by Mahboobeh in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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DIPACT is the first innovative cultural cafe, led and run by artists who are from global majority and underrepresented backgrounds.

by Mahboobeh in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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My name is Mahboobeh Rajabi, and I am one of the Cultural Leaders, Artists and Creative Producers in Manchester, with more than 12 years of experience. My works has been driven internationally and globally. I am a refugee from Iran that came to the UK at the age of 21.


I have been working in the UK and also internationally, focusing on giving voice to unheard voices and stories that the world need to hear.

I experienced nearly 6 years of being an asylum seeker and I worked as a volunteer in the arts and cultural sector the whole years, supporting under represented artists and giving voice to communities through art and creativity.



My refuge was getting my coffee each morning, sitting in the cafe and writing down my creative ideas and dream projects. Those projects and ideas came to fruition and have transformed Greater Manchester into a diverse society in the U.K. After working hard for 6 years, I am now establishing DIPACT.



I am privileged to work with so many artists from around the world in Manchester. Some of these amazing artists has also been famous in their hometown countries, and some of them have between 10 to over 30 years of experience, knowledge and skills in different art forms. Unfortunately the process of forced migration, adapting to the new country, language barriers and many other factors, didn't allow them to introduce themselves and their art, experience and knowledge to the UK.

Unfortunately the arts and cultural sector also has not been acknowledging these challenges in order to give voices and opportunities to these artists to continue their practice in their standard of their practice and not starting from zero.



DIPACT - A unique, innovative space for Artists, Art and Communities that would make creative dreams happen while generating revenue.

A creative space and cafe that generates revenue, led by artists, selling food and drinks. You will be served by the global artists, where you can order their cultural food, get to know their art and purchase them with your order.

This way while celebrating a diverse range of cultures and communities, the artists themselves employed by the cafe have the opportunity to also feature and sell their art within the menu.

Not only is this a cultural space celebrating communities in Manchester but also an art space sharing innovation, art activities and being proud of multi cultural identity of Manchester in the heart of city centre.



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£5 or more

Digital Cultural Food Recipe Cards

You will receive 2 digital recipe cards, for 2 delicious cultural food from around the world, that we also have a community represented in Manchester.

£5 or more

Hot Drink

We’ll send you a voucher that you can come in and use once we’re open!

£10 or more


You will receive an email voucher, for your free lunch voucher when we are open!

£50 or more

5 Digital Recipe Cards & Lunch for 2

Come and have lunch in the cafe and bring a friend! You will also receive 5 digital recipe card for 5 delicious cultural food from around the world, that we also have their communities in Manchester.

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