Help children in Ukraine We are sleeping out!

Help children in Ukraine We are sleeping out!
We did it
On 19th March 2022 we successfully raised £1,168 with 77 supporters in 14 days

We are fundarising money for Children in Ukraine. because we feel we want to do something and is so important to us.

Project by UNICEF UK

Started on 5th March 2022 9 Heathcote Rd, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 4DP, UK

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Qetarie & Makonnen Hirose posted an update on 12th March 2022

9th nights update: We smashed £1000!

THANK YOU !!! We smashed the target £1000 ! We are overwhelmed by your kind support Thank you !!!

It's been raining since last night, we find that bottom of tent has been slightly getting wet by rain water and some of blankets. We had to dry them in the afternoon while sun was out. I think sleeping in the tent when wet weather isn't fun. It's heavy raining tonight with strong wind. Thinking of children in Ukrine We pray for God they are under the shelter...

This fundarising is open for another week so we want to continue sleeping out no matter what weather may be.

Good night everyone, And Thank you again for helping children in Ukrine through this project ! 

Love Qetarie and Makonnen 

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Qetarie & Makonnen Hirose posted an update on 10th March 2022

6th night it was warm enough !

1646914388_20220309_203653.jpgHi everyone! This is me Makonnen  closing the tent door because we were going to sleep and I wanted to make sure the door is closed for a good night sleep..

I felt excited that we raised over £900 now! I better punch evils face but  instead I want to keep my calm and sleep in my tent. I pray for God and his Angels helps and really good things will happen for children in Ukrine...

Thank you very very very much for joining us and donate to UNICEF UK' to help children in Ukrine.

Lots Love,

Makonnen xxx

Qetarie & Makonnen Hirose posted an update on 8th March 2022

We hit the target ! Thank you !


We hit the first target of £500! THANK YOU!For all your generous donations and support along the way, We are incredibly greatful. As this fundarising has another 10 days left to close, We have decided to continue to sleep out. Our final target is £1000!!! The more I challenge myself then may be I can raise more money for helping children in Ukrine. It must be so cold there I saw the family were trying to escape in the snow and children must be feeling sad and scared.

We would like to spread this project as far as possible to the world. So Please share with your friends and your community to draw more support on our way.

Thank you very much everyone! 

Lots Love,

Qetarie and Makonnen. 

P.S We made this Ukrine flags today:) 

Qetarie & Makonnen Hirose posted an update on 7th March 2022

3rd night was SO cold but tonight seems EVEN more colder !

Update: It's been 3 nights since sleeping out in this tent. Bristol seems to have suddenly dropped its temperature and it seems EVEN more colder this evening, it is freezing! 

 BUT this is even helping us to just imagine how it must be difficult for the families in Ukraine.. How about children? How about elderly who suddenly faced to leave the house and the country? We got enough layers to keep warm, we will be fine.

We pray for peace be prevail for Ukrine and children are safe before closing eyes.

Thank you for your generous donations so far we have raised £ 290! Please keep sharing, together we can make different I really believe it.

I hope you have a good evening everyone! 

Lots Love, 

Qetarie and Makonnen xxx 

This is me Sunday evening, just before off sleep...:) 


1646489653_20220305_135806.jpgBrothers from Bristol are raising money for a charitable cause that is VERY important to our heart so please donate and help us reach our target in aid of UNICEF UK. We love to help children in Ukraine because we feel very sad that children like us are dying right now and we want to do something. We started sleeping out in this tent on Friday 4th March 2022  and we are going to sleep here untill we hit the target of £1000 !!! Anything you can contribute towards helping this cause and achieve our target will be massively appreciated.

Thank you very much.


Qetarie and Makonnen 


Dave Edwards
15th March 2022 at 7:21pm

Well done boys!

15th March 2022 at 7:21pm

pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid

Georgia Davis
15th March 2022 at 9:24am

Thank you for inspiring us to give a little help. Sending warm hugs to you! Love Georgia, David, Robin and Bethany xxx

Georgia Davis
15th March 2022 at 9:18am

pledged £33

13th March 2022 at 12:45pm

pledged £10

Qetarie & Makonnen Hirose
12th March 2022

Posted a new update

M Venning
12th March 2022 at 11:24am

Well done Makonnen and Qetari!! Lots of love from Oskar, Muna and Christian x

Helen Rowbotham
12th March 2022 at 11:23am

Well done on hitting your target! What an inspiration you are.

M Venning
12th March 2022 at 11:23am

pledged £30 + an est. £7.50 in Gift Aid

Helen Rowbotham
12th March 2022 at 11:20am

pledged £10 + an est. £2.50 in Gift Aid

Susan browne
11th March 2022 at 10:47pm

Well done to both of the children, you are very brave, be proud of yourself’s, good luck x x

Susan browne
11th March 2022 at 10:45pm

pledged £5

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