Dance For Ukraine 3 Fitness Fundraiser

by Gemma B Fitness in Waltham Cross, , United Kingdom

Dance For Ukraine 3 Fitness Fundraiser
We did it
On 6th February 2024 we successfully raised £1,934 with 84 supporters in 77 days

I have got together a group of top class instructors for a fitness fundraiser. We will be raising money for Driving Aid to Ukraine.

by Gemma B Fitness in Waltham Cross, , United Kingdom

 New stretch target

This is now our third dance event to raise funds for East Finchley based organisation Driving Aid to Ukraine.  Everyone had such a fabulous time at the previous two and so we have responded to your calls for an encore !

I have got together a group of top-class instructors for a fitness fundraiser. We will be raising money for Driving Aid to Ukraine

Driving Aid to Ukraine was set up by Michael Byrne, a former health and social care executive director, in response to requests to help transport aid to Ukraine. 

Michael says “We have made twenty aid trips to the Ukrainian border so far. The aid is then transferred to our Polish/Ukrainian NGO partners for distribution inside Ukraine. I want to thank you all for your support.”

 We have 9 FABULOUS instructors taking part, see there stories, at the bottom of the page.

Anelia Gospodinova
Annalisa Laino
Claire Leon-Beattie
Gemma Barlow
Ramona Langlais
Sabrina Zigault
Tania Tirado
Tanya Chesney
Verity Adams


We invite you all to come join us on Saturday the 3rd of February for 2 hours of fun. From 11am to 1pm at Fortismere School, South Wing, Tetherdown, Muswell Hill, N10 1NE 

Suggested donations;

Adults £20 

Kids are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult ages 8 to 16 £10

Please make sure you arrive by 10:45am on the day so we can start dancing at 11am. Main entrance Tetherdown and we will be in the South Wing hall.

Make sure you bring your water bottle as you are going to need it and there are drinking water sinks where you can refill. 

There will be also a chance to win some fabulous raffle prizes on the day. You can buy your raffle tickets on the day for £5 each. 



There will be a mixture of Dance Fitness and Zumba style routines, where we can have our boogie, let our hair down and spread the joy of dance. And then we will finish with a Cool Down and Stretch. You will not need a mat just bring yourself.

Get yourself booked in today, as there will be limited spaces available in person. To book in make your donation on this page and enter your name and email address. Once your donation has been made your name will go onto the Dance for Ukraine VIP list, and we will contact you before the event day.

 I just want to say thank you to Michael, Lynn and Amanda for asking me again to help raise money for such a good cause and for helping me to organise this event. 

And of course, a HUGE thank you all instructors taking part and giving up their free time. You are all amazing.

Sport and fitness have always been part of my life since I was a kid. I used to spend hours and hours in my back garden playing football with my friends and also in the volleyball field of my small hometown in Italy... I played Volleyball for 13 years competing in small and big Italian leagues and football 5 a side for 3 years. The love for sport brought me to start my studies at university and to take my degree in sport and sciences. It was 2010 when I discovered Zumba in the gym where I was working as a gym instructor... I definitely fell in love with the easy moves, the fun workout, and the Latin and Pop music itself. After 2 years I decided to become an instructor and this was definitely the best decision ever. In these 10 years as a Zumba instructor, I’ve been teaching for gyms, corporations, parties, charity events, masterclasses, offices and many more, participating also in many international events and teaching in different countries. I am also a mom of 2 lovely girls (8 years and 11 months old), a level 3 PT and currently studying to become a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism coach.

I strongly agree with the fact that Zumba is definitely for everyone! You don't need to be a dancer, or to show your best moves. You just need to show up, smile, and having fun whilst you are dancing and working out 😊

Facebook Annalisa.laino.9 

Instagram @a_lisa04 


I have always loved dancing, and I've had a passion for Latin rhythms for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to Zumba in 2013, and I instantly fell in love with it! I never missed a class! In August 2016, I finally got the courage and got my Zumba Instructor qualification. I absolutely love teaching Zumba, and the reason is that every class feels like a party. I can see and feel how my students let go of the daily stress and give in to the music whilst burning a ton of calories and getting fit. It doesn’t get any better than that! In my opinion, nothing brings people together the way Zumba does. I especially enjoy teaching at charity events where the community really comes together for a good cause, and everyone leaves their hearts on the dancefloor.

Facebook page: Anelia G

Instagram: anelia_gospodinova


I became a Zumba instructor in 2011 (over 10 years – eeek!) – & if someone had told me even 12 years ago that I’d become a dance & fitness instructor, I’d never have believed them! 

My grandparents are Colombian and moved to Whetstone in North London in the 50s to escape the political volatility in Bogota. Growing up, we spent loads of time in the Whetstone house; there was ALWAYS music playing. Scratchy old vinyl records from Colombia were permanently on play; accordions playing Cumbia and Spanish guitars were all deeply engrained in the sensory experience of growing up. 

Years later, a friend persuaded me to try salsa classes with them. Although I’d always been very sporty, and loved music, I’d never tried dance & thought I’d be awful at it. But I loved it - & my salsa teacher Tony encouraged me to join a new Zumba class he was running in Enfield. Well – I’ll never forget the day I showed up at that class! I’d arrived from work totally unprepared for what to expect, but when the music started, I literally couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. I was pretty terrible – but all the sounds from my childhood suddenly descended on me. I couldn’t believe that a programme existing of all my favourite music – Latin Rhythms, Afrobeats and World Music. I signed up to teach months later and have since never looked back. 

Teaching Zumba has bought me so much sunshine – it has been my therapy through bad times and good and has connected me with so many amazing people from around the world that I get to call my friends. My classes are built around sharing love and energy with the people in the room – when everyone leaves smiling, rosy-cheeked and happy, it lights up my heart & I’ll forever be grateful for what the programme has bought to me, and so many others. 

Facebook Claire Janine León-Beattie

Instagram @clairejanineleonbeattie 


My passion always has been in dance since I was 7 years old where I started my training as a dancer in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and musical theatre at The Riley School of Dance. I then went to Elmhurst Ballet School where I achieved a national diploma in dance and advanced 2 RAD ballet. I continued my training in Musical Theatre at SLP College. I then danced professionally for 7 years travelling around the world mainly on cruise ships where I became dance captain and production manager, where I met my husband Jairo.

When I moved to London, I found a new passion in the fitness industry and became a qualified personal trainer and class instructor. I have now been in the industry since 2013. My expertise is Dance, Pilates, Postural assessment, Rehabilitation, Pre and Post-natal, Older adults, Whole-body vibration training, Nutrition for weight management, Weight loss, Muscle imbalance and High- intensity interval training. 

I now have my own business and teach Zumba and Adults Ballet classes in East Finchley, Muswell hill and online. 

 Dancing as become part of me and I couldn’t live without it. I dance to express myself, but also dance takes me to place where I feel free, it truly is my happy place. That is why I love teaching dance classes, as I want to spread my love and passion of dance to others. Not only is it good for you physically, it’s also gives you all the happy endorphins you need to change your life for the better. Dance for me is the key to happiness 😊

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My main job is teaching Maths, which I have been doing for over 25 years. It gives me great joy to be able to simplify concepts, which many people find challenging, enabling them to feel more confident and, in some cases, even develop a love for the subject.

I enjoy exercising but, in 2013, I injured my shoulder whilst playing badminton, so I needed to find a new way to keep fit - that’s when I discovered Zumba! I have a love of music and of dancing so Zumba, being a combination of the two, was perfect. Being in an exercise class, where you could work up a sweat, by focusing on the moves, dancing to music from all around the world, really appealed to me.

One day, whilst participating in a Zumba class, it dawned on me – ‘I wonder if I could combine these two loves in my life: teaching and music’ and this is what led me to the world of Zumba instructing!

What drives me as an instructor is delivering high energy classes that are fun and easy-to-follow, whilst enabling my participants to get a great workout. In addition, I bring humour and humility to my classes, so that people feel they can let go and be in the moment.

It’s been 3 years, and I have loved every minute of the journey! Becoming a fitness instructor was not in my life’s plan, however, I am so happy that I made the decision to extend my passion for teaching to the fitness arena 😊

Facebook Ramona Solomon

Instagram @ramonal67


 Having studied a wide variety of dance styles from a young age, from tap to classical, hip hop to jazz as well as traditional dance from Guadeloupe, Sabrina has combined all of these in her teaching of Zumba for over 8 years.

She was born in Paris, to a Caribbean family, originally from Guadeloupe, with a strong heritage in dance, movement, sport and music.

Sabrina has always had a passion for dance and fitness and she incorporates all the various styles of dance she has learnt along the way into her Zumba classes.

Sabrina fell in love with Zumba fitness in 2013 and has been an instructor ever since. She enjoys sharing her passion for dance and music with others and loves to make people smile. She is also qualified in Zumba Gold, Zumba kids, Aqua Zumba and Zumbini.

Sabrina’s classes are well known for the diversity of her music, her highly infectious energy and her incredibly positive vibe; they are fun, inclusive and suitable for all levels.

Facebook Sabrina Zigault

Instagram @zigbrina


Hello my name is Tania Tirado and I am a Zumba instructor based in Barnet. I am originally from Colombia and will be bringing you all the flavour and Latin rhythms!

 The reason I got in Zumba is simple, it brings me great joy and I love dancing. I love motivating and encouraging those around me to enjoy and feel free and confident through dance. I can’t wait to see you all! 😊

Facebook Tania Tirado

Insta @tania_ctirado



I have loved dancing and sport since I was little. I have trained on the sportsfield, track and in the gym, but nothing gives me the joy and gratitude for life that dancing does, which I feel it is a privilege to share with others.

I have trained in various styles of dance from Latin to Argentine Tango, Reggaeton to Jive, Bollywood to Commercial at various studios and through my work in TV where I was involved in making dance documentaries and filming and participating in performance for years.

I teach Zumba and Dance Fitness because I love the energy and joy this brings to men and women of all ages, all backgrounds, especially people who think they can’t dance! Anyone can dance if you enjoy music and moving your body - there is no right or wrong and everyone’s style and interpretation is valid and beautiful I believe.

Zumba is unique and special to me because I love the ethos that it upholds which is that no one in the room should be watching or judging your moves (they’re all concentrating on their own), and this really helps people let go, lose inhibitions and have a great work out!

I firmly believe that dance is a fun way of exercising the mind as well as the body. I love to watch people follow the routines and steps, feel the music and get so lost in the fun of it that they don’t even realise they’re building a sweat, burning calories, toning up and most importantly of all, boosting their mood by sending endorphins whizzing through their body at the same time - a natural happy high beneficial to the mind, body and soul. This energy stays with people and radiates out with them as people leave the class. I love that every person leaves my class with a big smile on their face and a spring in their step. Nothing makes me happier.

Music is medicine, movement is life, dance is soul food. Anyone who attends regular Zumba or dance fitness classes will see dramatic positive changes in their physical and mental health, but most importantly have a fab time in the moment if they drop expectations of themselves and go with the flow.

Music and dance are the heartbeat of life.

Facebook Tanya Lipner Chesney
Insta: dance_with_tanyamaria


I'm Verity Adams, and I live in Essex. I had the pleasure of qualifying as a Zumba instructor in August 2011. I had a little break from teaching Zumba while I was working abroad as a dancer and then came back to Zumba in 2019. I guess what I really enjoy about Zumba is getting paid to teach something I love. Zumba is a great way of expressing yourself, and I love that every instructor has their own style and we all add something a bit different! My style is fast paced and dance based! When I’m not teaching Zumba or heading to a class myself, you can find me at the Royal Free Hospital where I’ve been working full time since my return from dancing. No matter how stressful my day has been at work, teaching Zumba makes me forget about everything for those blissful 60 minutes! 😊

Facebook Vertiy Adams

Instagram @verity_r_adams

We are looking forward to see you on the day, any question or queries email me [email protected] 

See you all soon,

Love Gemma x

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