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by Ecotherapy East in Halesworth, Suffolk, United Kingdom

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We offer nature-based events and opportunities to care for our meadow. We are fundraising for a water supply and a shed for our equipment.

by Ecotherapy East in Halesworth, Suffolk, United Kingdom

A participant at one of our ecotherapy and mindfulness workshops said:

"I've been to two of these day events now and really enjoyed them. Rob and Sebastiana led the various activities with warmth and kindness, guiding us into a deeper awareness of ourselves through being present and alive to the natural
world. A nourishing oasis in a busy life!" Amrta, artist

 A volunteer on one of our land care days said:

"Planting trees at Bramfield has been a great way for me to reconnect with the precious natural environment and brought me together with a community of like-minded eco-conscious individuals which, in itself, is also personally healing." Nigel, sustainability professional



Ecotherapy East was founded by Robert and Sebastiana Black. Since Autumn 2020 we have been rewilding a 12-acre meadow in Bramfield, Suffolk, which we became stewards of after Rob's aunt passed away. As the pandemic hit, and with our ongoing concern about the climate emergency, we and our friends felt called to take action in some way. We began to plant trees on the land. 

Since then, with the help of volunteers, we have planted over 300 trees and created patches of wildflower and a labyrinth. Our team has been tending the trees regularly. Rob and other helpers built a compost toilet from reclaimed wood, and we purchased a yurt where we will host events. We are committed to increasing biodiversity on the land in any way we can. We aim to reduce the use of machinery to the minimum. For example we are training a group of local volunteers to sythe the land. 1629214333_planting,_west_facing,_autumn20.jpg




Rob and I are both experienced counsellors, expressive arts therapists and mindfulness teachers. We also both trained in ecotherapy. We are passionate about mental health and supporting people to heal our disconnection from the natural world. We have been running Mindfulness and Nature events in East Anglia since 2016. We feel a sense of urgency about offering this work more widely. As our connection to this beautiful piece of land and its ecosystems is growing, we want to begin offering workshops and events here to help people access the mental health benefits of Ecotherapy on our meadow! More about us:


We have set up a Community Interest Company which will help us to develop and expand our work. We are fundraising for some basic infrastructure. We need a shed to store our equipment, such as the yurt, gazebo, chairs and tools for tending the land. We are also seeking funds to provide a reliable and safe water supply. These things will help us to look after the land, our volunteers and community that come to tend the land and participats who attend future trainings, nature walks, ecotherapy and other courses and workshops.  

We have already invested our own time and resources into this project because of our commitment to our work and vision. We are now asking for help from you and others like you who may be inspired by what we are doing.




Here is more about our vision and aims for our community interest company: 

  • To offer ecotherapy, mindfulness and expressive arts therapy workshops and sessions in a natural setting. This will provide opportunities to reawaken people's awareness of the natural world and themselves in it.

    Learning mindfulness whilst spending structured and unstructured time outdoors, participants will gain clarity and insight into their mental health and wellbeing, and put these into an ecological perspective. Research shows that this deeper connection to the “more-than-human-world” often increases emotional wellbeing and reduces stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Participants will be encouraged to develop internal resources, inspired both by nature and the support they receive in the group. 

  • To inspire and foster a greater ecological awareness and sense of connection with the world around us. This will encourage us all to take better care of our environment. This addresses the joint crisis of loss of connection to the natural world, and to our own sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, as well as the nature and climate crisis.
  • To create a sense of community around ecological issues and love of nature, bringing a sense of belonging and connection whilst being part of a group.
  • To give communities hands-on experience of planting and tending wildflowers and trees, managing a meadow, and planting an orchard, including growing and harvesting fruit.
  • To enable the community to learn to look after the trees, wildflowers and other habitats and species on the meadow throughout the year in a sustainable, chemical free fashion that has a positive impact on the environment and the land. Learning a more reciprocal way of interacting with the natural world, often leading to taking greater responsibility and feeling motivated to protect nature. Helping the community to gain self-confidence, improve team skills, become environmentally conscious, acquire nutritional skills and create wildlife habitats.
  • To organise educational and practical training to promote environmental protection and improvement, sustainable development and awareness of the interconnected challenges our society faces. 
  • To provide opportunities to participate in nature walks, talks and discussion groups where participants will have opportunities to learn, gain understanding and knowledge regarding ecological issues and re-wilding land. These events will stimulate thinking and sharing ideas regarding environmental protection and sustainable development including biodiversity, recycling, renewable energy sources, and societal challenges such as inequality, social isolation, climate and ecological breakdown and their associated impacts.
  • To offer a venue for workshops and educational opportunities that fit with our values.

The water supply and wooden shed is small beginning of an adventure ahead of us that will serve the human and more-than-human world. 

Many thanks from us and the beings of the meadow!!1629213695_wildflowers.jpeg


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£180 or more

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Ethical Financial Review

An ethical financial review of personal savings, investments and pensions from a chartered financial planner in Norwich or online. Usual cost is £200.

£20 or more

Tour of the land in Bramfield and a cuppa

Come and visit the Church Farm meadow that we steward in Bramfield, Suffolk and we will show you around the 12 acres of the land. You can walk the labyrinth, enjoy the wildflowers, picnic by the pond in the shade of poplar and willow trees and have a cuppa with us.

£35 or more

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Art lesson

Have you always wanted to learn to draw or paint or just want to explore your creativity? Are you looking to develop your existing artistic skills? You can book a session with an experienced art teacher in Norwich at lower cost and support our campaign.

£40 or more

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Meditation teaching session

An introductory teaching and coaching meditation session with an experienced meditator and teacher for both beginners and those with more experience. In Norwich or online. Usual cost is £60.

£40 or more

0 of 4 claimed

Voice session

One hour voice session for those who wish to develop their singing or speaking voice, expand their vocal range and malleability and learn about vocal care and support. Sessions with an experienced Voice Movement Therapist, singer, musician and songwriter Sebastiana Black.

£45 or more

25% off our events

We can offer you 25% off one of our future events if you donate £45 or more. We run ecotherapy, mindfulness and expressive arts workshops and retreats (1-5 days) on our land and in other locations in East Anglia. We are also planning to offer an Active Hope 6-week course and various nature themed talks and walks.

£45 or more

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One-to-one Ecotherapy and Mindfulness session

Come to our meadow and receive a one-to-one 1 hour 15min session with Rob or Sebastiana who are both trained ecotherapists and mindfulness teachers. Ecotherapy invites us into a deeper connection with the natural world and ourselves. From this more connected place we often gain insight, greater clarity and well-being, including feeling resourced, grounded and nourished. Session can take place either on the land in Suffolk or in other locations.

£60 or more

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Plant a tree to help rewild the land

For every pledge we'll plant a native tree at the land we're rewilding in Suffolk. The trees we plant live for between 80 and 500+ years, so your gift will keep on giving and giving for generations to come.

£75 or more

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Handmade Green Man Wood Carving

Beautiful handmade green man wood carving. Artist wrote:"Green men feature in medieval church carvings as a reminder of the wild pagan spirit lurking beneath the surface of us all. It's a gentle nudge to keep me aware that I may have a veneer of civilisation but am never completely tame. Each carved face is unique and represents 30-50 hours of work,currently made with locally sourced lime and recycled mahogany wood."Please ask for a photo.

£140 or more

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Vegetarian or vegan meal in the yurt for two

A three course vegetarian or vegan meal in our beautiful yurt with a glass of wine or another drink, followed by a coffee or tea for 2 people. We can sit outside or inside depending on the weather.

£500 or more

Free access to all our events for 12 months

Come to all of our events for 12 months. We have 2 retreats planned this year in Norfolk, 1 scything workshop in Suffolk and more to come in the beginning of the next year.

£40 or more

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Yoga session or Energy Alignment Therapy session

Individual Yoga Therapy with Sue Staziker. We will assess what you would like to achieve from the session. We will then find postures that will support your particular needs and goals. Usual cost of the session is £55. Session is 1 hour and 15 minutes and takes place in Sue's studio in Bungay.

£45 or more

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Zero Balancing session

A Zero Balancing session with an experienced body therapist Joe Church in Norwich. In a Zero Balancing session the recipient lies down, clothed, in a relaxed position. Using finger pressure and held stretches into key ares of the body, the practitioner allows deep-held tension in the bones and joints to be released, often with transformative effects. Usual cost is £55.

£50 or more

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Rosen Method bodywork session

A Rosen Method bodywork session with an experienced physiotherapist and Rosen practitioner Luisa Turner in Norwich. Rosen Method is a hands-on touch therapy that uses sensitive attuned touch and timely words to help contact deeply held muscle tension. Bringing awareness to feeling how these tesions are held in our bodies we can allow an unwinding and softening. Emotional release often happens simultaneously. Usual cost is £65.

£50 or more

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Handmade Crochet Blanket

One of our supporters made a beautiful red and orange blanket which they offered to our project. It is made of acrylic wool and is therefore machine washable. It is approximately 145x155 cm. It will keep you nice and warm. It has taken 3-4month to crochet it. Please contact us and we will send a photo.

£60 or more

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Shiatsu session

A shiatsu session in Norwich with an experienced practitioner. Using deep pressure, energy awareness, joint mobilations and stretches, the practitioner uses relaxed body weight to stimulate the meridians to help balance energy in the body. It is relaxing to receive and is commonly used a preventative healthcare measure to support, and address imbalances within the immune, digestive, nervous and other body systems and develop mind body connection.

£245 or more

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Space on 4-day Grief Tending retreat in Norfolk

One space to participate in Tending the Heart: Grief, Gratitude and Beauty retreat. Grief tending in community with cultural pioneer and healing practitioner Sophy Banks and support team. Retreat takes place in the beautiful setting of North Farm, in Burgh, near Aylsham, surrounded by nature. There are various accommodation options. Please go to our website for full details: The actual cost is £285.

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