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by Pete Elliott in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Scott Ainslie has been selected as the Green Party candidate for Streatham and Croydon North for the General Election on July 4th.

by Pete Elliott in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The countdown to the General election is on! 

I’m Scott Ainslie, Leader of the Green Group on Lambeth Council, former Member of the European Parliament and councillor for Streatham St Leonard’s ward for the past ten years.

I’ve lived in the area for over twenty-seven years, brought up my family here and have been a long serving community champion. I was one of the founders of Sustainable Streatham, Hands Off Our Common and Streatham Action Transport Group and I am currently fighting a proposed tower block of swanky, unaffordable flats lowering over Streatham Vale which Lambeth Labour supports. The minimal social housing is in blocks facing onto the railway lines.

I’ve been selected as your Green candidate for the new constituency of Streatham and Croydon North, where we are currently polling in second place - and I need your support, help and vote! [1] This is your chance to make history and elect London’s first Green MP.

We’ve launched an urgent campaign to raise funds so we can run our most effective campaign ever. We need to raise £3,000 to kick-start our campaign and hit the ground running.

While other political parties are funded by wealthy corporate donors, the Green Party is different. We’re a grassroots people-powered party, funded by thousands of people chipping in donations of £20, £50 and £100 to fund our work.

We need change! But Labour is offering no fundamental change, just u-turns, broken promises and failure to do the right thing on climate action, the housing crisis, privatization of the NHS and peace in Gaza.

The Conservatives are bust, and Labour will win the election - but, as Labour have proved at Lambeth Council (which is deep in debt) and Croydon Council (which was bankrupted), they are not to be trusted - and we will need a strong opposition to hold them to account. 

Feedback on the doorstep is that we need a strong constituency MP, rather than a party climber, who will be too distracted with his own governmental career to properly serve the diverse areas of Norbury, Thornton Heath, Upper Norwood, Crystal Palace and Streatham.

Only the Greens offer real change:

  • Only the Greens are calling for a programme of council house building, insulating homes and introducing full rent controls. Labour and Tories have run London for decades, but the housing crisis just gets worse and worse. For some, London is booming, with 600 tall buildings in the pipeline, and land values rocketing, mainly due to global property speculators, leaving far too few homes for people who actually live here! For many, London is broken, with a housing crisis, 74,000 homeless children, communities brushed aside or broken up, council estates demolished.


  • Only the Greens are calling for a properly funded, publicly owned health service. The Tories have cut the service to the bone, leaving huge waiting lists and burnt out doctors and nurses. Labour have promised to bring private investors back into the NHS - they've learnt nothing from the PFI failures of their last government.


  • Only the Greens are calling for more support to help people with the cost of living, like increasing universal credit by £40 a week and bringing up the minimum wage to £15 an hour for everyone over 16. 
  • Only the Greens are calling for more investment in local communities - youth centres and services, libraries and green spaces and a new agreement on community policing to tackle crime, particularly youth violence.


  • Only the Greens are looking to invest properly in public transport. I’d be a strong voice advocating for bringing Crossrail 2 to Streatham and the Tramlink extended through Norbury. Let’s get our train services handed over to TfL for more frequent, better trains and properly staffed, fully accessible stations!
  • Only the Greens are calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and support the ICC call for leaders of the Israeli Government and Hamas to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Labour and the Tories support the bombardment of Gaza and sale of weapons to Israel. We need Greens in Parliament to stand for the rule of law and against the needless suffering of innocent people around the world.


  • Only the Greens maintain that full membership of the EU remains the best option for the UK. We are in favour of pursuing a policy to re-join as soon as the political situation is favourable and the right terms are available.  Labour and the Tories are in denial about the self-harm of Brexit. As a former Member of the European Parliament I saw the huge benefits for Lambeth and Croydon that being part of the EU brings. 
  • Only the Greens would push for water companies to be brought back into public hands to stop the harm being caused to our drinking water and beautiful rivers and coastlines and stop shareholders profiting from failure to invest properly in our water and waste infrastructure.

    I promise to ensure that Norbury, Thornton Heath, Upper Norwood, Crystal Palace and Streatham get the attention and investment that they deserve.


[1] https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html

 My Pledge to You

Streatham and Croydon North is an amazingly diverse and vibrant place. We should be a beacon to the rest of the country and the world, showing how by working together we can solve the problems that sometimes seem insurmountable.

Our area is talented, hard-working, imaginative, and kind, and these are the values I will try to bring as your MP. I’m a good listener, and I have an open mind. I care about people and I will always do my best to help.

As your MP, I would work for you. Green MPs aren’t whipped, so my career isn’t reliant on toeing a party line. I won’t be bought, bribed or bullied into backing a leader I don’t believe in. I would be free to listen to my constituents and vote with my conscience.

Get in touch!

If there’s something you think is missing, let me know. If you disagree, try to convince me. If there’s something you think I can do to help, or you want to tell me about an issue you care passionately about, get in touch! 

Get involved

We know that some of our supporters will not be able to give us money, but would still like to show their support. We would love to hear from you so we can keep in touch about the campaign and invite you to help in other ways such as delivering leaflets in your area, or putting up a poster. Email me at: [email protected]  


Please ensure that you are on the electoral register as this is a requirement for donating to a political party. If you would like to pledge more than £50 then we will also need your personal contact details and address, so please email us. Any surplus funds after the General Election campaign will be used by Lambeth and Croydon Green Parties to help finance our 2026 local election campaigns

Thank you!

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