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by The Together Project CIO in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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To create more joyful intergenerational experiences with a focus on fun and friendship in 2022.

by The Together Project CIO in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 27th December 2021 we'd raised £1,723 with 54 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


Over the past couple of years we’ve all been through a tough time. The pandemic has highlighted just what isolation and loneliness can feel like and how much we need human connection.

The Together Project works with some of the groups who’ve experienced this the most:

New parents/guardians

56% of new parents with children under five feel lonely (Family and Childcare Trust).


Over 50% of parents felt that their two-to-four year-olds’ social and emotional development had been negatively affected during the pandemic (Sutton Trust).

Older people

79% of care home managers report that lack of social contact caused a deterioration in health and wellbeing of residents with dementia (Dementia UK)

As a nation we understand that connection to others is so IMPORTANT - now more than ever! 

The Together Project is the national charity that boosts wellbeing, reduces loneliness and fosters stronger, happier communities by creating joyful intergenerational experiences.

We aim to bring maximum joy and a sprinkling of magic to all our activities. Our work makes people dance with joy, cry with laughter and helps create long-lasting friendships so everyone has something special to look forward to.


The Together Project designs creative activities that are rolled out at scale to reach as much of the UK as possible. Each activity brings together multiple age groups who might not normally come into regular contact, with a focus on fun and friendship.

The pandemic has seen a huge decrease in our income, so we need your help to spread our work far and wide.


1. Songs & Smiles, a weekly intergenerational music group for 0-4 year olds, their grown-ups and older people, held in communal rooms and community spaces. We sing, move, play, make friends and have lots of fun! 

2. Crafting Connections, (launching early 2022) builds on the success of Hand in Hand Together which addressed the isolation and sadness that so many of us experienced during lockdown.

Crafting Connections will celebrate the simple, restorative power of human connection. Parents/guardians and their little ones will partner with a care home resident to create heart-warming friendships through arts and crafts each month.

3. We are Friends is a collaboration between The Together Project and Chit Chat Pitter Pat (a virtual home learning project for under 5’s) funded by Waltham Forest Council. It supports a culture of multi-age shared learning with a strong focus on storytelling, highlighting the importance of building meaningful relationships across different generations. 


“It means a lot that they come to see us here.”
— Mabel, Assisted Living Scheme Resident

“A wonderful way to spend time with your little one, connecting with each other, with other families and older people, all through the magic of music. It makes you feel you are not alone.”
— Kate, parent/guardian

“What we enjoyed most was the connection. It was the first time some residents had seen children for over a year! Songs & Smiles is the perfect name for it, we sang songs and the residents had the biggest smiles. It was so lovely to see.”
— Sharon Lewis, Activities Coordinator, Hazelgrove Court Care Home

“After a year of us all being isolated from each other it’s such a pleasure to experience moments of playful connection and shared joy!”
— Holly, parent/guardian

“This is a truly heartwarming initiative. It’s been an incredibly tough time for everyone and this has really helped to lift spirits.”
— April Dobson, Hallmark Care Homes

As a charity, donations are a really important source of income for us. #GivingTuesday will start a 4 week long campaign to raise money to help boost wellbeing, reduce loneliness and foster stronger, happier communities by creating more joyful intergenerational experiences in 2022. 


This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Colourful scarves

£10 buys a set of colourful scarves for everyone at a Songs & Smiles session to play a game of peekaboo or wave in the air in time to music! The scarves are tactile and provide a sensory experience.

£15 or more

Egg shakers

£15 buys enough egg shakers for everyone at a Songs & Smiles session to join in. Egg shakers are easy to hold percussion instruments which encourage group participation and can be incorporated into almost any music and movement activity!

£40 or more

Friendship folders

£40 buys 20 care home residents a Crafting Connections 'Friendship Folder' to store their young friend's artwork in, building a treasured collection month-by-month.

£50 or more

Set of wooden claves

£50 buys enough wooden claves for everyone at a Songs & Smiles session to make a noise! They're solid wood and deliver a bright, pleasant tone - a fun, easy way to develop a sense of rhythm!

£80 or more

A year's supply of bubbles

£80 buys a bubble machine and a year's supply of bubble mixture for a care home. Bubbles are both eye catching and slow moving so they're a great way to develop visual skills - fix, follow, track, focus, converge and diverge. Everyone loves bubbles!

£120 or more

Crafting Connection packs

£120 buys 30 care homes a Crafting Connections pack, including arts, crafts and activity sheets. A creative way for older people in care homes to link up with children and parents/guardians, celebrating the simple, restorative power of human connection.

£240 or more

Songs & Smiles starter kit

£240 buys a joy-inducing Songs & Smiles kit for a care home/assisted living scheme, containing everything from instruments and a speaker, to shakers and a bubble machine!

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