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by Anika Roberts in Orpington, , United Kingdom

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To inspire creative play in children with unusual toys - using simple, sustainable ways that are good for the planet and your wallet.

by Anika Roberts in Orpington, , United Kingdom

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My name is Anika and I am a mum of three and the founder of MummyMadeThis. After many years working in the city, I took some time off to be with my small children. But I very quickly realised that I needed a tangible, sustainable and fun solution that would give me some time to re-charge (or work), add value to families just like ours and enable children to have some time for vital creative play.

The PlayTableCloth and Doodlecloth bring simple innovation into the everyday – inspiring creative play to support healthy childhood development and build a better relationship between parents and their children through connection and play.

The samples have been tried and tested, the prototypes have been developed and now it is about taking the next step and placing my first trial bulk order to produce 100 PlayTableCloths and 100 DoodleCloths. This is what I am seeking backing for with the Crowdfunder Project.


A little bit more about the Background of the PlayTableCloth and DoodleCloth

In the early days, the more I talked to other mums and dads, the more I realised that having a quick and easy way to entertain your children (without necessarily always resorting to screens) was something that most parents were struggling with. 

This is when the idea for the PlayTableCloth started to take shape and over lockdown I spent more time figuring out the details of this product. The PlayTableCloth became my way to keep my three young children happy and entertained while I got some work done - something that became especially vital when there was no other way to get childcare during Covid!  It is my way of getting 5 minutes when you really need it - and encourage creative play at the same time, that is so vital for children's development. 


Since then, I have spent the last couple of years building my business around this and similar products (like the DoodleCloth). Working with designers and producers to figure out the best way to make these products a reality.


Development & Design of the products

Along the way, I have worked with fellow Mums and Dads, gathering feedback from them and their children on what they want and need most. 

Our PlayTableCloth design has been tested and developed alongside children to ensure that the colours, features and games resonate with them. Role-playing ‘shopping’ featured high on the list, as did playing with cars and drawing pictures of their own.  The colours are bold, inviting and striking to entice children in to get involved straight away. The doors and windows open and close, allowing for lots of excitement and giggles – especially from younger ones.

At the same time, the PlayTableCloth has been designed to meet the needs of parents. The design is aesthetically pleasing, so that parents can enjoy the PlayTableCloth within their home. It’s practically thought through – so that it is easily washable, and can be assembled and packed away with minimal fuss. A lack of space in the home can also be an issue for many families – especially those with young children – so converting an existing piece of furniture into a PlayHouse is the perfect space saver. And with working from home becoming the new normal, rooms are becoming multifunctional. With the PlayTableCloth parents can look after their children alongside working and managing household chores.


The cottage has a name and a street sign that can be customized, the village notice board can have local ‘news’ or ‘notes’ added to them and the ticket office board is left empty for children to write their own prices and announcements. These can all be washed out again after play (using special washable pens that are widely available). All the doors and windows open and close and are secured with a simple popper.

In addition, there are a variety of board games to encourage parents and children to play together, creating meaningful connection rather than screen time. These include Chess/ Draughts, Backgammon, Ludo, Bingo, Noughts and Crosses and Snakes & Ladders. Finally, the table top also has a table tennis court for older children to get active together, or children and parents to have some fun.

The PlayTableCloth is there to help make parents’ lives easier – not only by giving them a fun and easy way to connect with their children, but also by enticing children to play creatively by themselves at times, giving parents or care-givers much needed five minutes peace to get on with their chores, work, or have a break.

The development of the DoodleCloth started about 18 months after the PlayTableCloth and kept very similar considerations in mind.  It is made from 100% cotton, that is easily washable and comes in one size 140cm x 80cm. It folds up small, so parents can take it with them on holiday, or simply let the children colour to their hearts' content at home. It is also a great way to keep the children entertained when you are out and about and fancy a quiet(er) coffee or pint. 

We’ve found that the DoodleCloth ‘grows’ with the children too – when we see how it is used very differently by each of our 3 children. My 3-year-old is all about using big, bold strokes that cover as much of the DoodleCloth as possible. My 5-year-old takes great pride and care in sticking within the lines and a lot of thought goes into the colour combinations she picks. My 9-year-old is more about ‘free styling’ – so he will either add elements to the existing designs, or use the built-in white spaces to create his own pictures, or play a game of hangman or noughts and crosses with us or his friends.


As such, colouring-in is an activity that develops over time and brings out different aspects, interests and skills as the child becomes older. It inspires creative and imaginative play that is vital for healthy child development. The DoodleCloth helps a child develop these skills. It promotes a child’s ability to sit quietly and get absorbed in the task of simply ‘doodleing’ and colouring in while letting their mind wander.

It also builds hand eye coordination and allows children to use it over and over again with different styles and colours. Every time they colour-in and draw, the picture will vary, as the combination of colours are endless. In addition, our designs are super detailed, so that each time your children colour in they find something else that they hadn't spotted before, meaning that the design can be used over and over again! When the children are finished, wash the colours out and let them start again. Good for the environment and good for a parent's wallet.

What's next?

I am now at the stage where I want to move from made-to-order products, to being able to offer both the PlayTableCloth and DoodleCloth in larger numbers so that they can be featured in select independent Toy stores and online and can be accessed more easily by parents. I have worked with a number of producers in India, China and Thailand to find the best fit in terms of being sustainable and produce high quality products that will stand the test of time - but balancing this out with my desire to be cost efficient as well. 

It is at this stage that a major investment is needed - to not only cover production, but also shipping, customs duties, packaging, storage and fulfilment, as well as advertising and PR costs. This is what this Crowdfunder project is all about: enabling MummyMadeThis to take that next jump to scale, produce in bulk and increase our visibility and reach. 

MummyMadeThis is about inspiring creative play in children in simple, sustainable ways that don’t cost the earth. I want to ignite in parents the beauty of connecting with their children day to day, help them find some peace in their busy day, and support the next generation of little people to thrive and grow into strong, kind, independent young adults. Long term I’d love to see the PlayTableCloth and DoodleCloth in most households - and provide an easy solution to help us all move away from screens as the be-all and end-all to find some time as a parent. 



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£35 or more

Signed limited edition DoodleCloth

Get an early copy of our DoodleCloth hot off the press . It is a limited edition signed copy. Our DoodleCloth is a large colouring in sheet printed on 100% cotton. It is easily washable and comes in one size 140cm x 80cm. It uses up minimal space, so it can be packed away quickly and easily, even in the smallest of households. This also means you can take it with you on holiday, and out and about.

£10 or more

Behind the scenes Interview

Curious about how we got started and how we've got to where we are so far? Intrigued about the backstory of the PlayTableCloth and how not only my mum but Covid-19 also had a lot to do with us even daring to get started...?! I've put together a short video with Interviews from key individuals that have been involved in our story so far. Get an exclusive sneak peak while supporting us to achieve our dream of inspiring creative play in children.

£15 or more

Special Washable pens

Add a set of our special washable pens so that your children can easily customise and draw on the PlayTableCloth or DoodleCloth. On the PlayTableCloth they can add street and house names, create 'announcements' on the bulletin boards or simply draw their own 'Masterpieces' in the picture frames on the table top. On the DoodleCloth they can colour in the intricate designs in different colours or simply doodle. Then wash and repeat!

£20 or more

Weekly updates on what's happening

Fancy a weekly update on what we're doing behind the scenes to get things off the ground? You will receive a weekly email with all the juicy details on what's been happening, including challenges we've come across (and solved!), milestones we've hit and progress we've made. - How we got to where we are - Weekly email with behind the scenes details of progress - Digital photos of milestones we've met - Videos of challenges we've overcome

£20 or more

Easy Ways to connect with your children

Our products are all about connection and play. But sometimes it can be hard to find the time, or the energy & inspiration to connect with your children on a regular basis. We've put together an email series that is packed with ideas to connect with your children day to day. Each week you will receive ideas and inspiration - whether you only have 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes plus. Covers activities for toddlers to tweens.

£30 or more

Signed limited edition Life Journal

Do you have an older child that is interested in their family history, or are you looking for an activity for your children to do with their grandparents, while at the same time learning more about their background? We've beautifully designed and bound Life Journals with questions that cover Early Childhood all the way to Later Life. It is a wonderful way for children to 'interview' their grandparents about their lives and create a keepsake, too.

£30 or more

Signed limited edition Planner

Need a planner to help you stay on track or get you organised? We have a beautiful Daily Planner that helps you focus on the things that really matter to you, get more done AND feel like you have more time. Perfect for busy parents.

£75 or more

Signed limited edition PlayTableCloth

Our PlayTableCloth turns your table into an instant den - with a shop, thatched cottage, postbox and ticket office. Plus the table top is filled with board games, a race track and a table tennis court - so there is something for all the family. Get an early PlayTableCloth for your kids hot off the press. Just email us the correct size to [email protected]. Select from 120cm, 150cm or 180cm long and 70cm or 90cm wide (height 75cm)

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