Dannys Burgers

by Lucia George in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Dannys Burgers


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We bit the bullet and are buying a food truck! But there’s a lot we need to do to get going!

by Lucia George in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Our story.

Danny started “Dannys burgers” as a passion project off the back of his drum smoker business at the beginning of lockdown. And after winning burger chef of the year we thought it was time to level up and as a family have  a food truck! But we have a long way to go to get where we need to, from wrapping and filling the truck with equipment to actually passing our driving tests and being on the road. So we are asking our family, friends and customers for your support to get us going and have a list of rewards for your donations.


We are so grateful for all your support and can’t wait to be on the road slinging burgs all over the U.K.  

- Danny and Lucia


a list of the rewards as follows

£5- entry to a prize draw to win a burger of your choice per month for a whole year- announced 24-12-21

£10- A cheese burger on us at our fierce and noble location.

£25- Branded lighter, sticker bundle and cheese burger

£50- meal for 1 (burger, loaded fries, drink.) and a tshirt 

£100- meal for 2 and a t shirt  ( 2x burger, 2x loaded fries and 2 x drinks)

£250- 25% off for a year and a meal for 2

£500 - Burger workshop for 2

Come down to fierce and Noble  brewery for a beer tasting and learn how to make burgers with us, design your own special and it will go on the weeks menu!

£1000- Burger Party-

A catered event once the food truck is raring to go with 25 guests. Well come true you and serve you 25 meals !

Rewards will be sent within a month of your donation. We will contact you directly.
should we not reach out goal you will Still receive your reward

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