Don’t Get Fooled Again! Donate to Scotland Matters

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

Don’t Get Fooled Again! Donate to Scotland Matters

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We need to spread the message about the dangers of Scottish secession! We need more billboards, leaflets, newsletters and videos.

by Scotland Matters Crowdfunder in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

In the 2019 General Election: the SNP won 48 seats with 45% with 44% of the votes. Labour, LibDem, and Tories got 11 seats with a 55% vote share. Tactical voting avoids this.

The SNP has failed Scotland. They need to be voted out. But as long as the Pro-UK vote is split they will keep on winning.

But now they are on the slide. People are seeing through them and if people vote for the party that’s most likely to beat them in each constituency they could be reduced to less than 20 seats out of 56 and their drive would be sunk.

With your help, we can finally get rid of them!

Please donate to the campaign to highlight the many failures of the SNP and reclaim the Scotland we knew. 

We are the most persistently active pro-UK group operating in Scotland. 

We have reached over 1.2 MILLION people since 2019, through our website, newsletters, our YouTube channel and our fast-growing TikTok page.

We have been active during the Holyrood 2021 electionCOP26, and the local elections in 2022. 

We work in conjunction with other groups, including UKunionVoice, and the Glasgow Cabbie and have good relations with all the pro-UK parties.

Please help us fund our campaign by donating to our Crowdfunder. 

NB: Donations of £500 or less are not considered as reportable political donations under the Electoral Rules and donors identities are not reported or published.

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