Elect Dr Scott Arthur as the MP for Edinburgh SW

by Dr Scott Arthur in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Elect Dr Scott Arthur as the MP for Edinburgh SW

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My campaign to be the next MP for Edinburgh South West started in January, but we need more funding to take us to election day - July 4th.

by Dr Scott Arthur in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

If all goes to plan, the UK could elect a Labour Government at the General Election on July 4th. Such a victory is long overdue, but is by no means certain. 

Key to getting the Tories out of Downing Street is gaining seats in Scotland. 

This is important if we are serious about protecting workers’ rights, growing the economy, cutting inequality and meeting our climate obligations. 

This is why I am standing. 

Polling consistently shows that Edinburgh South West is a fight between the SNP and Labour, and the SNP’s lead can be closed. Recent analysis gave Labour a 48% chance of winning and the SNP 52%. I can win this, and help make a Labour Government possible!

Please donate to help me win.


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