Crowdfunder Stories - My Journey

by Bertie Herrtage in Malpas, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th November 2018 we successfully raised £13,203 with 393 supporters in 30 days

To crowdfund a magazine that promotes positive stories for a country that needs them

by Bertie Herrtage in Malpas, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

4 weeks ago this was starting to look like a very scary undertaking - and look where we are now! I want to thank everyone single one of you for your help, the support and generosity you have shown from start to finish made this idea happen. This magazine HAS NOW BEEN FUNDED and everything that we raise on top of £12,000 will go to charity. 

In true crowdfunding spirit, I have decided to create the 'Crowdfunder Stories Fund' in your honour. In 2019 I will identify a fresh independent charity or charities through '' who embody the spirit of these 10 incredible stories and pledge money from our fund to help them.

This project closes at 17:00 on Monday afternoon - so let's share this far and wide and raise some money for the next generation of Crowdfunder Stories projects!

If we can swell our ranks with supporters for this campaign, then we can demonstrate the public's hunger for positive stories and possibly the demand for an annual series of the Crowdfunder Stories magazine.


Thank you again

Bertie xxx

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Semble (formally Project Dirt) is the UK’s most active platform for community projects. We make sure that local projects get the support they deserve by partnering them with brilliant businesses and volunteers.


One of the best things about life here as a coach at Crowdfunder UK is that everyday, I speak with people from all over the country who are motivated and inspired to do something great for their community or business. The natural result of these conversations is that I get a real sense of what is going on in our country, the issues we face and how we the people, are doing something about them.

Having battled with poor mental health and depression across my young adult life, the stories from these change makers have been a great source of inspiration to me. I strongly believe that being supported by your community and doing what you love can restore well being. In a society overshadowed by the impact of poor mental health, these stories are sorely needed.

Since August I have been travelling across the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland, meeting with and interviewing 10 of my favourite projects. These 10 wonderful stories will form the basis of a publication which I myself am putting together, with the aim of shining a light on all of the good things that are happening and the incredible people behind them.

From volunteers tackling social isolation by visiting care homes and taking the elderly residents out on bike rides, a flower farmer who employs people with learning disabilities to cultivate and sell British flowers, to a brewery in Oxford with a rehabilitation programme that employs ex offenders and current serving criminals. 

Despite the doom and gloom we hear in the news, the world remains to be a wonderful place. These often negative stories tend to be shouted the loudest, drowning out the sound of the good things happening around us and really, if you take the time to look, there are some pretty amazing things happening just down the road. I want to promote positive news in a society that desperately needs it and to share stories about what taking an active role in your community or starting an independent business can do for our collective wellbeing.




The costs of putting the magazine together so far total £12,000. These are costs which using my own experience as a coach, I am crowdfunding myself. If we can get over 1000 people to pledge £10 to get a copy of the magazine we will 1) fund the magazine and 2) raise the profile of mental health by starting a conversation.

Anything can happen!

The magazine at £10 will form the main reward and you can explore all of the other rewards available on the right hand side of the page.

Fortunately for me, many of the projects that we feature in the magazine have their own rewards to offer. So if you're feeling generous, then for £250 you can get a very handsome hamper with all manner of goodies inside including; jewellery, beer, flower subscriptions, chocolate, books and other produce from great local businesses.

All of the profits raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be donated to a mental health charity, to help fund a service that is increasingly under more and more demand.

The Magazine

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£10 or more

The magazine

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2 copies of the magazine

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An afternoon's crowdfunding workshop

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1 week stay in a Port Isaac Cottage

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A very handsome hamper

A hamper including: 2 copies of the magazine, Chocolate from Chocolarder, Beer from Tap Social, a flower subscription from Organic Blooms, a Made In Hackney apron, The Lost Words, Jewellery from Catch the Sunrise and many more fantastic local goods.

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200 copies for your business

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