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We did it
On 6th November 2023 we successfully raised £5,640 with 14 supporters in 68 days

After 7 years of hard work, our PCT patent needs to meet the National Phase of the 4 regions we want to patent at. The deadline is now.

 New stretch target

With a little bit of extra money we can extend our patent application to Australia but with a bigger boost, we can also create a proof of concept prototype and test it in a wave tank.

This proof will enable access to investors by de-risking their investment

Securing Energy Needs with the Power of the Crowd

Imagine a world with affordable, sustainable energy. Envision a future where cleaner energy sources save consumer's money. TWEFDA makes this vision a reality.

Currently, we rely on fossil fuels to balance our grid and lose precious renewable power that is generated when it is not required.

We can change that.

Contributing to our success means investing in your future — a greener one, powered by waves.


We are TWEFDA — a Scottish marine technology company — developing a revolutionary system with the potential to permanently reshape the energy market.

Our solution aims to address one of the world's most complex problems — supporting the national grid.

The electricity grid requires, at any time either generation or storage to deal with demand.  While you sleep, the energy generated by wind farms goes to waste, yet you, the taxpayer, foot the bill.

If we produce power or we charge our storage devices when the grid doesn’t want it, we are harming the grid . That’s why neither generation nor storage devices are, in isolation, a perfect fit.

The storage functionality comes with the creation of a pumped-hydro application in the middle of the ocean, which creates an ecosystem, that once deployed, will support an artificial island where birds can safely rest or nest. 

In addition, unlike pump-hydro applications, our development benefits from the use of the tidal range to increase efficiency. In fact, our development brings two complementary functionalities of generation or storage on demand and combines four machines in one single piece of hardware.

What's in it for you

With TWEFDA's solution, both machines — generation and storage — are integrated into one single piece of hardware that can switch its operation mode from generation to storage swiftly, effectively balancing the grid, which saves taxpayer's money.

TWEFDA’s unique infrastructure can use inactive oil platforms — that will reduce costs in UK decommissioning, that has spiralled to billions. 

The world needs us and for that we need you; we can't continue harming Mother Nature through fossil fuel dependency. Responsibility lies with us all.

This is why we must act now! And you can be part of our journey.

Be Part of The Transformation 

Our target is to reach £25,000. This will protect our Intellectual Property, that’s vital for a sustainable, non-carbon-reliant future — ultimately trimming your energy bills. With just £5,000 we can target one single region.

Join us

Invest in us, and we will provide access to learn courses, empowering your future. 

In addition, there's the unique opportunity to Dine with the Director in Aberdeen, that will give a valuable insight to TWEFDA’s vision and strategy (see rewards for details).

Not able to contribute? No problem.

Spread the campaign across your contacts or set up your own fundraiser projects for your friends and community. By acting now, we can catalyse a difference and transform the energy industry for all. Weekly updates on our website and social media track our progress.

Together, we can harness nature's most powerful gift — the power of the ocean — to fulfil our energy needs.

Thank You!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£200 or more

1 to 1 dine with the director (You + the director)

You will have the opportunity to have a dinner in a restaurant in Aberdeen directly with me. Choose your preferred theme and make the most from this opportunity. Don't worry, I will pay for the dinner.

£100 or more

Course on Strategic Approach

This is a 2-hour course, based on our Pitch Deck, that allows people to gather strategies for their own business project

£100 or more

Dine with the director with a group

You will belong to a group of supporters that will get the opportunity to have a dinner with the founder in a restaurant in Aberdeen. Don't worry, I will pay for the dinner.

£250 or more

Business Plan

This is a 5-hour course where our Business Plan will be studied in detail. This will give you the opportunity to create your own Business Plan for your own project. Javier could also mentor you to do so.

£500 or more

Technical Training

In this comprehensive course, the very essence of our technology will be analysed. This is mostly for engineers and alike. Our development brings up to 10 areas of innovation and one of them could be a master-piece

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