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by North West Essex Constituency Labour Party in Essex, United Kingdom

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Help defeat Kemi Badenoch and elect North West Essex's first ever Labour MP!

by North West Essex Constituency Labour Party in Essex, United Kingdom

North West Essex's outgoing MP is Kemi Badenoch, currently Secretary of State for Business and Trade, and Minister for Women and Equalities. She represents everything that has gone wrong with this tired government:

  • She referred to her fellow students at Sussex University as "stupid lefty white kids".
  • She has failed to achieve the post-Brexit trade deals voters were promised.
  • She allegedly told the Chair of the Post Office to slow down on compensation payments to postmasters.
  • She defaced Harriet Harman's webpage, and faced no consequences for it.
  • She has repeatedly been caught making misleading statements.

For too long, the people of North West Essex have been without an MP who stands up for them and the issues they care about. Kemi Badenoch was ranked 499/650 MPs in a ranking of MPs by responsiveness to their constituents' concerns.

Instead, voters turn on their televisions or scroll social media and see their absentee MP creating division and controversy, rather than making the country a better place. 

We've spoken to thousands of voters across North West Essex, and they have told us: enough is enough. They want to elect a new MP and a new government. 

It is time for North West Essex to elect its first non-Tory MP in over 100 years, and its first Labour MP.

Labour parliamentary candidate Issy Waite wants to be a different kind of MP. One who is truly a part of her community, one who works for her constituents and not for herself, and one who represents a kinder, gentler politics. Issy says:

"As one of Labour's youngest parliamentary candidates, I represent real change at a time when our constituency, and our country, sorely need it. As your MP I will represent the values of integrity, honesty and fairness".

The latest Survation MRP poll (released on 3rd June 2024) has Labour just 2% behind the Conservatives in this constituency. With a donation to North West Essex's election fighting fund, you could help us close that gap - and show Kemi Badenoch that kindness wins in the end!

Your support could be the difference between electing a new Labour MP and Kemi Badenoch holding on and possibly being the next Tory leader. So please support us!

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Footnote: polling figures in image are from Survation MRP 3rd of June 2024, based on a national sample of 30,044 respondents. Ranking of Kemi Badenoch by

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