Can you help me make a difference?

by Neil Speight - Independent in Stanford-le-Hope, England, United Kingdom

Can you help me make a difference?

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To raise funds to endorse my election campaign and, in turn, support and campaign for residents of South Basildon and East Thurrock.

by Neil Speight - Independent in Stanford-le-Hope, England, United Kingdom

I am standing as an Independent candidate for the South Basildon and East Thurrock parliamentary seat in the general election on Thursday, 4 July to fight for integrity, justice and positive change in the governance of Thurrock and Basildon and the wider UK. See:

I will be a prominent voice for the people of our boroughs, representing the rights and expectations of ordinary people who have been misled, mistreated and taken for granted by self-serving mainstream politicians in both local and national government. 

The contempt for the rights and well-being of those who contribute to our communities and are proud to be law-abiding, British citizens has been disgraceful.

Electing an independent MP might seem a waste of time against the tide of hypocrisy and I can understand why people might see it as a pointless gesture, but I pledge to make your vote count.

I am sure many of you share with me a deep sense of anger and frustration bu dogma-led politicians in Westminster more interested in internal bickering  than standing up for the country. 

In the heart of this constituency is Fobbing, regarded as a landmark focal point for opposition to the London elite who had become besotted with power and rode roughshod over the rights of people. 


Fobbing's Thomas Baker was key in the origins of the Peasant's Revolution in 1381. Another rebel leader was Wat Tyler, remembered today in the naming of the South Basildon park along the river. I am not so crass or arrogant to put my candidature into the same bracket, even through there are parallels with today's parlimentary process and 1381's autocracy, but is a start. 

And it's the opportunity to deliver a message to Parliament. 

We have had enough of the abuse of power and the damage to our way of life and the expectations for our older folk who deserve better; to the earning power of those who work hard and get less and less; to those disadvantaged and in need whose genuine health and wellbeing has been eroded by the appallingly bad management and corruption in our health and public services and to the younger generations who have been crushed by the erosion of opportunity and support. 

Local health services have been brought to their knees.

I will campaign for real change in our health service; for cuts into the morass of over-paid managers and service directors rather the persistent reduction of front line services. And to apply the same process to other bloated, inefficient public services. 

I will not be alone. There has been a surge in the rise of independent councillors across the country. 

In both Basildon and Thurrock councils you have a small but growing number of independent councillors determined to make a positive difference and hold the power-brokers to account.

And across the country many are new stepping up to the hustings and standing as Independent candidates. July 4 is already recognised as Independence Day! Please cast your vote for me in this ballot and make it a landmark one in our region.

Together, we can make a difference.

Your support, by way of a small donation, will help with the cost of leaflets, advertising and getting the message out. 

I will take no personal expenses from any money raised and will fund my own deposit. And I will pay the commission paid to Crowdfunder off your donation out of my own pocket. 

Any money that is not spent will be distributed to local community good causes.
Donations of anything from a penny to a few pounds will be gratefully received and put to good use. And every penny will be fully accounted for in public.

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