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Support Ecostage: a go-to site for unified ecological principles, with resources for a flourishing, fair, creative future in performance.

by Ecostage team in United Kingdom

Ecostage is a new go-to site designed to support your journey towards a more sustainable future in the performing arts sector. The site will contain practical guiding principles, a diverse and inspiring library of case studies, our famous Ecostage Pledge and access to an online global community.

Survey: Check out our short survey here! It will gather really useful information for us to apply for more funding to create the new Ecostage website. It's very quick to do (no more than 5 mins) please fill it out.

While Ecostage has been going since 2015, its website is no longer fit for purpose. We are crowdfunding to cover the costs of a web designer, hosting and related costs to create a fantastic new site. To help make this happen please give £5.00 or more. Please remember to add a comment and share on social media to help the momentum. Together we can really make a big difference.

For those who want it, a much more detailed account of our plans for the future of Ecostage is below.

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‘Placing ecological thinking at the heart of creative practice.’

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Ecostage in Detail: read on to find out more about us and what we plan to do.


Ecostage supports creative practitioners journeying toward an ecological interconnected approach to working that recognises our place within the whole ecosystem in order to inspire a radical and ethical repositioning of their work.  

The creative industry has been hit by the circumstances of coronavirus and many see this as connected to the climate crisis and a taste of things to come. As such, we used the opportunity of lockdown to galvanise the Ecostage online initiative by launching a new website in September 2020 . 

Ecostage encourages skills sharing and answers the need for unified ecological principles for creative projects of whatever size or budget, and the full range of production needs. You can take an online pledge to show your commitment to learning as part of a supportive community, and receive the ‘Ecostage Pledge logo’ to display and share. You don’t have to know exactly where to begin or how to make it happen yet. Opportunities often start to unfold in the very act of committing to the process.

WHAT is Ecostage?

Formerly Ecostage Pledge, this is a grassroots, eco designer-led autonomous online platform to help all arts practitioners towards a more ecologically-centred approach in performance making. It answers the need for shared principles and joint objectives to move forward as a unified front to address systemic issues tied up with our joint future including social and climate justice. 

As such, Ecostage encourages skills sharing and offers easy to follow practical working guidelines and ecological values to apply to your own creative projects of whatever size or budget, and whatever your production needs in order to support a fair and sustainable society.

The site will encourage this joint language to evolve through learning from each other, the whole ecosystem, and the more than human world.

HOW does it work?

In your journey through the website, you can explore several pages: the Ecostage principles, our pledge page, community profiles, case studies, a resource library, etc.

The Ecostage principles can be downloaded and used as a practical guide to how to apply ecological thinking to your projects from the outset. You can pledge to these principles and make a public commitment by downloading the Ecostage Pledge logo, which can be added to work documentation. The community profiles present each individual’s info and their personal sustainable journey. The library of inspiring case studies examines ecological thinking in action, providing examples of how the shared principles can be applied to diverse creative practices. 

WHO is it for?

Anyone in the performing arts sector at any stage of their sustainable journey - from being unsure how to make a start, to beginning to implement changes, to having applied ecological thinking to their work for a long time. 

Ecostage connects and encompasses freelancers and organisations, working on all scales of performance and at any stage of their career, anywhere across the globe. 

The website aims to actively engage with change making, by being accessible, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability. It strives to celebrate diversity and prevent discrimination by  holding a space where everyone can have a voice, such as inviting peer input and case studies from around the world. 

We also intend to have ongoing training and mentoring with specialised social justice & equality organisations, to invest in improving any awareness and action to ensure the site reflects anti-racism. 

WHO are we?


We are an eco-designer led, not-for-profit initiative, founded by Tanja Beer, Andrea Carr and Alice Hoult in 2015, which is now being re-envisioned for a new era by Paul Burgess, Andrea Carr, Mona Kastell and Ruth Stringer. 

Hannah Myers and Michaela Fields, both graduates with eco mindsets have joined the team as marketing officers. 

You can find out more about the team on our Facebook page.

We are volunteering our skills, time and passion as self-employed to get this off the ground.

WHY is this important?

Major changes need to be made to address current practices and make them sustainable. Ecostage answers this need and plays an important part in this paradigm shift.

Ecological thinking is crucial in considering how to find a sustained approach to how we live in the context of a changing climate: socially, politically and economically. 

We can all make a difference: by using this site and pledging our commitment, we can become change makers to inspire colleagues and audiences to understand the issues and create solutions.  

Sustainability goes beyond mitigation to ensure our environment is safe to pass on to the next generations: humans, animals and plants alike. 


We will use your donations to invest in the expertise of a professional web developer to create a free, accessible, user-friendly and sustainably-hosted website that remains relevant and responsive to updates in the digital world.

We are appealing to audience members, production teams and arts lovers to help raise funds to make this happen: 

  • Web developer 
  • Domain name
  • Local green hosting
  • Social justice training & mentoring for the team


As this website is free to use, the additional money will make us more resilient by helping with long-term costs, such as maintenance and future hosting. It will also enable us to be responsive to new ideas and developments in the sustainability sector. 



Every single penny makes a difference. If each of you gives what you can, it will add up quickly. We have put together a whole lot of rewards in exchange for your donations, many from our own art, craft and design backgrounds. If you'd rather donate without a reward, please click on the donate button at the top right of the page. 

Please remember to add a comment and share on social media to help the momentum.

Thank you for your help in supporting Ecostage. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

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