Defibrillators for every school and public place.

by The Oliver King Foundation in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

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Donate today to the OK Foundation to allow us to place even more defibrillators in schools and public places and save more lives.

by The Oliver King Foundation in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Help us to place more defibrillators, train more people on how to use them and save more lives. 

To date we have placed 6,200 defibrillators in schools and organisations across the UK. The Oliver King Foundation has travelled around the country from the Outer Hebrides to Portsmouth, training 135,000 staff in defibrillator awareness along the way. We are aware of 71+ lives being saved by the defibrillators we have placed.

We are also working with Parliamentarians to ensure defibrillators are more widely available. Our first high profile campaign was the phenomenally successful government e-petition which received over 110,000 signatures and led to a debate in the Houses of Parliament.

Recent BBC Interview

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Why these defibrillators matter

Every week 12 young people are dying because of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We have to get the number of schools without a lifesaving Defibrillator to zero.

To help someone who is in cardiac arrest effectively, a defibrillator needs to be found as quickly as possible. For every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone and deliver a shock, their chances of survival reduce by up to 10%.

Your support

Anything you can contribute will help us continue and expand our work to reach even more people and save more lives.

About The Oliver King Foundation

Oliver King was a 12-year-old boy who attended King David High School in Liverpool, whilst winning a swimming race in a PE lesson he tragically suffered a sudden cardiac arrest due to a condition known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS).  This condition kills 12 young people under the age of 35 every single week in the UK. Sadly there was no lifesaving defibrillator on hand, and for every minute that passed his chances of survival dropped significantly.

A Message from Mark

Mark King, Father of Oliver King said: “Since 2012 I’ve driven across the country personally delivering nearly 5,900 Defibrillators and the foundation has provided  training to over 135,000 people. We know that the defibrillators placed have saved the lives of 69+ people.

“Every week 12 young people are dying because of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We have to get the number of schools without a lifesaving Defibrillator to zero.

I miss my Ollie every day. I’m determined that no other family has to suffer the same loss that my family has. I won’t rest until we meet the target of every school having a Defibrillator.


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