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We are keeping the General Public of the UK safe and offering a refuge for anyone who is being chased, attacked or threatened.

by Digital Safety Pods in United Kingdom

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In 2014 when I was just 20 years of age, I started a successful online digital crime prevention platform called, Catch a Thief UK and recently, Public Appeals UK.

I got help with a £1,500 grant in 2015 from the Prince's Trust so I could buy a laptop and appropriate software to make Catch a Thief UK, it was a tough road at the beginning, but I kept going and managed to gain support and belief from my work in security and safety.

I have gained a lot of experience over the last 7 years working in crime prevention, I have self taught myself with a lot of research throughout those years, and I am still learning every day, I have so much vision for the future, bringing this vision to reality is a lot of time and effort but worth the sleepless nights.

I have a great support structure and amazing caring family who supports me in every way without one special person I would not be where I am today!

I am always thinking of how to prevent crimes and with Coronavirus pushing certain crime levels up we need protecting when out and about on the streets.

Digital Safety Pods are part of the future especially with BT selling their phone boxes, we can transform these into the Digital Safety Pods keep the use for phone boxes and use them to save lives! and it is so sad that in this day in age we have had to think of crime prevention tools like this especially to keep people safe and secure, I would like to create a space where if you or a loved one is running in fear or threat of violence, then the Digital Safety Pods can keep you out of harms reach from the suspect.

Digital Safety Pods will have automatic doors that when the button is pressed it phones 999 straight away, sets of an alarm and goes live to a CCTV monitor, once inside, the door will automatically lock.

The windows will be reinforced and one way viewing the victim will be able to see out but the suspect will not be able to see in.

There will be a CCTV operator who will be the eyes on the ground for the Police, and a voice for the victim whilst they can also speak over the speaker and let any suspect know they are being watched and Police are on their way.

There will also be a beacon on the top, with an alarm and a blue flashing light.

This will also create employment opportunities for those with SIA licenses, maintenance personnel, designers and constructors.  

We are excited to see if we can make some of parts of these Digital Safety Pods out of confiscated and handed in knives! 

If you have any ideas I would love to hear them! I am very open minded on the design and it is for everyone to use when in danger.

I am currently talking to companies who may be able to provide help and support, I am contacting local councils and PCC's, and more, but I need your support, saving a life should not have a price tag however I can not make this into a reality without your donations, this is going to be used to create a Digital Safety Pod, and trial it in a high crime areas that allows us to implement this, then we will make them wide spread to save more lives. I am putting a lot of hours and effort into making these successful, it is going to be worth it if it evens saves one persons life.

This can help...

People being stalked, child/adult trafficking victims, someone being chased with or without a weapon, Someone being followed and feeling unsafe by an individual(s) presence, would be rape victims, someone who has been attacked, someone fleeing domestic violence, Anyone in danger can use these!

1. Protect women and men from stalkers and domestic violence.

2. Protect the elderly from cowardly violent thieves.

3.Protect lost children from trafficking gangs.

4. Protect teenagers from gang knife crime.

5. Protect people with mental health conditions.

6. They can also be used by security services to hold a suspect until transport arrives.

7. They will save lives and stop people getting hurt.

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More Information on the CATUK website about Digital Safety Pods;


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As a thank you for helping towards Digital Safety Boxes we was inspired by the phone boxes and the Tardis so for £25 pledge you will be sending you, your very Tardis (Doctor Who) key ring, and with your help we are a step closer to this dream!

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Red phone box and Tardis (Doctor Who) Keyring

As a BIG Thank you for pledging £30 we will send you a red phone box and a Doctor who Tardis keyring, We are hoping to do a cross between both to create Digital Safety Pods.. Thank you for your support

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