bill and put pressure on the next Government to act. We already have over 25% of all candidates backing—and we can go further!

Conservative, Labour, SNP, Lib Dem, Green, Plaid Cymru, SDLP and Alliance candidates are already supporting the Bill—and every Westminster candidate who declares their support brings us a step closer to winning.

If not now, then when? And if not us, then who?

As a UK general election approaches, Zero Hour is reaching out to every candidate to make sure that they’re backing the CAN Bill before 4 July.

This is—literally—our last, best chance to make a difference because (whoever wins the election) the next Government will be in power right up to the key deadline of 2030. 


But to get the CAN Bill on the agenda, we need YOUR help! We can’t win the fight without you, but with your help we CAN:

🌱 Power up grassroots action across the UK nations

So that we have people on-the-ground taking impactful action in every single one of the UK’s 650 parliamentary constituencies.

🛠️ Equip campaigners with the tools they need to bring candidates on board

Materials, campaign guides, support calls, online constituency action pages and advice on unlocking the backing of stubborn MP candidates.

⚡Ensure our movement is ready to go

So that as soon as the next Government comes into power, we’ll be there—councillors, charities, scientists, celebrities, businesses, NGOs and YOU—all applying pressure, all calling for change.

We know our consensus-based, people-led approach works. We’re using the same method that saw the Climate Change Act go from a private member’s bill (like the CAN Bill) to becoming law in 2008. 


And we’re already seeing incredible results—with 205 scientists, 364 local councils, over 800 organisations (including the Women's Institute (WI), The Wildlife Trusts, Ecotricity, Friends of the Earth and Doctors’ Association UK)—and 48,000 ordinary people just like YOU backing the CAN Bill.

But if we’re going to win, we need as many MPs in the next Parliament supporting it too. 

That’s why we’re asking for your help. Let’s make the CAN Bill into the CAN Act, and finally take action on the biggest challenge of our lifetimes. 

Together, we CAN.

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