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We are raising money to increase awareness on our project 'Standing Desks For Schools' and for expansion in Europe!

by Deskmate in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Inactivity and poor posture represent the second highest cause of absences at work. According to the NHS, in 2016, 31 million sick days were taken in the UK and costs the UK economy £14bn annually.  Deskmate's mission is to change that, we are raising money for three reasons:

1) To help support our project 'Standing Desks For Schools'.

2) Get office workers more active.

3) Geographical expansion in Europe. 

But first, a bit about what we do.....


We launched Deskmate in February 2017. Having suffered with back pain at work and spent long hours in uncomfortable working environments we were inspired to create a standing desk that was design friendly and affordable.
Our first product was deskmate, a two-tier standing desk converting any standard workstation into a standing desk in seconds. After responding to feedback from our customers, we created a stand specifically for laptop. Minimate was born. 

Over the last year, we've sold over 1,000 units to businesses, start ups and digital nomads all over the country. 

Our affordable standing solutions promote better posture, improved wellbeing and increased activity throughout the day. 

Now, we want you to have a slice of the standing action.


We retail our product for £29 while a traditional standing desk is typically more than £400. How's it so cheap, we hear you ask? Well, we manufacture our desks out of industrial strength, 3mm EE-FLUTE corrugated fluted cardboard. It’s super durable and holds up to 15kg. We're offering you a variety of discounts throughout our crowfund for up to 40% off!

Deskmate is fully recyclable and for every product purchased we plant a tree.

There are the four main benefits to intermittent standing while you work:

  • Weight. Apart from your wallet being lighter, you might be too. Using a standing desk for 3 hours a day for a year is the equivalent to running three marathons according to Harvard Business School study. 
  • Focus. Ever get the post lunch slump? Studies have shown using a standing desk energizes you and promotes focus.
  • Posture. Believe it or not, humans aren’t meant to sit all day, intermittent standing increases activity, improves posture and you’ll feel better for not slouching like a…. slouch all day.
  • Health. You look after what you eat, you exercise, isn’t it about time you thought about how you work?

The market: 

  • The global standing desk market is exploding and will grow at a double digit growth rate from 2017 to reach $2.5bn billion by 2020. 
  • 1 in 6 Americans now use one. 
  • Deskmate is just getting started! 

We aren't finished with home and offices though.  Inactivity in children is one of the largest problems the UK government faces and we think we can help. We want our standing desks to be available throughout schools across the country and we've got a cunning plan to help kick start this process through Crowdfunder.


Our idea is simple. Politicians, teachers and even celebrity chefs are talking about getting kids more active in schools. We have an affordable product, Minimate which can be downsized and utilised to help children become more active throughout the day.  Minimate doesn't require instructions, is super light, durable and perfect to draw on!


The main problem we can see is that standing desks are expensive, bulky and really hard to assemble. Our solution is a classroom friendly version of Minimate targeted at school kids between the ages of 6-12.


It’s Deskmates standing desk revolution and you are in the driving seat.  We've designed a smaller version especially for primary schools. You buy 5, we'll give you 40% off and they'll be sent to a school of you choice. Simple.



We're a small London-based start-up with two co-founders – Arthur and JP.

Our mission is to create products that improve the way you work, without hurting your pocket. Our standing desks also have a social purpose hence why we’re proud to introduce standing desks for schools and we plant a tree for every desk sold.

It’s up to 40% off our original range for the duration of this crowdfund, as well as offers for schools and businesses of all sizes, so, what are you waiting for?


                                                                                                      Team Deskmate x

More info on the product?

Traditional version (not for youngsters)



Width  Depth  Height  Depth of stages
Unfolded  51cm51cm53cm25.5cm

How it unfolds:



Width  Depth  Height
Unfolded  51cm31cm30cm

How it unfolds:

How much weight can deskmate support?

  • Deskmate: designed to work with nearly any working setup. It holds up to 15kg on top (heavier than a large monitor) and 10kg on the bottom.
  • Minimate: will support nearly all laptops and holds 15kg.


Can I put my computer monitor on it?

Absolutely. However we don’t recommend anything larger and more heavier than 15kg. (FYI - both support iMac 27inchs)


Is it wide enough for my keyboard and mouse?

The overall keyboard area measures 10” x 21” (25.5 cm x 53.5 cm).

How tall do I need to be to use deskmate?

Deskmate & Minimate generally work for people between 5’3 - 6’1. 


Is deskmate covered by warranty? 

You are covered with a 12 month warranty.  Please note, warranty does not cover regular wear and tear and coffee spills.


I am not UK-based but want to order some Deskmate/Minimate for our School/Company 

We do ship in Europe however delivery costs might be slightly higher than in the UK. Just get in touch with us at: [email protected].

We love to talk so if you have any questions, drop us an email: [email protected]!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

Reward #1: £5 Deskmate Voucher + thank you!

- Deskmate health and wellbeing at work guide (online PDF) AND - A £5 gift voucher for any Deskmate product sent directly to your inbox.

£25 or more

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Reward #2: Deskmate Original

- 25% off Deskmate original - two tier standing desk (black or white you chose!) + Includes Delivery (UK only)

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Reward #3: Minimate Laptop Stand

- 25% off Minimate laptop stand (black or white you chose!) + Includes delivery (UK only)

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Reward #4 : You + a Friend = Deskmates

- Two items of your choice: Minimate and/or Deskmate 2x for £40 (30% off RRP, black or white you chose)! + delivery (UK only)

£110 or more

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Reward #5: Minimate for Schools

5 student friendly Minimate standing desks for a school of your choice! + Delivery (UK only)

£220 or more

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Reward #6: 10 Black or White Deskmate/Minimate

- 10 Deskmate or Minimate in black or white + delivery in the UK

£470 or more

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Reward #7: Custom 20 Deskmate/Minimate

- 20 Deskmate or Minimate (white) with your company/school logo on! + Delivery in the UK

£920 or more

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Reward #8: 45 custom Deskmate/Minimate

- 45 Deskmate or Minimate with your company/school logo on! + delivery in the UK

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